Do Indoor Cats Get Depressed?

In this article you’re going to learn if indoor cats get depressed

You’ll learn the signs to look out for in a cat that may be depressed

Finally, you’ll learn how you can keep a indoor cat happy by meeting their essential needs

So if you want to make sure your cat is always happy and never gets depressed then you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Indoor cats can get depressed

But even outdoor cats can get depressed

Just because your cat is indoor does not mean they will get depressed

As a cat parent I understand why you would keep your cat indoors

And I’m not saying letting your cat outdoors is wrong

I don’t want to touch on that subject because it can be controversial as all cat parents have different mindsets and opinions so it’s best to respect that!

What I want to talk about first is what you need to look out for in a cat that may be depressed

Let’s look at the signs

How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Depressed?

These symptoms can be for cat depression but are not limited

Here’s what to look out for

  • Not Eating Or Overeating
  • Over Grooming
  • Hiding and Avoiding Any Affection From You
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Continuous Meowing, Excessive Vocalization
  • Avoiding Litter Box

It’s important to remember just because your cat is showing any of signs that your cat is fully depressed

These are signs to look out for

The first thing you should do is consult your vet just to make sure it is nothing medically

So what causes your cat to become depressed?

Death Of A Family Member Or Another Animal

There’s always that saying or myth that cats do not need us because they are independent

But this is not true

Your cat needs you more than you think

They need your love and affection

Which is why you should always give it to them

You’ve probably noticed how your cat has such a special strong bond with you

Now if that bond is broken

It can break your cats heart

Same goes with a cats friend

They do feel sad

If your cat is grieving then offer your furbaby some extra love and affection

More cuddles and compassion

Basically treat your baby the way you’d want to be treated in this situation

That will help your cat lots!

They’re Not Getting Enough Interaction

As I mentioned earlier

A lot of people think cats don’t need us like how dogs need us

They are independent

This is completely

They need us and our love and affection

And if they don’t get this then it can cause your cat to become sad and ultimately depressed

If your cat is adopted and they have a background and neglect and a bad past then it’s important to show your kitty more love and affection because they need it

Regardless, you should always show love and affection

Try to create a routine to spend some quality time with your baby

This will make your cat feel loved

Change In Food Or Litter

My Tigger can be very fussy when it comes to food

I think all cats are

But remember cats are creatures of habit

They love routine and the same thing

So if the location of the food bowl is in a certain spot try not to move it

If you want your cat to try out a different brand then do so gradually

Changing it straight away can have a negative effect on your cat

Same goes with Litter and Litter boxes

If you want to change cat litter then do so gradually

Want to change the location of the cat litter box?

Then move the box towards the new spot slowly bit by bit until it reaches the new spot

In short

If you want to change food brands or cat litter then you should it slowly and take your time

That way your cat can adjust accordingly

Changes In The Household

As mentioned earlier cats love routine

As soon as things change this can upset your cat

So if you have changed anything in your household such as a new room layout – these things can cause your cat to become upset

Another change could also be a new spouse has come into the house

Or maybe a newborn baby

These are all sudden changes that can affect your furbaby

How To Help Your Cat If They Are Sad Or Depressed

If you notice any of these symptoms and you think your cat is depressed then before you do a diagnosis on your cat it’s important you take your cat to the vets

You want to make sure it’s nothing medical

If everything is okay then what you need to do is show your cat extra love and affection

That’s what they need the most

Talking to your cat and reassuring him that everything is okay will help your cat

Try and take time out for your cat

We are all busy with life and we can’t be blamed because it’s the hustle and bustle of life

It can get tiring

But try and take some time out to spend with your cat

Some quality bonding session where it’s just you and your baby

Keep this routine and your cat will appreciate it and will also feel happy

Did you know you can learn your cats body language?

As a matter of fact you can understand what your cat is saying

Plus you can also learn how to talk to your cat in a way they understand

This would create such an amazing relationship

Let’s be honest

We can play with our cats

Show them love and buy them some pretty cute toys

But what about the mental side of things?

Building a emotional connection – that takes it to another level especially if your cat is sad

You can do this


There’s this guide called Cat Language Bible

Cat Language Bible

This guide helps you understand your cats body language, what your cat is saying

And also hold a conversation with your cat which I find pretty awesome!

You can learn more by checking out their website –

It may look spammy but it’s not and 100% legit

Click here to discover how you can build a emotional connection with your cat

I actually have written a in-depth review about this guide too which you can check out if you want to know all about it

Cat Language Bible Review

You can also check out my article

How to tell your cat you love them


The most important thing a cat needs apart from their necessities is love and affection

So as cat parents we should always take time out to spend with our furbabies

Stroking and petting cats can help relieve your stress you know!

That’s why cats are the best!

They provide us with comfort too just as how we provide them with comfort

What Do Indoor Cats Need?

If your cat is an indoor cat then there is nothing wrong with that at all

They can be happy and live longer

Your cat is not exposed to cars or other potential predators like a Fox or other cats where they can get into fights

Honestly, it’s easy to keep an indoor cat happy

What does an indoor cat need?

They need you! Lol

Catify your home as much as possible so your cat can be a cat

Get your cat scratching posts, cat trees and plenty of toys!

Things that will keep them busy and entertained

Here’s an article I wrote on keeping an indoor cat entertained

How to keep a house cat entertained

Check this article out too for some fun activities you can do with your kitty

Fun things to do with your cat at home

Should Cats Be Indoors Only?


Every cat parents have different opinions

Some cat parents would like their cat to explore outside whereas other cat parents prefer their cats to stay indoors

I don’t want to say which right or wrong as everyone is entitled to their opinion

But I believe you can keep a cat indoors only if that makes you feel more comfortable and less worried

I get it

You can keep an eye on your cat and know that he is safe all the time being indoors

Final Words

Cats that are depressed and sad need us more than ever

They need that extra love and affection to get through these times

Think about yourself

If you are upset you’d want someone to be positive and show you love and reassure you

Same goes with your cat

Make sure to spend plenty of time with your cat and talk to your cat and tell your cat how much you love him

Provide plenty of toys and special treats for your cat because they need it

Also, take some time out to learn how you can understand your cat

How you can read their body language

Learn what they are saying to you and build that emotional connection

This would bring great benefit and build a awesome healthy relationship with your cat that will be everlasting!

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  1. Good advise! Simple and straightforward. I just want to remind folks that if you have other cats and/or you can’t for whatever reason, keep a kitty who is sad & heartbroken bec their owner dumped them, or you dont have the time, PLEASE find another foster person who can take them in and help it recover and find it a good home!

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