Best Litter Box For Cat That Pees a Lot

In this article you’re going to discover the best litter box for a cat that pees a lot

You’re going to learn why your at is peeing excessively

The importance of cleaning the litter box if your cat pees a lot

And of course the best litter box to buy that is safe and healthy

I know you’re probably thinking

A litter box that is safe and healthy?

More about that later on

Sound interesting?

Let’s get started!

The Best Litter Box To Buy For Your Cat That Pees a Lot

If you have a cat that is peeing a lot

That means one thing (Not talking medically)

Lots of cleaning and scooping

It’s like having multiple cats

And if you’re a busy person

Work full time

Then got to look after the kids

It’s hard to keep scooping and cleaning the litter box

That’s why I would recommend a self cleaning automatic litter box


They are expensive

But it’s very important too

You want to make sure the litter box is being cleaned regularly

Otherwise cat litter with urine in it can be dangerous and not good for your health or your cats health

So which automatic litter box would I recommend?


Litter Robot 3

This is by far the best self cleaning litter box you can get

A lot of cat parents recommend this

It has pretty awesome ratings too

4.6/5 (5732 reviews in total) which is pretty impressive 

Now that rating means something

You can’t go wrong with this Litter Box

How Does It Work?

You set the Litter Robot as a timer to when you want it to start cleaning itself

For example

15 minutes after your cat has left the globe

What happens is the Litter Robot works with a weight sensor

As soon as your cat leaves the globe – Litter Robot will know

After 15 minutes the globe will start to rotate

It goes through a sifting process and the clumpy litter is sifted through the patented grid into a waste drawer

The globe is then return to it’s normal home position

Leaving your cat with fresh litter ready to be used again

This saves you so much time from cleaning and scooping cat litter

And you save money on Litter because with the Litter Robot it uses less litter

Why You Need Litter Robot


You can get whatever litter box you want but the reason I am recommending Litter Robot is the importance of scooping litter regularly

Especially if your cat is peeing a lot

Litter should be scooped twice a day

Now if your cat is peeing a lot then you need to scoop more than twice

You don’t want cat litter that’s soaked with cat urine lingering around

It’s dangerous and is not safe at all

Have you heard of Cat Litter Ammonia Poisoning?

If you haven’t then I would suggest checking out my article

Cat Litter Ammonia Poisoning – Something to be worried about?

I talk about how dangerous litter ammonia is

That’s why it’s important to scoop regularly

The thing is, it can be difficult and let’s be honest with ourselves

We don’t want to be scooping litter everyday

It’s difficult

If you’re busy that makes it even more difficult

You see, with Litter Robot you never have to worry about scooping.. at all! 

It’s done for you every time your cat does their business 

It takes away so much stress from you and saves you lots of time!

Another point I forgot to mention is, if you don’t clean the litter box

Chances are, your cat will go elsewhere to pee

And that could be on your carpet or a pile of clothes

When this happens, it can be really frustrating

No cat parent wants their house to smell like cat urine!

It’s the worst smell out there!

I don’t want to go too much into detail about Litter Robot because I have written a in-depth review on this which you can check out

Litter Robot 3 Review 

Yes, it’s expensive but it’s something you should invest in

The benefits are many and it will only help you out

Have a read of this article

Is Litter Robot worth the money 

I talk about if the litter robot is worth it and if it’s something you should get

But if your cat is peeing quite a bit then yes you need to scoop regularly then let Litter Robot do that for you

You’ll save plenty of time

If you are interested in buying this then they actually have a special offer which is

$25 OFF your purchase

You can save $25

I don’t know how long this offer will last so you might want to act quick!

>>Click Here To See If The Offer Is Still On<<

Here’s a video showing you how the Litter Robot works so you get a better idea and understanding

For a cat that pees a lot you need a automatic litter box

Otherwise you’re going to be scooping twice a day or maybe even more!

You don’t want litter that is soaked with cat urine lingering around

It’s not good at all

Here’s why Automatic Cat Litter Boxes are the best

Why Automatic Litter Boxes Are the Best?

You might have looked for various litter boxes from an online shop or pet stores around your areas.

Of course you want the best for your babies.

One of the best options I recommend to cat parents is no other than automatic litter boxes.

Here are some of the reasons why using automatic litter boxes are the best for your fur-babies:

  1. It keeps the box clean and fresh.

Who doesn’t want a clean and fresh litter box?

If you don’t have time to clean it several times a day (which you may have to if your cat pees a lot), the automatic one would be the perfect choice for you.

You can use the traditional litter boxes at first if your cat is not used to it, but you can make changes little by little to let him get familiarized with the new automatic litter box.

Keeping it clean comes with benefits. Litter and cat wastes may cause different diseases. It also harms your cat’s health if you don’t clean the litter box often.

Having a fresh home is even relaxing after a stressful day.

With a Automatic Litter Box you know the litter is being cleaned regularly

The best part?

It’s not you that’s cleaning it!

Happy days

  1.  Will Save You Lots Of Time! 

With the traditional litter box, you need to do a lot of things.

First, you have to scoop out the waste out of the box, throw it in a bin, and then take it out from the house.

If the litter box already smells terrible, you have to change the litter immediately.

If you’re asthmatic it’s not good for your asthma so you have to wear a mask

Doing it every day consumes too much time.

Especially if you work full time

If you have an Automatic Litter box you just need to empty the waste drawer once a week

Or if it gets full too quickly then twice a week

It depends

But it’s much easier than scooping everyday

If you ask me, I’d rather just empty the waste drawer out

  1. No More Smelly Cat Litter Box

One of the challenges of being a cat parent is the never-ending cleaning of the litter box to ensure its cleanliness and freshness.

Your life would be much more comfortable with the automatic litter box since it automatically removes all the waste by itself 

You can customize the litter box settings and set the number of times of rotation to clean the litter.

You can make it run once or push the button manually.

However, if you are away from home throughout the day, you can change the settings as automatic cleaning.

Regularly throwing out the waste will lessen the unpleasant smell from the litter box. 

The more the litter is cleaned the less likely it’s going to smell bad

That means a house that doesn’t smell like a litter box!

  1. You Save Money

“It’s absurd – automatic litter boxes are more expensive than a standard litter box” you might say.

But let’s see the bigger picture.

When you scoop the litter box you’re most likely going to scoop up clean litter which can be used again

Basically you’re throwing away money

Now a automatic litter box, it will only remove the waste and not fresh litter 

So you’ll have fresh litter more often which saves you money in the long run cause you ain’t buying new litter like every week

     5. You can track how many times your cat goes back and forth on the litter box.

Some of the automatic litter boxes have those motions sensors.

If you look into it, you’ll get the idea of whether your fur-baby goes into the box or not.

You’ll also know if your cat has an underlying problem by going to that back and forth.

Excessive urination is not healthy. 

Let’s look at excessive urination in cats and the possible reasons

What Causes Excessive Urination in Cats?

First, you need to know if your cat is often urinating or peeing a large volume.

In this case, an automatic litter box would be helpful.

You’ll know if your pet goes back and forth, and know how often your cat urinates.

If it is true that excessive urination is happening, there might be an underlying health condition.


Polyuria is typical of cats with diabetes.

If one of your cats has diabetes, the body will start to have excessive glucose on the body.

Frequent urination is actually the body’s way to get rid of that excess.


This condition increases the sympathetic nervous system activities.

As a result, your cat might experience frequent urination.

Bladder/Kidney Stones

Kidney stones usually happen if your cat is not drinking enough water.

Instead of blocking the urine from the passage, the great force of contraction let the urine flow in the narrow opening.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

This condition stimulates the muscle fiber pushing the urine out.

It could be painful for your cats.

UTI and other health conditions requires your cat to see the vets

That will prevent further problems in the future.

Bladder Irritation or Inflammation

When your cat is experiencing this condition, the urinary tract does the same thing as the condition mentioned above.  

Kidney Damage

Here could be the worst part.

Kidney damage also means the deterioration of the kidney cells.

With this condition, the kidney stops reabsorbing the water, resulting in an increased urine volume.

It is best to contact the vets to diagnose the health condition and treat your cat right away.

Here are some other pretty cool automatic litter boxes for you to have a look 

I know the Litter Robot is expensive

So if you don’t have the budget to spend

Have a look at these affordable self cleaning litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Automatic with Disposable Tray – Taupe Covered

Here is one of the automatic litter boxes with many properties that will keep the litter clean and fresh.

With this one of your options, you can say goodbye to scooping out the dirt and let that box do its business.

Using this litter box is effortless. It comes with the rake scoops underneath to provide as the trap for the waste. The litter box rotates to sift the litter, and then the waste will go directly to the box where it’s stored for you just to empty out

Here are some of the pros of using this product:

  •         It automatically removes the waste, allowing you to save more time.
  •         It comes with odor control properties.

Cat’s urine might have a strong smell. In this case, the product has a crystal to absorb the urine and keep you air fresh throughout.

  •         It keeps your cat from tracking litter all over the house.

One of the struggles you might have experienced being a cat parent is that you need to clean the floors over and over again. 

  •         It has a plastic lining to avoid leakage. 

It comes with safety material to avoid leakage of urine or any wastes from the litter box for extra protection. In return, you’ll keep your floor clean and safe for everyone. 

  •         It monitors how many times your cat goes back and forth.

It will tell you if your cat often urinates or not.

If you see that your cat has excessive urination, you need to talk to the vet and diagnose your fur-baby right away.

This is great especially if you think your cat is urinating a lot

Instead of guessing you can actually keep an eye out and count how many times they have frequented the litter box


  •         The replacement litter trays are expensive.

Trays are the ones catching the wastes from the litter, but it could get worn out in time.

The specific litter trays for this automatic litter box is expensive and you may need to change it from time to time 

You can get yours by clicking here 

LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Blue

If you have a small and single cat, this litter box could be the ideal one.

It comes with the automatic settings and a rake to scoop out any waste instantly 

When you use this product,

It lessens the litter box odor.

The Litter Box has carbon filters to contain the smell when it’s stored in the waste drawer to make sure your house does not smell like a litter box.

Say Goodbye To Scooping!

Let the litter box do the scooping for you whilst you relax and spend quality time with your cat 

Keeps Your Room Clean 

Since this type of litter boxes automatically sift out the wastes, it keeps your cat from tracking the litter all over the place.

It also has a high wall to prevent it from going out once your cat kicks the litter sand.

The downside of this litter box is 

  •         It comes with a loud noise when plugged.

The sound from the litter box can startle your cat if it is the first time of using it. Nonetheless, your fur-baby can get used to it, but cats may be picky on their litter boxes in some cases. If that is the case, don’t plug it first. Just let him use it for several days without setting it up. Once your pet gets used to it, then it might be the best time to plug it and let it automatically clean the litter.

  •         The disposable receptacles are pricey.

If that is the case, you can buy a separate trash bin to put it on the tray.

That will prevent the receptacles from getting worn out easily.

The price is not bad too

You can check it out by heading over to Amazon by clicking here

Omega Paw EL-RA20-1 Roll N Clean Self Separating Self Cleaning Litter Box (SMU)

This cool litter box is different to other self cleaning litter box

It’s not automatic

But it’s so easy to clean

And you’re not scooping litter

How does it work?

You just tip the litter box to the side

It has a patented grill inside which scoops out the clumpy litter and cat feces into a pull out tray

That’s how it’s cleaned

Just roll it over to the side

That’s it

So easy right?

It’s a large litter box so ideal for large cats 


Easy To Clean The Litter Box 

It’s not a automatic litter box but let’s say it’s a semi automatic! 

You just have to tip it to the side and the grill inside does the sifting of removing the clumpy litter and feces

Large Litter Box 

Great for large cats or small cats

2 cats can fit inside the litter box (If they’re okay sharing the same litter box!)


Hard To Assemble

If you’re not a DIY person like me then you may find it difficult to assemble the litter box

But hey, it only needs to be done once

When you need to clean the litter box you may need take it apart and assemble it again

It’ll be easier cause you already know how to assemble it

Wrapping It Up

If your cat is peeing a lot then you need to be scooping and cleaning the litter box more than a regular cat parent would

You know what that means right?

More work and more exposure to cat litter ammonia

The more you’re dealing with cat litter the more dangerous it can be to your health

It’s best to not get that much exposure to cat litter

It can be harmful

That’s why the best litter box for a cat that pees a lot is an automatic one


Because you don’t need to scoop the litter

A self cleaning litter box would do that for you

The best self cleaning litter box?

I mentioned it earlier and that is Litter Robot 3

It’s the best in the market

The globe rotates 15 minutes after your cat has done their business

Leaving fresh litter all the time for your furbaby

Save yourself a lot of time and let Litter Robot do the job for you

Make sure to check out my Litter Robot 3 review so you get an idea on what it’s all about

I do go very in detail so you know everything about it

Otherwise check out the other automatic litter boxes I have recommended

They’re all good and will do the job for you (But just not as good as Litter Robot :P)

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