Do Cats Like To Be Covered With A Blanket?

In this article you’re going to learn if cats like to be covered with a blanket

Is it okay to do so?

Do they need a blanket when they are sleeping especially during the winter?

What type of blankets do cats like?

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Unlike dogs, cats adopt their humans.

So, it’s crystal clear from the very beginning who the master is in the relationship.

And, if you think humans have singular natures, then you’ll be surprised by the quirkiness of cats. 

Cats have distinct personalities.

No two fluffballs are ever the same, even if they are siblings and are mirror images of each other.

If you’re lucky enough to have one more than cat gracing your home, you may find that one kitty cat loves to snuggle, while the other shows symptoms of allergies to the human touch (Though you can change this!) 

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Similarly, you’ll see a few cats who do not appreciate their space being invaded by anyone, be it their keeper or other riff-raff hanging about the house.

On the flip side, some cats collect soft toys and enjoy nestling into the warm, empty spaces that have been vacated by their pet guardians.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not your ‘fur baby’ will love huddling under the cover with you, continue to read on.

Let’s first look at is it okay for your cat to snuggle under the blanket?

Can they suffocate?

Can Cats Suffocate Under The Blankets?

Irrespective of your cat’s curiosity level, if you’re scared that your cat may smother under a blanket, think again.

Felines have amazingly sharp instincts, and their sense of self-preservation is almost a superpower.

Not to mention, ever heard of a cat’s nine lives?

Therefore, if your fluffball is under the covers, then it has plenty of air to breathe.

And, if there’s no air circulation, then you won’t find your feline friend burrowing under the duvet.

Suffice it to say, your cat loves its life just as much as you do and won’t risk it for anything. 

Nonetheless, many pet parents do tend to stress about their pets sleeping nestled beneath the covers.

And, for your peace of mind, let’s go over whether your pet’s safety is at risk when dozing under the bedcover.

Is It OK For Cats To Sleep Under The Covers?

There is no telling cats what they may or may not do.

Felines will do pretty much as they please, and you’re generally left to follow behind.

But, if you’re concerned about the potential safety hazards of your furbaby snuggling under the blanket, then you needn’t worry.

It’s perfectly safe for cats to be sleeping beneath the covers if that’s what it wants to do. 

Just remember to keep a corner or two of the blanket away from your body so ‘the master’ may come and go as it wishes.

Have the air conditioning on if the cat is sleeping under the duvet, just to be on the safe side.

And, never jump on the bed when the blanket is crumpled and when the bed cover looks lumpy because the lump in question maybe your ‘fur-kid’ taking a snooze.

If your cat truly loves nestling underneath the blanket, you might want to present it with its own blanket, in which case it makes sense to do some research about its preferences in terms of material or fabrics.

What Kind Of Blankets Do Cats Like?

If you’re doing research about the kind of blanket your feline will love – avoid going for the overly heavy covers or anything with too much synthetic material in it.

Felines seem to put a lot of stock into things that are textural and warm.

So, your cats will probably love a knitted blanket. 

For the sake of your fluffy friend, your peace of mind, and the planet, try going for all organic materials like cotton yarn or zero stretch fabric.

Also, keep in mind that felines can be allergic to certain fabrics, so if your cat seems sneeze or itch around a particular fabric, then be sure to avoid it.

What About Cat Beds?

If you’re the type that hates sharing their bed

Or maybe your cat sleeping next to you can make you feel hot and uncomfortable

How about a cat bed?

Last time I caught my cat sleeping on my brothers chest!

How my brother stays in that position – I got no idea!

But yes, cat beds are a good idea too

Your cat gets their own personal space

And you get to stretch and move about as you do when you sleep

Your cat will use the bed for sure!

Here’s one of my favorites

Look at how cute and comfortable it looks!

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Final Words

In general, cats don’t burrow under covers as most have triple coats of fur.

It’s a rare sight to see a Persian kitty seeking to be under a blanket, particularly in the summers.

Even cats with no hair, such as the Sphynx, may shy away from covers of any kind. 

Plus, cats tend to shed a lot during summertime.

If you have a pet that likes going under the covers during the hot season then good luck sleeping! 

However, during winters, your cat’s dislike for a good snuggle may change somewhat.

Not to mention, felines tend to become lazier when it’s cold out and like to find a warm place to sleep.

So, when the weather turns, you may often find your cats seeking refuge from the cold underneath the duvet.

Lucky for you, cats shed less in wintertime, so there will be no extra layer of fur waiting for you when you lay down to sleep. A

nd, every pet parent can vouch that the fewer the hairballs, the better life becomes serving cats. 

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