Why Does My Cat Not Like To Cuddle?

In this article you’re going to learn why your cat does not like to cuddle

It’s sad to know that your cat does not show that affection

He’s so cute and you just want to cuddle him but he won’t allow it!

In fact your cat just runs away from you 

The worst part?

Your friends cats allow cuddling except yours!

If you want to get your cat to become a cuddly cuddle bug then you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Is My Cat Not Cuddly?

Your cat is not cuddly for now

There’s no need to worry

You see some cats have different personalities

Some cats don’t like to cuddle and need some encouragement

While other cats just love to cuddle straight away

Take my cat for example

His name is Tigger

I remember when I first got him

Boy, he was so scared! – He just did not want to come to me and would hide away

Fast forward 13 years and now he just loves to cuddle

You might thinking – Tigger has become affectionate with age

I’ll talk about if cats get more affection with age later on

Or you might be even thinking

Will I have to wait 13 years for my cat to become cuddly! 

The good news is you don’t

Because I’m going to tell you how you can make your cat a cuddle bug

Carry on reading

How Do I Make My Cat More Cuddly?

There are many ways to make your cat cuddly

Before we look at different ways

I want to emphasize on one thing

Time and Patience 

This won’t be a overnight fix

It does take time

And it does require you to have patience

It might take weeks or months to make your cat a cuddle bug

But you know what the best part is?

It will all be worth it! 

So let’s look at how you can make your little furbaby more cuddly

Pet Your Cat When She Is Sitting Down Calmly

When you notice your cat sitting down and is all relaxed

Sneak in a few pets

Your cat is relaxed and will enjoy these little pets

Don’t go overboard or anything

The worst time to pet your cat when she’s all hyper and wants to play

Catch her when she’s calm and sitting down and she’ll enjoy it

Pet Your Cat Before You Give Food

Right before you give your cat food give your cat a little pet

Not for too long because your cat is hungry and wants food!

The idea here is to get your cat to associate petting with getting food

Pet Your Cat When She’s Eating 

Some cats hate being petted whilst they’re eating

So if you see any signs of your cat not enjoying being petted then you should stop

If your cat reacts a bit surprised or is being receptive then carry on doing so but gently and not in a way that will disturb your cat

This is to create a positive association with being petted when your cat is happy because cats love to eat their meal so that means they’re happy

Petting your cat when they’re happy will go a long way in getting your cat to love to being cuddled

Play With Your Cat   

Sometimes cats won’t like to cuddle and be aggressive simply because they have all this energy that they want to burn

Playing with your cat will allow your baby to use up all that energy

After all they are predators so they need to hunt

Playing with your cat also builds a beautiful bond with your cat and that will only help get your cat to become a cuddle bug

You should set out a time during the day to just play with your cat

Trust me, your cat will appreciate it and will want to snuggle with you

Here’s an article I wrote on fun things to do with your cat 

I recommend this pretty cool interactive toy in that article

I’m sure your cat will love it!

You can check it out over on Amazon by clicking here 

Pet Your Cat When She’s Sleeping 

The best time to pet your cat is when your cat is calm

And what better time is there other than when your cat is sleeping

If you notice your cat getting annoyed or is being disturbed then stop

Tigger loves to be tickled under the chin or behind the ear

He loves that!

Try it with your cat and see how she responds

This is a good way of getting your cat to snuggle with you and become more cuddly

Put Your Cat In Your Lap And Reward Her 

Now we’re moving to an advanced level

Place your cat in your lap

And as soon as she’s there give a treat

Cats love treats and if you give your cat a treat whilst she’s in your lap it will create a positive association

Being in your lap means I get yummy treats!

This will hopefully lead to your cat wanting to sit in your lap


Because your cat will associate being in your lap with happy memories

Again if you notice your cat not wanting to be there then try again later on

But with a treat I’m certain your cat will stay!

My Tigger will do anything for a treat!

Surprise Your Cat With Random Treats 

Give your cat treats randomly

See if you can buy those healthy dental treats

Something that is beneficial for your cat but is also tasty too

You can get plenty of healthy snacks

What you do is just randomly surprise your cat with treats

She will soon associate being around you with happy memories

By the time you know your cat will want to just sit in your lap

Remember it does take time and patience but it will all be worth it for sure!

If you have a kitten then you should definitely check out my article

How to raise a kitten to be cuddly

Is It Bad To Force Your Cat To Cuddle?

Yes it is

Think about it

You’re going against your cats will

Instead of your cat becoming a cuddle bug they’ll distance themselves from you

Cats have different personalities

Some cats love to cuddle and other cats need love and affection shown to them

And then it takes time

Don’t force your cat or he might just end up scratching you or biting you

Your cat will come round

Just make sure you show your cat love and affection

Tell your cat how much you love them

You can check out my article

How to tell your cat you love them 

Final Words

If your cat is not cuddly don’t panic

Your cat won’t stay not cuddly forever (If that makes sense)

You can make your cat a cuddle bug

Follow the steps and ideas in this article and hopefully with time your cat will want to cuddle with you

Remember it does take time and patience

Don’t force your cat to cuddle otherwise your cat may get scared of you

Give your cat space and time

Also, make sure to spend time with your furbaby

Undivided attention

Play with your cat and always tell your cat how much you love her

One thing I forgot to mention is to talk to your cat

Communication is very key

We always talk about playing with our cats

But what about building an emotional connection through talking to your cat

Yes, cats can understand what we say to them

I actually have written an article on How to talk to your cat so make sure to check it out

Do Cats Get More Affectionate With Age?

As cats get older they can either become emotionally distance or very clingy

My cat is not that old

He’s around 14 years old (I don’t know whether you call that old) but I do notice that he loves to cuddle more

He looks for an opportunity to sit in our laps just to chill

He used to do that when he was young but I notice it even more now

But then again every cat is different

So there is no right or wrong answer to this

Some cats may become more cuddly as they grow older whereas some cats may just want to keep themselves to themselves

How about your cat?

Is your cat more affectionate as he/she grew older?

Let me know in the comments

Are Male Cats More Affectionate?

There is no scientific evidence or any research that has taken place to say male cats are more affectionate

Each cats are different and they are unique in their own way

They have different personalities so you can’t just say male cats are more affectionate

Some cats may have had bad experience which leads them to not be cuddly and may take time

Whereas other cats have not had any bad experience so making them into a cuddle bug is much easier

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