Best Litter Box To Stop Tracking

In this article you’re going to discover what the best litter box is to stop tracking

It can be very frustrating when your cat has used the litter box and you see a mess all around near the litter box

Double the work!

So if you’ve had enough with litter tracking all over the place then you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s get started

Let’s be honest,

Cleaning the litter box is a chore


Scooping cat litter and cat poop

You have to wear your gloves, a mask so you don’t breathe in the dust

Then start scooping

It’s time consuming and tiring

Especially when you come back from a hard days work

Or you’re not feeling too well but you still have to clean the litter box

Otherwise a dirty litter box will cause litter box avoidance which means one thing

Cat urine puddle on your beautiful carpet

And cat poo in different corners of your house!

Come to think of it, it’s so important to clean the litter box

But then when you see litter being spilled all beside the litter box

Now that can be frustrating

It means double the clean up

Like you got all the time in the world to clean the litter box and the mess around

Lucky for you

There’s a solution to this litter tracking problem

And that is….


Litter Robot 3 – The Best Litter Box To Stop Tracking

How awesome does this Litter Robot look?

Doesn’t it look like some alien spaceship thing?

It looks pretty cool right?

Not only is it a cool looking Litter Box

It’s self cleaning

You know that chore you do everyday

Scooping litter which can be dangerous too

You can forget about doing that now – forever

With the Litter Robot – you never have to worry about scooping again

Let the Litter Robot take care of that

This is one the main benefits of the Litter Robot

But I know you want a litter box that prevents tracking

The great thing about the Litter Robot is your cat won’t be able to kick litter out

It’s enclosed so if your cat kicks litter it won’t spill out

You can buy a ramp which is designed to fit in front of the unit

This does not come with the Litter Robot as it’s an added accessory

But it’s definitely worth it

Here’s how it looks like

And this is how it looks like attached to the Litter Robot

The ramp is made for those cats that can’t hop into the Litter Robot

So for elderly cats or cats who have arthritis

But it’s also designed to stop litter tracking


The ramp has a textured surface which helps removes the litter from your cats paws before they put their paw on the floor

At the end of the ramp there is a raised lip which catches any tracked out litter

So all you got to do is clean that part of the ramp by vacuuming it or wipe it up

Saves you from cleaning all around the litter box

Why Litter Robot Over All Other Litter Boxes?

Good question

Yes, you have to buy the ramp to stop litter tracking

Some cat parents have also said that litter tracking is reduced with the Litter Robot because of the angle their cats are in the globe which stops the litter from going out.

I think it’s best to buy the ramp

Anyways, the reason why I recommend Litter Robot is

You never have to scoop litter again

This is a time saver and most importantly life saver too

Dealing with dirty cat litter can be harmful to your health

If you’re asthmatic then the dust can really trigger your asthma

Regardless, dust can cause respiratory problems to you and your cat

Dirty litter has all types of bacteria and toxic fumes in it

Breathing this in can cause health problems

For example, Cat Litter ammonia

This gives out a toxic fume and if you breathe that in it can make you sick

Cat poo carry parasites and bacteria

So imagine, dealing with this everyday, it’s not good

I’m not saying you’re going to fall ill, but the chances are there right?

If you’re a busy cat parent and don’t have time to clean the litter box everyday

That means dirty litter is lingering around

This is not good for your cat and for you

Instead of cleaning the cat litter

Investing in the Litter Robot

You know the litter is being cleaned straight after your cat does their business

A fresh clean litter bed ready for your cat to use

No dirty litter lingering around

The best part?

You never have to deal with cat litter again

All you got to do is empty the waste drawer whenever it’s full

You’ll know it’s full because a light will come on when the waste drawer is full

I don’t want to go too much into detail because you can check out my in-depth review which you can check out after I list the pros of Litter Robot

Here's Why You Should Get The Litter Robot
  • Safe and healthy for your cat
  • Uses less litter as only the clumpy litter and cat feces are sifted through the cleaning process. Less means you save money!
  • Awesome at odor control! – As soon as your cat has answered the call of nature, within 15 minutes the Litter Robot will start to rotate and clean itself leaving fresh cat litter for your cat. No dirty litter lingering about. The waste drawer is enclosed and carbon filtered which is great because it makes sure there is no smell at all
  • 90 day money back guarantee – You have 3 months to decide if the Litter Robot is for you!
  • Backed with a 18 month warranty

They have a special offer that is on which I don’t know how long for

It’s $25 OFF the original price 

You might want to act quick cause I don’t know if it’s still on – if it is make sure to take advantage!

Click Here To See If The Offer Is Still On<<

Here’s a video showing you how the Litter Robot works

If you are not entirely convinced or want to learn more check out my in-depth review

Litter Robot 3 Review 

Is The Litter Robot Worth The Money? 

Here Are Some Other Cool Litter Boxes To Stop Litter Tracking

Well you know what I would recommend as I mentioned it in the beginning of the article 

But I know we don’t all have the budget to buy such a high tech Litter Box 

So here are some other really awesome litter boxes that still helps stop litter tracking 

Hope you like them!  

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

This litter box is the one you are looking for if you want an automatic and self-cleaning litter box that is cheaper than the Litter Robot 

Is it better than Litter Robot – Not really but it does the job

Here’s why you’ll love it though

It saves time, and it reduces litter tracking.

You don’t have to scoop out the waste from the box and put it on the trash can or tray.

Also, your cat doesn’t need to work on hiding that poop underneath the litter 

Since it works automatically, you don’t have to worry too much about the smell.

It controls the unpleasant odor by absorbing solid waste and urine through the crystal litters so it’s great at odor control! 

Here’s another thing.

When you are buying an item for your cat, you want to know the materials used.

You want it to be safe and pet-friendly to avoid any complication after a while of using it.

Rest assured, this litter box is a PetSafe product running for more than 30 years with its outstanding credibility. 

The thing you probably want to hear is that this litter box avoids messy floors.

It will prevent litter all over the house.

That will help to maintain your place’s cleanliness.

Aside from that, it comes with materials or low-tracking crystals to avoid the dirt from sticking on your cat’s paws.

The only disadvantage of this litter box is that if your cat has been using a different one.

It would take time for your cat to get used to it 

But don’t worry they’ll get used to it in time!


Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

I recommend this one if you have other pets at home.

Most cats hate it when other pets go through their litter box and mess them up when doing their business.

You can avoid this from happening if you try to use this one I am recommending.

It comes with an innovative top design that cats would probably love.

Cats love privacy, especially when it comes to getting off the waste from their body.

So, this design would be perfect for your fur-babies to hide.

Moreover, it will keep your dog from going through your cat’s wastes and eat it (yikes!).

Another advantage of using this box is that it will prevent litter tracking.

It will contain the waste and dirt inside of it instead of spreading it all over the floor.

Another thing, this litter box will help reduce litter odor.

It still depends on how often you clean it, and how often you change the litter inside.

It has a 9-inch diameter lid hole to let your cat enter without any problem.

You will love this litter box because it doesn’t trap the odor inside since the hole is open 24/7.

When you use an enclosed litter box, there would not be enough air to circulate to reduce the stinky smell.

You still have to make sure you clean it regularly (which I’m sure you do)

Nevertheless, this litter box would be perfect for you.

Here’s an awesome idea 

You can replicate this litter box too (If you love DIY)

Me, I’m not a DIY person!

You can even make your DIY to make it as your own.

It will take time to create one of course

But hey, you can save money in buying a litter box when you’re creating your own

End of the day what they say is

Time is money

You can discover the price of this awesome litter box by clicking here

IRIS USA Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop

Here’s another top entry cat litter box perfect for your fur-baby.

This one has a free cat litter scoop for easier scooping of your cat’s waste.

Like what I’ve mentioned before this product, top entry style can prevent other pets from entering the box.

Similar like CleverCat it’s great at odor control 

It comes in different size

Large or medium

So if you have a large cat it would be ideal

Even then you should still get a large simply because it gives your cat more space inside

Another thing to remember is do you have space at home?

Another specification of this litter box is the grooved lid at the top.

After your cat does his business, the lid catches the excess dirt from the paws which stops litter tracking 

However, this type of litter box might be new to your cat.

First, you need to make him get used to it instead of forcing him to use it immediately.

You can try to introduce it first little by little.

Don’t throw the old litter box just yet.

Put the new top entry cat litter box next to it to give him an idea of where to use it. 

Being enclosed will stop litter going everywhere if your cat loves to bury their feces

Check the price out over at Amazon by clicking here

Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box 3 Colors, Pearl White

This litter box has a unique design I’m sure your cat will love

Ensures great privacy for your cat because it’s enclosed 

It has a grooved entrance which will remove any litter from your cats paws when they’re exiting

The only downside of this litter box is that it doesn’t have a tray filter.

Urine leakage can happen, considering that the material used for this product is plastic.

However, you can make your filter or contain this litter box inside a larger container for easier cleaning.

Wrapping It Up

Litter tracking is one the problems that many cat parents face

So choosing the right litter box is very important because we can’t stop our cats from burying their feces

It’s in their nature to do that

And we can’t blame them for having litter on their paws which can then be scattered around all over the house

Yes, it can be frustrating but it can be resolved

If you have the money or can afford a monthly plan for the Litter Robot then I would recommend that

It’s a very popular choice and has many benefits!

The main being you never have to scoop litter again

It’s enclosed so there’s less chance of litter being thrown out

You can purchase a ramp which is designed to remove any litter on your cats paws

Have a read of my review of it and see if it’s for you

Litter Robot Review 

Otherwise I have recommended some pretty cool alternatives which you should check out

Why Do Cats Kick Litter Everywhere

Your cat is being a cat

They are descended from wild cats and they normally cover their waste

So your cat is going to do the same

It’s not easy to stop this behavior but you can get them a litter box that will reduce litter kicking out of the box

Another reason why your cat may be kicking litter is to test out the texture of the litter, what it feels like and pretty much determining where the right spot is to go

Let’s look at how you can stop litter being kicked and getting tracked all over the house!

5 Ways to Stop Litter From Tracking All Over the House!

It can be hard work looking after a cat

Cleaning their litter box is a chore – let’s be honest with ourselves

But the worst part?

When their is litter scattered all around the litter box!

It gets worse

You find litter practically everywhere in your house

Your little furball’s cute paw likes to carry litter from the litter box into your living room!

It just doubles the work for us cat parents

But here’s the good news

You can stop this happening

Here’s 5 awesome ways you can try out as a cat parent to stop litter from tracking all over the house!

1. First Thing First – Place Mats And Rugs Around The Litter Box.

The first thing you might want to do is to put mats and rugs to make sure that your cat has something to scratch his feet on after doing his thing.

Choose a rug that is perfect for your pet to remove the litter stuck on your cats paws.

It’s up to you to choose a mat or rug that works best for you and your fur-baby.

Actually, any mat or rug will do, but if you want a better outcome, you might wish to get the one with grooves.

On the other hand, if you are aren’t sure of what to use, you can buy from the pet shop.

From there, you can find the one you are looking for.

However, the price might be higher than the ordinary rug, but the choice is up to you.

2. Always Check The Litter Box.

It is best to check if the litter box is full of waste.

If it’s too wet, you need to change the sand immediately.

Damp sand will cause scattered litter around the house.

Good hygiene will benefit not only your cat but also to you as well.

A dirty litter box can be dangerous to your cats health and to your health too

RELATED ARTICLE – Health Hazards Of a Litter Box

Another cat’s parents mistake is not cleaning the litter box often

I know it’s a chore scooping cat litter and you’re using fresh litter every other day 

It can become quite expensive!

Here’s the best part though

You can use newspaper pellets as an alternative, or you can use wood pellets.

When you use organic materials for the litter, you are not only saving the ecosystem – you are also saving lots of money.

However, you might want to opt with the heavier cat litter than lightweight ones.

The only thing is that if your cat has preferences.

If your cat doesn’t like the new litter, then you might want to stick with the one you’ve been using before.

That’s why I recommend Litter Robot because you’re saving money on litter as the Litter Robot only scoops up the feces and clumpy litter

3. Have a Daily Cleaning Routine.

The secret for a clean home despite having pets inside is the daily use of broom and vacuum.

Yes, that’s kind of hard work, but doing so can minimize the awful smell that a litter box can bring to your house

That will also help to get rid of litter tracking all over the house.

Once you set up a daily cleaning routine, it will lessen your work of mopping and vacuuming cat litter

Maybe you can keep a broom, dustpan and a mop near your cats litter box so you remember to clean up as soon as your cat has done their business

4. Use a Large Tub Under Your Litter Box 

Make sure to use the right litter box size for your pet.

Of course, if your fur-baby is just a kitten, you can use a smaller one.

But you need the bigger box when your cat gets older.

Choosing appropriate size according to your pet will help to reduce the litter tracking.

Another option is by containing the litter box on a more massive tub.

You can use a kiddie pool and put the litter box inside.

Once you do so, the litter will not go anywhere except to the place where it is contained.

After your cat release waste, the litter from paws will stick on the pool instead of on the floor.

Here’s another option if you don’t want to use a kiddie pool inside your house.

You can buy a tub or litter box with high sided walls.

That will avoid the cat from kicking the sand (and litter) outside the box.

Aside from that, it will prevent you from cleaning to and fro to remove the dirt.

So, here’s another alternative if you don’t have a large storage tub or kiddie pool at home.

You can use a large tray under the litter box doing the same purpose.

In my case, I don’t contain the litter box.

What I did was only put a rug or mat on the sides, then clean the mess diligently.

I do this kind of thing since our place is small.

On the other side, if your home is good enough for a large tub or kiddie pool, then you might want to use the option I have shared with you.

5. Last But Not Least – Buy The Right Quality Litter Box.

Just like what I said a while ago, it is best to use a litter box with high edges where litter couldn’t mess up on the floor.

When planning to buy one for your cat, always consider the type and sizes.

Always go for the deep with high sides for your pet’s convenience.

When you use the type of litter box I just have mentioned, your cat can kick anyway he wants without scattering the litter all around the house.

Another one you might want to try is the automatic or self-cleaning litter box.

When you use it, it would be the one responsible for throwing your cat’s waste directly to the waste drawer

Your cat will not be taking too much time kicking the sand to get rid of that smelly waste.


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