Why Is My Cat Peeing On The Wall

In this article you’re going to learn why your cat is peeing on the wall

You’ll learn the possible reasons why

Most importantly you’ll discover how you can stop this behavior

So if you’ve had enough of cat urine stains on the wall and constantly cleaning the walls because of your cat

You’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Cats are adorable and cute

Until they start doing things which can really frustrate us

As a cat parent I can confidently say

The most frustrating problems us cat parents can face is

When our cats start to pee everywhere in the house

In this case – the walls

Boy, it can get really frustrating

I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say

You are getting fed up and really angry cause this behavior is not going away

The worst part?

The smell of cat urine cat really make the house smell real bad!

It’s unbearable

Things can get really bad

It’s not good for your relationship with your cat


Because your cat don’t think it’s doing anything wrong (more about that later on)

But in your eyes, he is causing you so much pain and trouble

This can lead to you hating your cat

It could even lead to shouting at your cat

Here’s what you need to do

To get to the source of the problem

We need to understand why your cat is doing this 

Once we figure that out

Then we can look at ways of stopping this behavior

Possible Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing On The Walls

There could be many reasons why your cat is peeing on the walls

Let’s look at the different reasons


Cats are very territorial animals

Your house is pretty much your cats now

Well everything you own is your cats

As soon as your cat fears any danger to his territory

He will start to spray on certain things

Mostly vertical surfaces which obviously includes your wall

This is a way of leaving a scent to other cats or to comfort him knowing this certain area belongs to me

Have you notice any other cats coming into your garden?

Or maybe they have been coming into your area and your cat has noticed them?

This can cause spraying

Another territorial reason could be a new addition to the family

Maybe you’ve just had a baby or mom has come home to visit for a while

This sudden change and new people coming into your house can cause territorial issues

So your cat is sending out a message

Medical Issues 

If your cat suddenly stops using the litter box and starts to mark the walls then it could be a sign of a medical issue

The common medical issue could be UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

Or it could even be a blockage which is must worse

The first thing you should do is take your cat to the vets to make sure he’s okay and it’s nothing medical related


Yes, cats can get stressed too

The way your cat deals with stress is by urine marking

Your cat can get stressed due to a number of things

Such as

Change in routine

A new addition to the family for example a new born baby

When you are stressed too

When you are stressed your cat can sense it too and they can feel stressed too

How Do you Get a Cat To Stop Peeing On The Wall?

We know why your cat may be spraying and what is causing it

So let’s look at what you can do to help your 

You’re helping your cat to stop peeing on the wall

Remember, they’re not peeing on the wall to get you angry or anything

There’s a reason

The first thing you should do is take your cat to the vets to make sure it’s nothing to do with your cats health

Hopefully your cat is all good and there are no issues

Now that we know it’s nothing medically

Let’s look at what you can do

Stop Cats Entering Into Your Garden Or Area 

If you have noticed any other cat coming into your garden then you need to stop this

Your cat feels like their territory is in danger so you have to help your cat out

What you can do is whenever you see a cat coming into the garden

Scare it away

That’s the best thing you can do

Hopefully that will deter the cat from coming again

Another thing you can do is restrict your cat from seeing outside the window for a while

Till you are confident that the cats are not coming anymore

If your cat can’t see them then that won’t make him feel threatened

But make sure you scare them away so they don’t come back

Your cat probably enjoys looking out the window so you can’t stop him forever

Help Your Cat With Stress 

If your cat is peeing on the walls because of stress then you need to show your cat it’s okay

Shower your cat with love and affection

Tell your cat it’s okay and how much you love him

If you have Feliway Diffuser then use it to calm your cat down

If you don’t have one you can get one from Amazon

Click here to check it out over at Amazon

This will hopefully help keep your cat calm

Clean The Area Thoroughly 

This is very important

As soon as you see your cat pee on the wall

Or if you see urine stains on the wall

Make sure to clean it up thoroughly

If it’s not cleaned properly you know what’s going to happen?

Your cat will come back to the very same spot and spray over the wall again

Your cats sense of smell is much stronger than yours

So you might have thought it’s all clean but in reality the smell is still there

You must be thinking

“What product is the best to make sure it’s clean and the smell is gone completely?” 

There are so many urine removers out there so it’s hard to choose the right one

Lucky for you

I actually have written an article on the top 3 cat urine removers

Check it out by clicking the link below

Top 3 Cat Urine Removers 

The Solution To Stopping Your Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box

When your cat pees outside the litter box

It can become a big problem and cause you stress

The problem is when you’re stress your cat knows and that causes your cat to become stress

This does not help the problem but actually makes it worse cause as we just learnt

A stress cat will pee outside the litter box

It can get really bad this problem

I know myself because my Tigger would spray all over the house

It got to a point where family members started saying to get rid of him!

Like that would ever happen!

It’s overwhelming right?

Then you go on the internet to search for a solution

One website says to do this and then another says to do that

Information overload!

Makes your head hurt and you just don’t know where to start

Here’s the good news though

You don’t have to go through all this overwhelming feeling and frustration

What if I told you there’s a guide that has a step by step system which is easy to follow to teach you how to stop this behavior

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Wrapping It Up

When your cat pees on the walls it’s not because they’re doing it out of spite or to get you angry

There’s a reason that’s causing this

It’s important to understand what’s causing this issue

Get to the root of the problem

And then help your cat which will hopefully stop this behavior

Whatever you do, don’t shout at your cat or punish your cat

This will makes things worse

Infact your cat will pee outside the litter box even more

During this time they need love and affection

Yes, I know it’s frustrating

But think of it like this

Your cat is trying to tell you something – something is wrong and this is how they can let you know

It’s overwhelming when you’re dealing with this

Especially when you have all this pressure and difficulties in your relationship because of this

That’s why I recommend Cat Spraying No More because this guide will help you stop this behavior

You have everything in one place

You just have to follow the step by step system

It just makes life easier for you

Check out my Cat Spraying No More Review 

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