My Cat Hates Me But Loves Everyone Else

You love your cat to bits and do everything for him

But yet your cat hates you but loves everyone else

Which is weird because you’re the one that does everything for your baby

So if you’re thinking “My cat hates me but loves everyone else” and want your cat to start to love you too

Then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

I Love My Cat But My Furbaby Hates Me And Loves Everyone Else!

Cats are loving and affectionate pet, but they are also known as resilient and “mysterious.”

Although they know how to be affectionate with the person they trust 

I know what you’re thinking..

You love your cat unconditionally, but your baby doesn’t share the same feeling 

In fact, your cat loves everyone else except you!

Feeling rejected by your cat is not a nice feeling 

You try to pet your cat but she keeps running away!

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So you’re thinking

What went wrong?

Is giving your kitty unconditional love, shelter, food, and a whole bunch of toys not enough?

Your cat may not hate you so it’s important to know what the signs are if your cat does hate you

Let’s look at how you can tell if your furbaby hates you

And then we’ll talk about how you can bond with a cat that does not like you

Carry on reading..

How Do You Tell If Your Cat Hates You?

As a cat parent, the last thing you want to do is find out possible reasons your cat may not like you 

It’s not a good feeling

But it is important

Because you can then figure out how you can solve the problem and get your cat to love you and build that strong bond

Here are some of the signs you need to look out for

Your cat let others pet them but you!

You try to pet your cat, but your baby just does not let you 

Worse, he tries to keep away from you as much as he can.

The worse part?

When you have family and friends over, your cat loves to be petted by them

Heartbreaking – But let’s look at why this is the case 

Possible Reason?

Maybe you are being too pushy with your cat

You’re trying too hard to get your cat to let you pet him/her

Because of this your cat just doesn’t want to know and wants his/her own space

Cats love their space and privacy


Give your cat time and space

Be patience and don’t go overboard

When you see your cat in a calm and relaxed manner then go ahead and pet him/her

Do this a few times and then stop

Let your cat get familiar with you petting him/her

If you notice your cat getting agitated then stop immediately

Do this for a couple of weeks and by the time you know your cat will let you pet him/her anytime!

Don’t be too pushy and do this gradually

They do everything to get away from you.

Every time you try to go near your cat 

Your cat just runs away

It’s like as soon as you go near to stroke your cat or just to sit near your baby he/she gets up and just goes away

Possible Reasons

Again, it comes to their privacy and boundaries

You may not be respecting their boundaries enough.

Cats have a reputation that they are hard to read.

So what’s the solution to this?


You need to do is to give the space your kitty needs. 

Here’s what you should do 

Give your cat a space in the house where they can go and relax and have some privacy time

You can buy a cat tree and put it in the corner of your house or wherever it’s best where they can go to and just chill

Here’s a awesome cat tree you can get for your kitty

Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

This gives your cat their space that they want

Another thing you can do is provide your cat with a room (if you have a spare room)

You can make it into a cat room where all their stuff is there

For example their cat tree, cat scratching posts, toys etc

Your cat has a place where they can go have privacy

Hopefully showing your cat they have space they will allow you to go near him/her

Again, do this gradually and slowly

If you don’t have a cat tree make sure to check out my article – Best affordable cat trees

Your cat’s tail is low-hanging or puffing. 

It is known that tail-puffing means your cat is getting aggressive, scared, or threatened.

Another reason for your cats tail to be low hanging is they don’t want to be around you as they may feel scared or threatened 

Cat’s tail tells about their moods and behaviors.

So, you have to be wary of their tail’s movement.

If it goes low and waving slowly from left to right, it means he truly feels uncomfortable and threatened. 

Possible Reasons  

Have you done something to your cat that could result in resentment?

Here’s one of the things I learned about cats.

Although they have different personalities, they also feel rejections and disappointments. 

For example, a mother cat with a heavy motherly instinct can feel resentment when the owner gives away her kittens even before weaning them. 

Or if you are the cat parent that sprays your cat with a water bottle because of their bad behavior – this can make your cat upset with you (It’s not always the case)


If this is the case then it comes down to again, giving your cat space 

Don’t try to push your cat to not hate you

Carry on showing love and affection

Play with your cat with maybe a laser so they run after it

When your cat is calm and sleeping stroke your cat so he/she gets used to you stroking him/her

This may take time but your cat will surely come around and love you

Now that we have gone through the possible reasons your cat may not like you

Let’s look at how you can bond with your cat

Get your cat to love you just as you love him/her unconditionally

How To Bond With Your Cat Who Hates You

First and foremost, if your cat is acting aggressive to you and seems to not be himself then it’s best to take your cat to the vets to make sure nothing medically is causing this behavior

However, if there are no underlying health issues, you can still do something to make a special cat-parent relationship. 

First, give your cat space and boundary he needs.

I might have repeated this a few times, but this step is crucial.

Let your cat open up with you, rather than you opening up to him.

If you just let your cat be and you know, not being too pushy 

With time your cat will notice this and will want to come to you

I remember my cat would not come to me at all!

But with time and conitious spending quality time with Tigger, he’s now a cuddle bug!

You see, time and patience is very important

Not to forget spending quality time with your furbaby

Second, feed your cat on time. 

Set up a routine as cats love routine

Make sure your cat has their food on time and get them the highest quality of food

When your cat is eating, stroke him/her as long as he/she is okay with it

Here’s an article I wrote on How to feed a cat wet food while away – It’s a good read for those cat parents who work during the day

Last but not least, give your cat unconditional love and spend quality time together 

Yes, it may take time and your cat may not reciprocate the same feeling

But don’t give up and continue to shower your cat with love and affection

Buy your cat toys, spoil them they deserve it

Most importantly learn to understand your cat 

What their body language is saying to you

We can buy them toys and spend time

But do you know what’s more important?

Building that emotional connection 

How do you do that?

Learn how you can actually talk to your cat

Check out my article – How to talk to your cat 

Tell your cat how much you love him/her in a soothing voice

Cats understand us very well

This emotional connection will bring about so many benefits

It may take time and you will need to have patience

But trust me when your cat starts to show you unconditional love it will all be worth it  

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