How Do Cats Say Sorry?

There’s a running joke among most cat enthusiasts, and it goes something like this –

Q: How do cats say sorry? 

A: They don’t.

Cat parents can tell you countless horror stories about their kitties going wild.

We all know knocking things over is a particular favorite among felines.

It’s no wonder that cats have developed a bit of a naughty rep over the years. 

But, despite their coldblooded bravado, the truth is, your furry little feline does have feelings.

And, what’s more, science has discovered that cats are super complex creatures.

They’re just wired differently from the rest of us. 

So, if you’ve been wondering if your cat is the devil incarnate, don’t be disheartened.

Your wayward little furbaby may have been showing you how sorry it is for its misdeeds all this time, without you understanding the message.

Instead, carry on reading, and discover all there is to cats and their guilt 

Do Cats Even Have Feelings?

Cats are often accused of being shameless or impudent after doing some act of misconduct.

That’s because cat parents will find their furry pals staring them in the face as if to say, ‘I regret nothing.’

But, the truth is we’re the ones misreading the situation.

If your cat is staring at you after having tipped over a vase or photo frame, it’s not because it’s not sorry.

Oh no, felines are intelligent enough to know when they’re doing something they aren’t supposed to.

The stare is your furball’s way of assessing how you’re going to act.

If you don’t scream or behave threateningly, then the cat knows everything’s a-okay. 

Another common misconception related to cats is the old kitty litter ambush.

Many pet owners think that their felines tend to leave presents outside the kitty litter because they’re angry or acting.

However, it’s more likely that your cat is feeling stressed or lonely.

Yup, that’s right.

Stress can actually inflame your cat’s bladder and lead to accidents outside the litter. 

Remember when we said cats are wired differently?

Thus far, behavioral scientists have discovered that cats tend to alternate between two states – safe and unsafe.

Acting out isn’t always related to mischief; it can also be your cat’s way of telling you something you’ve done has compromised its safe space. 

Felines are also renowned for bringing their owners gifts of the dead variety.

Dead mice, birds, and even lizards are all your felines way of showing affection.

If you wake up next to a dead rodent after having scolded your cat for being a bad kitty, be sure it’s your cat’s way of saying,

‘I love you human; here’s a mouse to prove it.’

Can You Hurt A Cat’s Feelings?

Veterinary behavior expert Carlo Siracusa at Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine states that cats can form a deep bond with their owners.

In fact, being away from their owners for too long can make cats vomit. 

So, if you’re wondering about whether or not you can hurt your feline’s feelings

The answer’s yes.

It’s just that their hurt isn’t always easy to read, and they can be offended at things you may not find offensive at all.

For instance, your furball may feel hurt if you stray from your usual timetable.

Many owners find their cats being clingier if they return home later than usual.

That’s your cat’s way of saying it was feeling lonely and threatened.

Felines depend on their owners for their survival, and they understand this fact well.

Even the slightest change in routine can kick off their insecurities. 

Another sure-fire way of offending your cat is by being neglectful of cleaning their litter.

That may sound strange to us, but felines like their hygiene.

A dirty litter box is the equivalent of a kitty slap because you’re indirectly showing your pet it’s not important enough. 

How Do I Tell My Cat I’m Sorry?

If you were too hard on your furball and are looking for ways to apologize, you can do so in several ways. 

The best and most trusty method of telling you cat you’re sorry is by offering it a treat.

This method rarely ever fails.

Felines are creatures of habit, and offering them a favorite treat is the easiest way to them you care.

Of course, depending on your cat’s feeling, you may have to repeat the process a couple of times, but eventually, your pet will understand you’re trying to make up to it. 

My cat loves treats and he knows how to get one off me with his squinting eyes and meowing and purring technique!

Another way of apologizing to your cat is by making sure all of its needs are looked after.

If you’ve been neglectful of your duties as a cat parent, then be mindful about cleaning your pet’s feeding dish and litter regularly. 

Spending time playing with your fuzzy monster can also help break the tension sometimes.

Grab your cat’s favorite toy, and tempt it to an exciting game.

Laser pointers are an absolute cat favorite, and cats love chasing the little red dot. 

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Do Cats Forgive You?

Contrary to popular belief, cats are a forgiving bunch.

They’re especially lenient towards their primary caregivers.

Sure, they might take a little time to forget the fact that you were mean (even though they did something wrong), but eventually, they’ll get there. (It’s what makes us love them right?) 

However, your first order of business should be figuring out what you did wrong and taking it from there.

Did you scold your cat or scare it somehow?

Or maybe your sprayed your cat with water 

As stated earlier, cats are big on security.

Anything that threatens their safe space may set them off. 

It’s a good idea to show your cat you still care by controlling the level and tone of your voice.

Speak to your furbaby softly, and pet it gently to reassure it.

It’s best to wait for your cat to rub against your legs instead of forcefully picking it up. 

Generally, showing your pet you care by being gentle, giving it treats, and giving it your undivided attention will work like a charm to make them forgive you. 

Final Words 

Felines make delightful pets.

They’re curious, cheeky, and every so often, they can surprise you with an unwarranted show of affection.

Let’s not forget how cute a cat is! 

However, because they’re so unlike other pets in their nature, they’re often misunderstood. 

What you should keep in mind is that cats have a strong survival instinct.

Their actions are more or less governed by their DNA.

Even when they’re chucking things from shelves, jumping on cupboards, it’s their hunting instinct coming to the fore. 

But, that doesn’t mean your furbaby doesn’t have feelings.

Cats often think of their owners as their surrogate family and look after them in their own way.

Try and focus on the signals your kitty is sending your way, and you’ll get along just fine.  

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