Chillx Litter Box Review

Is Chillx Litter Box The Best Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box? 

Find out how cool this Chillx automatic litter box is in my in depth review

If you want to know what the Chillx litter box does in a nutshell and want to know if it’s something your cat will love and also you will love (it’s going to do the cleaning for you) then here’s the main thing about it

  • It automatically cleans itself 5 minutes after your cat has used it
  • Will work for cats as small as 4.4lb and cats as large as 15.4lb
  • If you have a kitten you can still use Chillx

If you’re tired of cleaning the litter box and scooping everyday then you’ll love Chillx Litter Box

Make sure to read to the end of the review because I compare Chillx with another very popular automatic litter box

You want to know which one?

Yep, you’ve guessed right!

Litter Robot 3!

You can actually read my in-depth review of Litter Robot to see why it’s so popular among cat parents and what the big deal is by clicking the link below

Litter Robot 3 Review 

Having a Cat as a pet is one the best things in the world

They become family and soon you start to think you can never live without them

They’re so cute and cuddly

Great companions and give us so much entertainment!

But let’s be honest

It can be hard work looking after them

Especially when it comes to cleaning up after them

I’m talking about once they have relieved themselves

We need to make sure the litter box is always clean and we scoop it regularly

Otherwise they won’t use it

And we can’t blame them too

We wouldn’t use a washroom that is filthy so same goes for your cat

Now if they don’t use the litter box you know where they are going to pee? Or poop?

Yep, on your carpet

Or somewhere in the corner of the house!

Don’t even get me started on the smell of cat urine – God, it stinks and it can make your house smell really bad too

That’s why it’s important to scoop and clean the litter box regularly

Problem is – TIME 

Full time job, looking after the kids

By the time evening comes – you’re exhausted!

That’s where a self cleaning litter box comes in

Chillx Litter Box is a automatic litter box that cleans itself so you don’t need to

Let’s look at what’s so great about this self cleaning litter box and why you may consider it

My Chillx Litter Box Review

The Chillx Litter Box is a automatic self cleaning litter box 

It cleans on its own

5 minutes after your cat has used it

That means

No cleaning or scooping you will ever have to do!

You can just sit back and relax knowing the litter box is clean

You’ll save so much time and energy

And you can use that to spend quality time with your cat

There are so many self cleaning litter boxes out there

What makes this stand out from the rest?

Let’s look at the Pros

Chillx Pros – The Good Stuff!

Quieter Self Cleaning 

If you’ve never owned a self cleaning litter box then you won’t have any idea on how much noise they can make

Yes they’re cleaning but the noise can be disturbing!

Especially if you’re trying to take a nap or putting the kids to bed

With Chillx you don’t need to worry about that anymore

It uses an advanced motor and mechanism technology which provides the quietest of cleaning!

Safe For Your Furbabies 

When we think of automatic litter boxes, as cat parents the first thing our mind goes to is

“is it safe for my kitty?”

We care for our cats so yes, this question is understandable

A machine that your cat will be using

But let me tell you,

It’s safe completely

The Chillx litter box is very safe for your cat


It works with a sensor

So as soon as Chillx detects any movement in the litter box it will stop completely

If your cat jumps inside the litter box during cleaning, the sensor will detect this and will stop cleaning

Also, the rake that cleans the litter works at a slow pace to avoid any danger or harm to your cat

You don’t need to worry about it being safe because it is completely!

It gives you a piece of mind

Deeper Self Cleaning 

What I love about this automatic litter box is that when it cleans it really cleans 

The unit includes a 70 degree cleaning rake and a zigzag litter tray

You know what that means right?

A very thorough clean with minimal residue

Health Log And Alert 

Not only is this a self cleaning litter box

But it records a number of things when your cat uses the Chillx Litter Box

It’s like a mini vet

Here’s what it records

Date, time, duration, weight, waste data

So if Chillx notices something unusual like waste that weighs less than 0.18 oz then the Autoegg will flag this red so you’re aware

Keeping an eye on your cats health is a great way of making sure they are healthy and happy

You get a heads up if something does not look right so you can get your cat checked immediately

Cats are very good at hiding their illness so it’s up to us to identify it straight away and with Chillx Autoegg we can do just that!

Speaking of keeping an eye out for our cats health

I thought I’d mention a litter brand that helps you identify any illness too

That is Pretty Litter

It changes color if your cat has a illness

You can read more about it in my Pretty Litter Review 

Money Saver 

Yep with Chillx Autoegg you will actually save money


You only need a waste drawer liner – that’s it

The best part?

You can use any plastic bag from home

Want to know something else that’s even more greener?

The Autoegg only consumes 1 kWh of electricity per 500 cleaning cycles

How cool is that!

No Need For Any Fancy Expensive Litter 

You don’t need any special type of litter for Chillx Autoegg

It works perfectly with the most common hard clumping litter

Something like Worlds Best

No need to buy any special fancy litter

As long as it’s hard clay clumping you’re all good

Awesome Dust and Odor Control 

The autoegg horizontal rake performs a gentle clean that is dust free every time

The waste is then quickly deposited into a waste drawer after every use which helps stops any litter box odor

As a cat parent I can say that every cat parent would love a litter box that does not stink up the whole house!

It can get embarrassing when guests come over and the house smells like one big litter box!

Does Not Take Up Too Much Space 

If you live in a small apartment or a studio and always struggle where to put the litter box

Then you’re going to love Chillx Autoegg because it’s lightweight and compact

Dimensions are as follows

30.3 x 1.8 x 17.7

And only weighs 11lb which is pretty light

It’s light enough to carry around anywhere in the room and compact to fit anywhere but it’s also roomy enough for your cat to move around

Ticks all the boxes!

It also has a 2L waste drawer which can hold up to one weeks of cat litter

So from cleaning and scooping litter everyday to just changing the waste drawer once a week – How much time will that save you? You’ll feel so relaxed

Hooded Cover 

Cats love privacy so when they’re doing their business they would respect some sort of privacy

The Chillx Autoegg has a hooded design which your cat will love and appreciate

No More Litter Tracking 

Cleaning and scooping is one thing

But then when litter is being tracked all over the house that’s when it can become a problem!

Too much cleaning

The worst part

You’ve just done the vacuum and now there’s cat litter everywhere!

The problem is the litter gets stuck on your cats paws and then when they walk all around the house it then starts to pull off your cats paws

You’ll love how the Chillx Autoegg has a cellular tracking pad which helps minimize any litter leaving the unit

Easy To Set Up 

If you’re like me a not so DIY person then you’ll love how easy it is to set up the Chillx Autoegg

All you got to do is

Find a flat surface

Pour your cats litter

Enclose the hood

Plug it in

And that’s it!

Quick Cleaning and Easy To Reassemble

If you want to clean Chillx and I mean a deep clean

You’ll be happy to know it only takes around 60 seconds to disassemble

You can quickly disassemble the unit and give it a good deep clean

Here’s another cool thing

To make reassemble easy, there’s gaps in between parts on purpose which makes it easier for you

Happy days!

When you look at all the benefits

It is really a perfect self cleaning litter box

It looks really sleek and cool which will make it a neat addition to your home

Get your hands on Chillx Autoegg by clicking here 

When you think of Automatic litter boxes

For me, my mind wanders to Litter Robot 3 because it’s a popular brand

Now if you’re thinking which one is better

Litter Robot 3 Or Chillx Autoegg

Let’s have a quick look

Chillx Autoegg Compared With Litter Robot 3 

For me

The Litter Robot has that edge over Chillx Autoegg

The reason being is because it’s very popular among cat parents

I have never heard a cat parent say anything bad about it

To be honest, they always recommend Litter Robot

I can see why too

It does have a rating 4.6/5 (5732 reviews in total) which is pretty impressive 

With the Litter Robot you get a 18 month warranty which gives you a piece of mind cause if anything goes wrong at least you can still keep the Litter Robot and get it fixed too for free

Another good thing about Litter Robot is you use less litter

The globe inside the unit rotates and sifts the clumpy waste litter and feces into a waste drawer

Only the clumpy litter and feces is being removed

So more fresh litter is being saved which means you use less litter

The waste drawer has carbon filters so it traps the odor of litter

Just as many reviews have mentioned – no more litter box smell

The Chillx Autoegg is quiet but then the Litter Robot is too

It doesn’t make too much noise

One thing I love about Litter Robot is there is no raking to scoop the litter

It has a patented grill inside which sifts the waste and clumpy litter

The globe rotates which is when the sifting happens

It then returns to it’s normal home position

If you ask me

I think Litter Robot has that edge over Chillx Autoegg

Yes, it may be slightly more expensive but there’s a reason for that

Have a read of my Litter Robot 3 review so you can see what it’s all about and if it’s the right automatic litter box for you

Litter Robot 3 Review 

Here’s a video showing you how the Litter Robot works


There are many automatic self cleaning litter boxes out there

Some are very good and some are not so

So you want to make sure you get the right one because they don’t come cheap

Chillx Autoegg is a very good option

As you read all the features, it does tick all the boxes

I love the design and how sleek it looks

Would be a nice addition to your home

You can get your Chillx Autoegg by clicking here 

When you compare Chillx Autoegg to the very popular Litter Robot 3

Litter Robot 3 edges it out slightly

It is more trusted as there are over 5000 reviews

4.6 out of 5 ratings which makes it a strong candidate to be the best automatic self cleaning litter box

But it’s entirely up to you which one you decide to go for

Sometimes it’s a good idea to compare the two and then make a decision

If you haven’t already

Have a read of my Litter Robot 3 in-depth review so you know everything about Litter Robot

That way you can see which one is best

Litter Robot 3 Review 

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