Why Does My Cat Follow Me Then Run Away?

One of the most famous characteristics that cats have is their finicky personality. One minute, they’re on your lap, and then all of a sudden, they’re clawing, biting, and then running away. What gives? Why do they act so loving one minute and ferocious or fearful, the next? Carry on reading to find out! 

Ever wonder “why does my cat follow me then run away?”

I mean they’re all lovey dovey following you around the house

Then next minute

They’ve gone within a flash!

Confusing right?

What’s the reason for this odd behavior?

Have you done something wrong?

Or is it just how cats are?

You’ll discover everything in this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me Sometimes?

While cats are very social, you may find that there are sometimes when your cat just doesn’t want to be bothered.

We’ve all seen those videos of a cat suddenly bursting out of their owner’s arms or attaching their claws to their faces.

Check yourself.

Are you running up to your cat, all hyper and overbearing?

This may be why your cat is running away from you.

Cats are sensitive and like other animals, they can easily feed off our emotions

If your cat senses anger or even intense excitement, he runs from you because he doesn’t know how to handle the vibes you’re throwing off. 

Instead, try taking a deep breath and talking softly to your cat, approaching him slowly.

That way, it’s not a threat.

If you adopted your cat, there’s a chance that he’s acting this way due to mistreatment or it could be that he was never properly socialized with humans.

This is quite common in barn cats and feral cats that are rescued.

This will take a bit of time and a lot of effort to gain their trust, specifically adults and older cats.

But trust me

Once you gain your cats trust – It will all be worth it

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Why Does My Cat Jump On Me Then Run Away?

You may think that there may be something wrong, but don’t worry.

It’s a totally normal thing for cats to jump or pounce on their owners and for the most part, it’s benevolent and playful.

The main reason for this behavior is that he simply wants your attention.

When your cat jumps on you or pounces on you, this could mean that he wants you to play with him.

He’s pouncing to get you to playfight, as kittens will often do to each other.

If your cat wants to play then make sure you give your furbaby that time

It will increase the bond between the two of you

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He could also be telling you that it’s time for dinner or to go outside in a less vocal way than usual.

This, of course, would depend on where your cat runs off to.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me When I Go Outside?

It’s an honor to be chosen as a cat’s “person.”

It’s not the most famous of kitty qualities, but cats can be very social with a chosen person or two.

When you go outside and are followed by your feline friend, this is because he loves you and trusts you.

It’s a sign of affection.

Cats are very curious about their environment and the people or other animals inside of it.

They take interest in what their housemates are doing, especially if it’s something different or out of routine.

Because you spend more time with your cat inside, he may also be caught off guard to see you outdoors, which could be the reason why he’s following you.  

Another reason that your cat follows you when you go outside is that cats are known to be territorial.

Your yard is your cat’s domain, so if he’s following you around the yard, this could mean he’s making sure that you’re not scoping out the territory for yourself.

He may also be interested in seeing what you’re doing, and if there’s anything in it for him.

What this means is that he may think you’re off to go hunting mice, which is what outdoor cats usually do when they disappear for hours.


Of all the things that cats are known for, one of the most famous is their unpredictable behavior.

This behavior just makes us love them even more

While cats love nothing more than the attention of their owners, some tend to “love and run”, meaning that they aren’t affectionate 100% of the time.

Your cat may run away from you because of something he feels from you, something scary he remembers, or even that he just wants some space and time to be alone.

Another behavior that stems from instincts is their playful ways of getting us to notice them.

This may be because he’s feeling spry and he’s trying to get you to play with him or that he’s trying to tell you something else like wanting to go out.

When you go outside, you may turn to see your cat following right behind you.

There are a few reasons that could be behind this, the first being that he loves you and wants to go where you’re going.

The second reason is that your cat could be feeling curious and territorial.

He may be following you to see what you’re doing in “his domain” and why.

Remember that every cat is different, and they all have pretty complex personalities, just like people!

To be an expert on your cat, the best thing to do is watch him: what he does, where he goes, and his body language.

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