Cat Peeing In Closet – How You Can Stop This

In this article you’re going to learn why your cat is peeing in the closet

You’ll discover the possible reasons your cat is behaving in this manner

And you’ll learn how you can stop this behavior and get your cat to use the litter box

Sound good?

Let’s get started

As a cat parent

The worst nightmare is when your cat starts to pee outside the litter box

The smell of cat urine can smell really bad

It can literally make the whole house smell

The worst part?

When you have guests come over and the stench of cat urine is making the house smell


If your cat is peeing in the closet then the smell of cat urine can make your clothes smell like cat urine too

Now if you have work and you just realised in the morning a puddle of cat urine in the closet

It’s not a ideal situation to be in

I understand it can be frustrating and annoying

The important thing to remember is your cat is not doing this out of spite

Nor is your cat peeing in the closet to get your angry

Your furbaby is trying to tell you something

It’s down to you to figure out what is causing this behavior

Shouting at your cat won’t make things better

It will just make things worse

Let’s look at the possible reasons your cat is peeing in the closet

Possible Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing In The Closet

There are a number of reasons your cat is not using the litter box

Your cat can’t tell you literally what is making them do this otherwise it would be so easy!

The first thing you need to do is take your cat to the vets as soon as possible

Medical Condition

As soon as your cat stops using the litter box you should book a vet appointment

Normally when a cat stops using the litter box it could be because of UTI (urinary tract infection)

Check out my article – Best Cat Litter For Cats With UTI 

You want to make sure it’s nothing health related

If the vets say it’s nothing health related which is good news

So what other possibilities is causing your cat to pee in the closet

Problems With The Litter Box

Are you cleaning the litter box regularly?

If the litter box is not cleaned regularly and is filthy then your cat won’t use it

It has to be clean

I mean you can’t blame them right?

We wouldn’t want to use a bathroom that is filthy

So your cat won’t use a litter box that is not up to standards

It’s something they use everyday so make sure you clean it often

Litter Box Location

The location of the litter box is very important

If the litter box is near something that makes loud noises such as a washing machine or dishwasher – this can make your cat feel scared to use the litter box

Or is the litter box near where your cat eats?

A cat won’t use the litter box if he has to relieve himself near where he eats


Cats are very territorial animals

So when a cat feels threatened they will usually pee elsewhere becuase they want to assert their authority

Have you noticed any cats coming into your garden?

Or maybe cats wondering into your area and your cat has seen them

This will make your cat pee outside the litter box

Area Is Not Cleaned Properly

If your cat has peed in the closet then you should clean it

I mean clean it thoroughly

If it’s not cleaned thoroughly then your cat will come to the very same spot and pee again

The trick is to clean it to such a extent that your cat will never know he has peed there

You see, we might think it’s clean but your cats senses are much stronger than ours

Use a powerful cat urine remover

Here’s my top 3 best cat urine remover which you can check out


Yes, your cat can get stressed just like how we get stressed

Want to know an interesting fact

Your cat can sense you being stressed which makes them stressed too

And a stressed cat will avoid the litter box

Other reasons your cat could become stressed is

Change in routine

Change in environment

New addition to the family

These can all trigger stress in your cat

How Can You Stop Your Cat From Peeing In The Closet

The first thing you should do is take your cat to the vets as I mentioned earlier

Hopefully your dcat is healthy and nothing is wrong with your furbaby

Clean Litter Box

Make sure your cats litter box is cleaned regularly

This is very important for 2 reasons

  1. Cat litter that is dirty can be dangerous if it’s not scooped up and discarded. Have a read of my article Cat Litter Ammonia Poisoning to learn more about the danger of cat urine in cat litter that is not cleaned
  2. A dirty litter box will result in your cat avoiding it

I get it

We are all busy

Especially if you work a full time job

It can get tiring – you come home and just want to put your feet up and relax

But then you realize you got to clean the litter box!

That’s why I think it would be a great investment to purchase a self cleaning litter box

That way you know the litter box is cleaned regularly

The best part?

You don’t have to ever scoop litter again!

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Where Is The Litter Box Kept

Have a look at where your litter box is

Have you moved it by any chance?

Is it near their food bowl or near a washing machine or anything else that makes a loud noise?

Make sure the litter box is in a place where your cat can easily get access to it

Chase Away Any Unwanted Visitors 

If you notice any cats coming into your garden or into your area

Try to scare them away

What you can do is

Block access to the windows so your cat can’t see outside (for a little while)

During this time work on making sure cats do not come into your garden or area

When you are confident they are not coming anymore, you can let your cat look out the window again

That way your cat will feel his territory is not threatened anymore

Love And Affection 

If you think your cat is stressed then during these times your cat needs love and affection

Yes, they are peeing in the closet but now is not the time to get angry

They want you let them know everything is okay

I know you already show your cat much love and affection

But go over the top

Spend quality time with your baby

Play with him and let him know you are there for him

This will hopefully make your cat happy and stop this bad behavior

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Wrapping It Up

When your cat starts to pee in the closet it can become really frustrating

The last thing you want is to put your clothes on only for it to smell like Cat urine!

And cat urine smell is not something you want to be smelling like

It’s really strong and not a very nice smell – I’m sure you know how it smells like

(Okay enough of talking about cat urine and the smell of it!)

Whatever you do, don’t shout at your cat or punish your cat

This will not solve the problem

It will just make matters worse

You have to find out what is causing this behavior and then tackle it from there

Your cat is just trying to tell you something

Something is not right

You just have to figure it out

And if you go through the points in this article – hopefully it will help you put a stop to this

Or another option is to try out Cat Spraying No More and see with that information and guidance you can help your cat use the litter box again

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