Why Does My Cat Run Around The House At Night?

In this article you’re going to learn why your cat runs around the house at night

You’ll discover how you can stop this running around behavior

Also, how you can get your cat to sleep at night

So if you’re tired of broken sleep because of your cat then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Do Cats Run Like Crazy At Night?

Cats are more active during the night

It’s in their nature to be more active at night

They are natural predators which means at night they are showing their hunting behaviors

Although your cat is a house cat they have that energy they need to release and this can appear to be crazy times during night

Another reason is maybe your cat is not getting enough exercise during the day

So during the night is where they let out all that energy that they have been building up

Domestic cats usually spend their days indoors while there people go out to work

During the day your cat may just be sleeping or having cat naps cause you’re not there

When you come back home from work in the evening

Your cat wants to play now

The problem is

You got to get up early in the morning

But your cat keeps disturbing you

Broken sleep means tired mornings

You come home and you’re tired

Your poor cat wants to play with you but you just don’t have the energy

And it’s a cycle that happens every night

The question is

How do you stop this crazy behavior at night

How Do I Keep My Cat From Going Crazy At Night?

The plan is to keep your cat busy during the day

Make sure they are active

How do you do this when you’re not here?

You gotta get your cat toys that are self interactive

Toys that don’t require you to be there with your furbaby

Something like this

This toy will keep your at busy for sure

It’s a k-berho Cat Toys Interactive, Cat Toys for Indoor with Feather,Ball,Mouse

It operates for 10 minutes

10 minutes of awesome fun for your

Then it shuts down for 1.5 hours and then resumes again

Your cat will get tired after 10 minutes so it gives them a bit of a break

And they won’t get bored too playing with the same toy

It’s a great way of keeping your cat entertained during the day

You can get your cat one over at Amazon by clicking hereĀ 

Another thing you can do is create a cat room or catify your home

What do I mean by this?

Get cat furniture

Things that will make your cat happy

Like a cat tree

Cat scratching posts

Cat shelves

All these things will allow your cat to be a cat

When you’re gone during the day

These things can keep your cat busy

Have a look at my article on best affordable cat treesĀ 

I recommend some pretty awesome cat trees your cat will love

The best part?

They’re not expensive!

What I’m trying to get at is keep your cat active during the day

By night time, your cat won’t have the energy to run around like crazy!

Should I Let My Cat Roam The House At Night?

I don’t see why not

But after reading this article

Hopefully your cat will be sleeping during the night

But remember, they might wake up before you

So you should let them roam at night

That way they have access to their food which you should keep out for your cat

You don’t want your cat to wake you up by meowing constantly asking for food

And trust me, your cat won’t stop meowing until he gets what he wants

Best to have it all ready so your cat won’t disturb you

I know what you’re thinking

“How can I keep my cats food fresh all night?”

Have you heard of a automatic pet feeder?

This is what it is

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for CatsĀ 

This will do the trick in feeding your cat food whilst your sleeping

The best part?

You can even use this when you’ve gone out for example if you’re gone to work

Set the timer and feed your cat whilst you’re not there!

How awesome is that!

You can check it out over on Amazon by clicking hereĀ 

As I mentioned earlier

If you can make your house more cat friendly

During the night if your cat wants to play

At least he will have some sort of running and climbing he can do on a cat tree

That will keep him busy without waking you up

Is It Cruel To Keep a Cat Indoors At Night?

It’s not cruel at all to keep your cat indoors at night

In fact it’s a good idea

Knowing your cat is indoors during the night gives you that piece of mind that your cat is safe

They’re more safe indoors then they are outdoors

Yes, some cat parents let their cats out at night and that’s entirely up to them

I’m not saying there is any wrong or right answers

But knowing your cat is inside

You know for sure they can’t get run over by a car

Get into fights with any other cats or be in danger by any potential harm for example foxes

In short

You know your cat is safe

Hopefully after reading this article and following the tips and advice

Your cat will be sleeping during the night

You can get your cat a nice cat bed

Yes, cats do actually use cat beds!Ā 

How To Get a Cat To Sleep At Night

It’s tricky but it can be done

As I mentioned earlier in the article

It’s all about keeping your cat entertained during the day

Keep them active

Make them run around

Spend plenty of time with your cat

Basically try getting your cat tired

So come night, they just want to go to sleep and not think about running around

Think of different activities you can do with your cat

When you come back from work, try and spend some time with your cat by playing with them

Or before you go bed

An hour or so, spend that time with your furbaby

Make sure your cat is full and has eaten well

A full stomach will ensure your cat stays asleep

Have a read of my article

Fun things to do with your cat at homeĀ 

You’ll get some cool ideas

Especially during these times we are in

Working from home has it’s advantage

During your break you can play with your cat!

The main plan is

Get your cat tired and help them release all that energy they have

Wrapping It Up

If you have work early morning I’m sure you want a good nights rest

The problem is

Your cat loves going crazy at night

And it’s disturbing

Not to worry though

You can stop this behavior


You have to make sure your cat is active and playing during the day

Create a routine for your cat as cats love routine

Help them release all that energy during the day so at night they are fast asleep

You don’t want your cat sleeping during the day

Cause if that happens

Say bye to a good nights rest

Keep your cat active during the day so your cat falls asleep during the night!Ā 

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