How Long Does It Take For a Cat To Adjust To a New Owner

It really depends as each cats are different. Some cats may take a few weeks to adjust to a new owner whereas other cats may take months. Not all cats are the same. Most cats can take at least a few weeks to around two months.

The best thing to do is have patience and give your little furbaby time to adjust

By the time you know your little kitty will want to cuddle with you and sit on your lap

In this article we’re going to look at how long does it take for a cat to adjust to a new owner

So if you’re wondering how long will it take for your cat to come sit with you or maybe cuddle with you then carry on reading

We’ll discuss how long a cat may take to adjust to a new home

How you can make your cat feel safe and loved in a new house

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

When you bring a new kitty home

It can be very exciting!

You think about all the fun things you’re going to have with your new cat

You’ve heard so many cute stories from friends and families about the joy of being a cat parent

And now that time has finally come for you

Oh and by the way, you’re not a cat owner

You’re a cat slave!

You’ll realize as time goes on! lol

Anyways, all this excitement and happiness soon disappears

Your new kitten is scared and hiding away 

Or maybe your cat is very cautious with you and will not even come next to you

Not to worry as this is normal

Time and patience – those two words are key!

Do Cats Adapt To New Owners?

Of course

But remember

Just as cats may take time to adjust to a new home your cat will take time to adapt to you

It will happen so don’t worry about that

But it may take time

You see, not all cats are the same

They have different personalities

So some cats may take a week or two to adapt to their new owner

Or some cats may take months

It all depends on the cat

For example,

My cat took a few months to really adapt to me and to the home

He was very scared first and would not want to come near me

He actually used to hiss at me!

But now?

He loves to cuddle, loves banging his head against my leg

He’s a cuddle bug now

But it did take time

I’ll tell you why

My cat had a terrible accident with his previous owners

There were fireworks going off

And Tigger managed to run outside and hide in the car where the engine is

The owners had no idea where he went

So they went out to look for him

They started the car and unfortunately because Tigger was in the car near the engine

He had a bad accident which caused him to lose half of his tail

It was really a bad accident

I guess because of this, Tigger was very skirmish and scared

Just a quick tip for you

If your cat ever gets lost (Hopefully this never happens!)

ALWAYS check your car just to make sure your cat is not hiding there

What I’m trying to say is

You don’t know what past your cat may have had

Time and patience

Make sure you always show your cat love and affection

Don’t try to push things – let your cat get used to you on their own terms

If you try too hard then this may make the process longer

Have a read of my article – How to raise a kitten to be affectionate 

How Long Does It Take a Cat To Adjust To New Home?

Same like with owners

It will vary

Your cat may not want to explore and just hide away somewhere in the corner of the house

Some cats may get used to a new house straight away and it’ll be like they’re been living with you all their life

Depends on their personality

But you can make it easier for your cat to adjust

Make sure you catify your house

Have a variety of toys ready before you bring your cat home

Cat trees are great and I’m sure your cat would love one so make sure you get one

Check out my article – Best affordable cat trees 

The Armarkat Cat Tree is pretty awesome

Check it out over at Amazon by clicking here

Scratching posts too – make sure you get one unless you want your couch and furniture to be decorated with cat claws!

Make your house cat friendly

This could ease the process of your cat adjusting

Again, time and patience

The best thing you can do is shower your cat with love and affection

Make sure you’re giving your cat some high quality food

Litter box is there ready for your cat

Basically meeting your cats essential needs

Your cat will appreciate all this and it’ll make things easier for your furbaby

How Do I Make My Cat Feel Safe In a New House?

When your cat moves to a new house it can be a very scary and stressful time for your kitty

Cats hate change

They like routine (A bit like me!)

I personally hate change – I’m just comfortable in my bubble!

When you bring your new cat home

Make sure you have a quiet room just for your cat

Because that’s where your cat will spend the next several days

You should have all the things ready and prepared for your cat

Like your cat’s litter box, food bowl, toys, bed

This room will be your cats so your cat can get used to the sights, smell and sound of their new house

It will make your cat feel less stressed and overwhelmed

Your cat will feel safe in this room

During this time make sure you spend lots of quality time with your cat

Read a book in that room, talk in a soft voice to your cat

Get your cat used to your presence being there

So your cat gets used to you being around

Cats love treats! Well my cat certainly does!

Have some treats handy and offer your cat

Once you think your kitty has settled then  gradually let your cat have access to other rooms

Closely supervise your cat during this period

If you can’t keep a close eye all the time then close the doors to other rooms

This slow process will make your cat feel safe in their new house

Wrapping It Up

When you bring a new cat home – it’s exciting times!

Only to realize your cat is not used to you and is scared or just don’t want to know you

This is normal and nothing to worry about

It can take time for a cat to adjust to a new owner

Some cats may take a few week

Whilst some cats may take a few months

But remember – this won’t last forever

Time and patience is needed

Don’t try to force your cat to get used to you

That will come with time

But what you can do is make things easier


By showing your cat love and affection

Making sure you have everything prepared for your cat before you bring your little feline home

Catify the house and have all toys available

Spending time with your cat is very important

The more time your spend with your cat the more your cat will get used to your presence

As I mentioned in the article, have one room just for your cat so your cat gets used to the house

Spend as much time as you can with your cat

By the time you know it – your cat will become a cuddle bug! 

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