How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Sleeping In My Bed?

In this article you’re going to learn how to get your cat to stop sleeping in your bed

Yes, they are so comfy and warm especially during winter nights

But I guess you need your space and you want to make sure you don’t kick your cat by mistake in your sleep!

Once your cat sleeps on your bed then they will get used to it

So it’s best if they have their own little bed where they can take a nap and sleep during the night

In short:

If you want your cat to stop sleeping on your bed then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Your wonderful cuddly puss bag really enjoyed sleeping in your bed the other night; tunneling under the duvet and feeling snug, warm and secure.

The trouble is that you let your cat in your bed once and now your cat is telling you when its bedtime, because they can’t wait to snuggle under the duvet again for a few hours blissful sleep!

Well you have definitely got a speedy decision to make – feline company as a regular bedtime feature or a battle of wills to get your beloved furbaby back in their cat bed to push the zzzzzz

Cats are definitely creatures of habit and if they like a particular food, armchair or your bed, they will definitely speedily make it a habit- and also an important part of their territory.

Cats are smart animals too and are quick to learn, so if you have decided that your bed is your bed and you don’t want to share it, you had better swing into action quickly to re-establish the house rules!

Is It Bad For a Cat To Sleep On Your Bed?

Bearing in mind that you will have a run of broken nights as you try and persuade your darling pusscat that their cat bed is much nicer than your king size with its top of the range duvet, you may feel that letting your cat sleep on or in your bed is no bad thing and definitely the easiest option!

If your resolves is beginning to buckle, the following points might just make you reconsider….

1. Whilst you have seen your fluffy feline stretched asleep what seems like all day long, that doesn’t mean they will be asleep all night too!

Most cats like to get up in the night and to be active.

If you are lucky, yours might run downstairs to launch itself through the cat flap into the moonlight, but as they are sharing your bed, they will think it far more fun to start licking your nose or to climb onto your stomach – whatever they do, you will be woken!

If you have work the next day and got to be up early then that could be a problem

Few cats sleep all night long and it highly likely that your baby will wake up and want to play and what better than to see your leg or arm moving under the duvet and to pounce on it – once again, mission accomplished and you are wide awake and can be their playmate!

2. Unfortunately, when cats use their litter tray, it is not unusual for some of the litter to get caught in their fur or paws and for it to be tracked around the place.

If your cat is sleeping under your duvet, this will mean in your bed too.

This s far from hygienic as cat poop and urine contains a number of nasties including various types of worms and toxaplasma gondi- which can make you really sick.

3. Various parasites can be harbored in your cat’s fur including fleas and cheyleteda which is a type of mite that can give humans a nasty itchy rash.

Bearing in mind, that you could be sharing your bed for up to eight hours with your cat, this might seem less attractive, knowing what you now know!

4. If you suffer from allergies or are asthmatic, having your puss cat either on or in your bed, could cause you problems, in fact, most doctors would recommend that you make your bedroom a’ cat free zone’ and don’t let the cat in at all.

Well decision made, your pusscat is facing eviction!

This might be easier said than done because in an amazingly short time your puss has opted a new and rather appealing routine!

Why Does My Cat Always Want To Sleep On My Bed?

Well, you will probably find out the answer if you examine the cat bed – imagine sleeping in that!

No wonder your little feline friend prefers to snuggle down in your bed, which is softer, more comfortable and definitely warmer, plus it has a huge added bonus – YOU!

How to dissuade your persistent cat!

You are going to have to be resolute in your decision as it could take some time.

You are going to have to use plenty of persuasion and a little bribery to succeed.

Don’t expect success in one night, it could take a week of broken nights, but having said that, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

There are various different tactics to try and a combination of several may be needed.

Before you start, it is worth checking the cat bed to ensure all is in order and it is how your pusscat usually likes it.

Think carefully; have you washed it out with a lemon cleaner or washed the bedding so it smells different and off putting? 

There are a number of ways you can make your bedroom less attractive and one of the easiest is to spray it with citrus or eucalyptus as neither of these are muck-loved fragrances for cats.

There are a number of other more whacky tactics that you can try including placing special double-sided tape (that has been designed for pets) on the bed where your cat usually lands as cats hate the sensation on their paws.

Not only is this a good way to keep the cat off your bed, it can be used to deter your cat from certain pieces of furniture too. 

Another sensation that cats definitely don’t like, is walking on tin foil and a product on the market called the ‘mosher cover’ relies on this!

The mosher cover is a special type of throw for your bed; it is warm and fleecy on one side and on the other, it has a material that is similar to tin foil.

Simply cover your bed with the throw, tin foil side up – apparently, it is very effective.

Another option is to spray your bed with pet repellent as hopefully your cat will find this off putting.

If you want to do a James Bond you can buy a clever gadget which is a spray pet deterrent.

You simply place the canister in the doorway of your bedroom and it is a motion detector so it will be triggered if your cat walks past it and your cat gets a short sharp spray – the deterrent has a radius of one metre – but be careful not to trigger it! 

Establishing the bedtime routine

The next step is to establish a good bedtime routine involving bribery!

Just before you are ready to go to bed, spray the cat bed with catnip and then pop some cat treats and your cats favorite toy in their bed.

Give your pusscat a great big hug and wish them goodnight.

Go to your bedroom and if you can, close the door. (tricky if you live in a studio!) If you are woken by your pusscat scratching at the door or suddenly landing on your bed, take them back to their cat bed and repeat the routine,  bidding them goodnight again.

Do this as many times as you need to.

After a few nights, your pusscat should get the message and life can return to normal.

If however, things have not been sorted, it may be because your cat is not feeling secure in their bed.

Did you move its location recently?

Is the cat bed in a more exposed spot and no longer tucked in a corner or hidden behind a piece of furniture?

If this is the case, then simply return the cat bed to its original place and the problem should be resolved.

Do you think that your cat may prefer their bed to be off the ground?

There could be a drought at ground level and also cats do generally prefer to have an elevated resting place as it makes them feel more secure.

If the problem has not gone away and your puss cat refuses to sleep in their cat bed, you may need to take drastic action and splash out on a new cat bed.

Best Cat Bed For Your Cat That They Will Love 

As cat parents we all want the best for our babies

So I’m sure you want to get the best cat bed your cat will love

Something so comfortable and secure because cats love feeling secure

Which cat bed would I recommend?

Have you heard of Cat Cave?

Here’s a image of it

How cute does that look?

A very new style of cat bed that seems to be getting approval from both cats and their loving owners is the ‘cat cave’.

Shaped like a flexible globe, with a round hole for the entrance, the cat cave is made by hand using hand-felted merino wool.

The cat cave is certainly warm and snuggy and cats seem to be attracted to the smell of the natural wool.

The cat cave helps keep cats warmer and cleaner and they feel secure and protected when they are inside their cave either sleeping or playing.

If you find after a few nights you find that your wonderful puss cat still does not seem to like the idea of sleeping on their own, we are sure you will not be the first cat parent to sleep with a cat cave in their bedroom….

Since winter is approaching it’s a great time to buy your furbaby one

Check out their website for all sorts of designs

Click here to check out their website for more cute cat cave beds

Wrapping It Up

Sure we love our cats sleeping in our beds

But it comes at a price

Most importantly about your health too

You don’t want to catch anything from your cat

So it’s best they have their own bed where they can snuggle and feel safe and secure

Follow the cool tips and advice in this article and make sure to get your cat a cute Cat Cave Bed because they will love it!

If you’re thinking your cat may not use this bed then check out my article

Do cats actually use cat beds 

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