Is Spraying a Cat With Water Abuse?

In this article you’re going to learn is spraying a cat with water abuse

Should you use this technique in trying to stop your cat from doing certain bad behaviors

Or is considered to be abuse to your cat

Does it actually work if you do decide to spray your cat with water?

You’ll find out all in this article so carry on reading

Sound good?

Let’s get started

When our cat misbehaves then it can cause real problems

Especially if it’s something like peeing on the couch

Or jumping on counters

Or maybe your cat has become aggressive in play and has started to bite you

And you’re tried every trick in the book

From shouting a firm “NO”

To picking your kitty up and giving him/her timeout

Or just completely ignoring your cat for a certain time

But nothing seems to work

So you got no choice but to use a spray bottle

The question is

Can this be considered abuse?

Is Spraying My Cat With Water Abuse?

Some cat parents may say it is abuse

While other cat parents say it’s a way to discipline your cat which is done as a last resort


I’m not here to say

It’s abuse and stop it

Nor I’m I going to support it

But the question I ask is

Does it actually work?

Will your cat stop jumping on the kitchen counter

Will your cat stop peeing on your carpet

These are questions you need to ask yourself

Yes, your cat may not do it in front of you because they know you’re going to spray water

But what about when you’re not there?

Are you 100% sure your cat won’t continue the same behavior

I get it,

You’re tired and fed up and things are starting to look bad at home

Relationships are starting to get strained

So you’re left with no option and use a bottle to spray your cat in the hope that they stop

Honestly, this is not a good way of dealing with this situation

It’s a short term fix and not long term

Why You Shouldn’t Spray Your Cat With a Squirt Bottle

Spray Bottle

It’s simple

You’re going to do more harm than good

And that is destroy your relationship with your furbaby

Do you want your cat to be scared of you?

Every time your cat sees you, they’ll remember you squirting them with a bottle

Your cat won’t come near you and may even hate you

You don’t want your cat to run away from you every time she sees you

It’s not worth destroying your cute relationship with your kitty

I know what you’re thinking

How Can I Stop Bad Behavior?

It’s frustrating right?

You want to stop this bad behavior or bad habits of your cat but then again you don’t want to ruin the relationship

So how can you stop this?

Let’s find out

How To Discipline Stop Bad Behavior In a Cat

Notice how I crossed out discipline

Discipline is a harsh word

And your cat don’t deserve discipline

They don’t even know what that is

Poor cat, he/she’s just being themselve and they’re getting trouble for it

For example,

Your cat is peeing all over the house

Now in our eyes we’re thinking

How do I stop my cat peeing everywhere

So you might try certain things to stop this behavior

But the main thing is

Understanding why your cat is peeing everywhere 

What’s causing your cat to pee everywhere

Is your cat trying to tell you something

It’s about getting to the root of the problem and then tackling it from there

So for example with cat peeing everywhere

You can stop this behavior


Not by squirting them with a bottle every time you catch your cat peeing

But by using their senses

What I’m I talking about?

It’s called the T.T.S method

I don’t want to go into too much detail about this as I’ve already talked about it in my article which you can learn more about if it’s something you’re interested in

T.T.S Method For Your Cat To Stop Spraying All Over The House

This is just an example on how you can use your own cats senses to stop certain behaviors

Another example for a common problem is

Jumping on the kitchen counter

Yes, it’s annoying and you’re trying to cook

Or you don’t want cat hair in the delicious dinner you’re cooking

I get it

Spraying your cat with a water bottle to stop this behavior may not stop it when you’re asleep and your cat is in the kitchen

Whenever you’re not around basically

It’s about finding an alternative for your cat to jump on

Can you redirect your cat to jump onto something else?

Maybe fix some cat shelves so your cat can jump from one to another

Things like this can solve the problem

See how you don’t need to make your cat hate you because you’re spraying them with water

You’re basically looking for alternatives

So your cat can still do what they’re doing but in a way where it’s not considered bad behavior

Another behavior that can cause you problems is constant meowing during the night

So you might think spraying your cat with water to stop meowing may work

It might do

But poor your cat

They might be trying to tell you something but they’re getting punished for it

Now if your cat is meowing at night constantly then there could be a reason

I won’t go into detail because I have a article which talks about it

10 Awesome Ways To Stop a Cat From Meowing At Night 

Talking To Your Cat – Will My Cat Understand?

You should talk to your cat and instruct your cat to stop bad behavior

Yes, they can understand

But it’s about how you talk to your cat

Cats understand us and what we’re saying to them more than we think

They understand our emotions

Did You Know..
The Japanese researchers found that cats understand humans, not just by voice tone but also by identifying certain words including their names, the owner’s name, various commands you’ve used, and many other stunning eavesdropping techniques that you had no idea about…

Communicating with your cat is very important

Want to know how you can talk to your cat in a way they understand?

Check out my article – How To Talk To Your Cat 

Wrapping It Up

Spraying a cat with water is not abuse as you’re trying to stop your cat from stopping a certain behavior

But then when you think of it

Your cat may get scared of you because you’re spraying him/her with water

And that can leave a negative impact which then can cause your cat to become stressed

So spraying a cat with water can cause stress which is on the borderline of abuse

I’m not saying it is but it’s heading towards that right because it’s causing harm to your cat

Yes, when they do things that is bad can be frustrating

But there’s different ways to tackle these bad behavior

It all comes down to understanding why your cat is behaving in this manner 

Once you figure that out, you can then tackle the problem

That way you’re not scaring your cat or potentially ruin your relationship with your kitty


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