Why Does My Cat Bite My Face In The Morning?

There’s nothing quite like the shock of being woken up by your feline friend nipping you in the face. As you jolt out of bed, you may be staring at her in shock. Why would she bite you in the face? Is this a sign of hostility? 

Don’t worry when your cat bites you, as this is a totally natural means of communication for cats, just like nudging and purring. Since your cat can’t talk to you, she has many other ways to tell you what she wants or needs.

While they may be prone to spurts of energy and playful aggression, a cat will typically only attack if she is being bothered, threatened, or hurt in any way. More often than not, it’s totally benevolent, even if it hurts a little. Keep reading to learn more about why your cat is biting your face.

In this article you’re going to learn why your cat bites your face in the morning

There’s nothing like waking up to your little furbaby biting you!

What’s the reason for this?

I mean does your cat hate you?

What about when your cat bites you when you’re cuddling?

You’ll find all the answers in this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

First let’s look at why your cat may bite your face in general

Is it something to be concerned about?

Why Does My Cat Bite My Face?

According to feline behaviorists, there are three core reasons why a cat bites its owner.

The answer lies in how hard your cat bites you.

Remember, a love nip is quite different from an aggressive chomp on your cheek.

As territorial animals, being threatened, scared, or made uncomfortable can cause a cat to come at you tooth and nail (no pun intended).

Sometimes, cats need space, and invading that space when she isn’t in the mood for attention will involve a bite, and most likely some claws.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, this could also be a means of showing love to you.

Like dogs, cats gently bite each other as forms of play or affection.

They also have a very keen sense of smell that can smell other animals.

Cute right?

You’ll know if your cat is giving you a love bite

It’s gentle and you won’t bleed

You can take that as a compliment from your cat – your furbaby loves you!

As odd as it sounds, when a cat licks you or gives you a gentle bite is possibly their way of putting their scent on you to show other animals that you are “there’s”.

This is more probable if you have other animals in the home, which is another sign of dominance and territorial behavior.

You belong to your cat now!

Why Does My Cat Bite My Face When I’m Sleeping?

If you’re off in dreamland and then suddenly interrupted by your cat, unless you’ve rolled over on her, it’s more than likely a sign of affection instead of aggression.

As uncomfortable as it might be, you’ve got to admit that’s pretty darn sweet of them!

Cats do show affection to one another by giving love bites.

She could be showing you some love, and instead of kissing you, gives you a little bite instead.

This could also be a way of communicating that she wants your attention for something else.

She may have woken you because she is bored and wants to play. 

Being creatures of habit, cats do not like to miss a mealtime.

When your cat wakes you up by biting you, she might be saying that it’s time for you to wake up and feed her and that she’s not pleased with her late breakfast. 

This isn’t necessarily aggressive, but it is a means of communicating with you if the incessant meowing doesn’t work.

Cats are pretty demanding, after all, and they will get what they want, one way or another.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Face When We Cuddle?

This goes back to how intense the bite is.

If your cat bites you hard, she may be telling you that she has had enough attention and that she wants some alone time.

However, a softer bite that doesn’t break the skin is usually an affectionate type of behavior for cats.

As mentioned, a cat will bite to show dominance and to get their scent on you, which claims you as their territory.

If you have other cats or dogs, she may be showing them that you are her person, and she does not want to share you with them.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Face While Purring?

A cat’s purring is a sign of their comfort and security.

They’re feeling good and are communicating it with that soothing sound.

So, if your cat is purring, it may seem weird that your cat would want to bite you, but as mentioned, it is normal cat behavior.

When your cat is purring, you know that she is comfortable with you.

So, when she bites you while she’s purring, what this means is that she loves you and she is showing that love in her own special way.

When you hear purring, rest assured knowing your cat is relaxed, so any bite you get is not meant to harm you.


Your cat biting does not always mean she’s annoyed or scared.

It really depends on how intense the bite is and what is going on at the time.

Sometimes they use a soft bite to show signs of affection.

When your cat bites you while you’re sleeping, chances are, she’s just loving up on you.

It’s also a foolproof way to get your attention for what she wants.

After all, cats can be pretty demanding of their needs, compared to other pets. 

Whether it’s food, attention, or to go outside, they have different ways to communicate what they want from you.

When you cuddle your purring kitty and she suddenly gives you a soft bite on the face, this means that she is showing her love for you in her feline language.

When you notice your cat is purring, you will be able to tell that she is relaxed, so this bite is not intended to hurt you. 

While a cat may sometimes be more selfish than other pets, like dogs, they are just as loving.

They show their love in different ways, like nudging, purring, and even biting you.

Remember that your feline friend just has different ways of communicating with you, and biting is only one of them!

If your cat is biting you and it’s aggressive then you need to tell your cat it’s wrong otherwise this behavior may become a habit

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