New Kitten Is Scared And Hiding

If you’re a first time cat parent and you just got a kitten

Problem is your new kitten is scared and hiding

So you don’t know what to do

You want to cuddle your kitten and bond with him but he’s just hiding and is pretty much scared of you

Or you try to go near your kitten and he just runs away from you 

Not to worry because in this article you’re going to learn how you can get your scared kitten to come out of hiding and not be scared

You’ll discover how you can create a special bond that will be ever lasting and create a unique beautiful relationship

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Kittens are too cute

And when you adopt them at first it is very exciting

They are so full of energy

Trust me, you will have fun as I’m a cat parent myself

The kitten age are the best

So your kitten is home

Only problem is

Your kitty is hiding and just don’t want to come out

They’re scared of you and won’t come near you

Don’t worry

This is normal and nothing to be scared about

With time they will become a cuddly cat!

It’s natural for your kitten to be scared

Let’s look at the reasons why

Why Is My New Kitten So Scared?

Think about it

Your new kitten has just entered a new home

Everything is new to your kitty

The surroundings, the smell, environment, people

So it’s normal for your kitty to feel scared and skittish

They just need time to get used to their surroundings

With patience and time

Your kitty will realize you’re not a threat and will trust you

Another reason a kitten is scared is because they haven’t socialized at all

You see, kittens tend to learn to socialize from 2 to 7 weeks of age.

If in this time they haven’t ever socialized with humans or had any interaction then it’s going to take some time and patience for your furbaby to get over this fear

Again, not to worry because they will trust you and be a kitten that will love you

Previous Bad Treatment

If you got your kitten from the shelter then it could be they have had some bad experience in their very short lives which has caused your kitten to be scared and afraid of people unfortunately

If they have been mistreated then it’s going to take some time for your kitten to trust you at first

This means they have not had the chance to socialize too

It can be worrying when your kitten is scared but it’s nothing personal and you’ve not done anything wrong

Try to find out what has happened in their past that may have caused this so you know what you are dealing with

There are some really cute tips and advice for you to get your kitten to trust you and love you so keep reading!

How Do You Get a Scared Kitten To Trust You And Love You?

2 words

Love and patience

Wait make that three!

Love, patience and time

All cats are different and have different personalities

Some cats are quick to adjust to new homes

Whereas other may take some time

Patience is very important

Don’t just expect your kitten to be all playful and running around straight away

Especially if they are hiding and scared

Here’s some steps to follow to get your kitty to love you and trust you

Separate Room 

When you get your kitten make sure they stay in one room

You don’t want to overwhelm your furbaby

Keeping your kitten in one room will make it easier for him to get comfortable and used to their surroundings

It also gives them privacy and undisturbed

Make sure they have all their necessitates like food bowl, litter box and some toys too

Slowly But Surely

Don’t try to rush things with your kitten

That’ll just make things worse

Take your time

Give your kitten space and time

I know you want your kitten to be your friend and all playful straight away

But remember patience is key here

Spend Time With Your Kitten 

Since you are feeding your kitten

He knows that you are feeding him so stay in the room with him

Keep a distance and don’t force yourself

Maybe you can read a book in the same room

Just be in their company and let him get used to your presence

Don’t spend too much time

But do this regularly throughout the day

Talk To Your Kitten 

When your kitten starts to become more comfortable and you’ll know when they are

Start to talk to your baby

In a soft and casual tone

Tell your kitty how much you love him

Talk to your kitten because they understand more than we think!

Here’s a pretty awesome fact

Did You Know?
The Japanese researchers found that cats understand humans, not just by voice tone but also identifying certain words including their names, the owners name, various commands you’ve used, and many other stunning eavesdropping techniques that you had no idea about…

Be careful what you share

I’ve already shared so much with my cat

I’m pretty sure he goes to his other friends and starts to make fun out of me and my problems lol!

Anyways, do talk to your kitten

It will create a special bond and your kitten will get used to your voice

Let me tell you,

You can actually learn how to hold an actual conversation with your kitten

I’ll talk about this more later on

Feed Your Kitten 

You might notice your kitten may go straight for the food as soon as you pour it out

Don’t leave the room and just sit in the corner and see what happens

I love the way cats eat (I’m not weird I swear! lol)

Keep feeding your kitten but now go a bit closer until you see he’s comfortable with you being close by

If your kitten gets scared then move back and try again later on

Keep doing this until you notice your kitten being comfortable

Encourage Playing 

Here’s the fun part and trust me you will love playing with your kitten

They run after pretty much anything and they’re so quick and jumpy!

Try pulling a string along and see how your kitten reacts

Your kitten may not jump for the toy but if you see your kitten showing some sort of interest then that is a good sign

Slowly your kitten will start to jump for the toy

Have patience and keep trying

By the time you know your kitten will be jumping all over the place!

Take It Easy

You may start to realize your kitten is becoming more comfortable so carry on doing what you’re doing

Don’t rush things and take your time

If your kitten is getting stressed then you’re going too fast

It takes time so don’t ruin all your hard work


Cats love routine so keep a routine for your kitten

A set time for feeding, playing

Pet Your Kitten

When you see your kitten becoming close to you

Stoke your kitten and pet him

If you think your kitten is enjoying it, try picking him up and see how he responds

All the hard work will pay off!


Cats love treats!

My Tigger loves treats and he knows how to get them

So make sure you give your kitten treats here and there

Especially if he does something new like letting you pet him

This will make encourage your kitten to let you pet him

Hopefully your kitten should be used to you by now and you can spend as much time as you want

Let your kitten roam around in the house

Make sure to catify your house

Here’s a cool article you’ll love reading

How to make your kitten love you 

Understand Your Kitten And Become The Best Cat Parent

This is very important

Yes, we can show love and affection to our kitty

We can provide them with the best cat tree

And all sorts of toys!

Spend quality time with your kitty

But you know what’s important

Understanding our kitty and being able to understand what they are saying to us

Having the ability to talk to your cat and create that special bond

That’s what us cat parents need to do and should do

Create a emotional bond

What if I told you, you can speak to your cat?

Hold a actual conversation in a way they understand

That would be awesome right?

Guess what

You can do that!


By following this awesome guide called “Cat Language Bible”

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Is It Normal For a Kitten To Hide?

It’s completely normal

Your kitten is new to their environment

So he’ll seek a place where it’s cozy and comfy

Kitty don’t want to be vulnerable to a predator so he’ll hide somewhere he feels safe

Like under the bed or inside a drawer

If your kitten is hiding, don’t worry it’s normal and with time your kitten will be running all over the house!

How Long Does It Take a Kitten To Adjust To New Home?

It all depends to be honest

Cats have different personalities

Some cats are quick to adjust to new environment

And other cats may take longer

Their age also plays a part too

Their background can play a part too

If they have had a bad experience then it will take longer for your at to adjust

Normally a new kitten to get used to their surroundings may take up to a week or 2

Some cats may take a month

It’s like asking “What’s the length of a string?”

There is no concrete answer!

The more you interact with your kitty and show your kitty love and affection – this could speed up the process!

Wrapping It Up

If your new kitten is scared and hiding away – there’s no reason to panic

It’s completely normal for this happen

Your kitty is new to their surroundings and environment and new to you too

Give your kitten some time and space

He’ll come around

In the meantime you can work your way to gaining your kittens trust


By following the tips and advice in this article

Do remember

It takes time and patience

Try not to rush things and let your kitten come to you instead of trying to force things to happen

By the time you know it your kitten will be a cuddle bug and will love you to bits!

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  1. Just a comment on catifying the house…we just got a new cat and spent a panicked morning trying to find her. We had her shut into a utility room in the basement and she found a way into the adjoinng laundry room…two things: there was too much stuff in these rooms to hide behind andd 2) the ceilings are just open joists and vents…I saw one article saying you should make sure the room is secure INCLUDING THE CEILILNG. We eventually found her behind some boxes but we were terrified that she may have made her way between the joists and ceiling tiles in the other rooms. Whew. She is now in a room where there are fewer places to hide and less clutter.

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