Do Cats Actually Use Cat Beds

In this article you’re going to learn if cats actually use cat beds

Should you get one?

Will they even use it? Or will it be a waste of money

We all know cats love to snuggle

But during the winter, what if you got them a cozy cat bed for them to have a little nap?

Let’s see if it’s a wise idea

I’ll also show you some pretty cute cat cave beds

Trust me, your cat will love it and you’ll probably want to take a nap in it too…. if you were a cat!

Let’s get started!

Should You Buy Your Cat a Cat Bed? – Here’s What You Need to Know

Have you stumbled upon various cute and cozy cat bed when you went shopping for your pet’s needs?

Well, you might have thought about whether to buy one or not. “My cat sleeps almost everywhere,” you might say.

My Tigger loves sleeping on my brothers chest!

Last time, my brother fell asleep on the couch.

I came downstairs to see Tigger sleeping so comfortably on his chest!

They sleep anywhere right!

Another place my cat took a nap

On the staircase!

We had to miss a step so we don’t disturb him

He’s cute little paw dangling off the step. So adorable!


There are surprising benefits of buying your cat a cozy place.

Especially during the winter which is now approaching

Your cat will want to take a nap where they find it cosy

I’ve got some really cute cat beds to recommend

You’re going to love it

Carry on reading because you seriously need to check them out

But for now

A few questions might be boggling your mind

Some cat parents bought their cats their beds, but unfortunately, some of these furry friends like to sleep better in the bathroom, and sometimes – in the sink!

God knows how they find that comfortable!

But here are some of the questions that are worth answering before you go ahead and purchase a cat bed

Do Cats Like Sleeping in Cat Beds?

The real answer is that cats love to sleep regardless of the place and its condition.

However, one of the benefits of training your cat to sleep in its spots is that it can have privacy.

Cats belong to the territorial species, that’s why they need their space, if possible.

It will also give you the space you need.

Let’s be honest, we love sleeping with our cats

But our movements are restricted

We love our little furballs so we don’t want to disturb them

But then we wake up with a arm that’s numb!

I’m not saying don’t let your cat sleep with you

The least you can do is get them a particular bed which they can go to when they want to take a nap

A problem some cat-parents encounter is that their pets don’t know the boundaries.

If you are the kind of person who wants to enjoy me-time, then providing them a spot they can call their own would be beneficial for all.

In some cases, cats tend to look for a cozy and warm place to sleep, especially if the temperature is cold like in winter

Providing a cat bed could be a real solution for this.

The thing is 

Your cat just don’t want to use a cat bed 

Let’s talk about how you can get your cat to use a cat bed 

How Do I Get My Cat to Use a Cat Bed?

If you bought a cat bed, and your furry baby doesn’t want to get in there, don’t fret, my friend.

Don’t stress your cat by forcing him.

If you do, it would be traumatic instead of recognizing it as their safe, cozy place.  

They’ll associate the cat bed as something negative and they’ll never want to sleep in it

The first thing you might want to try is by luring your cat into the bed using his favorite treat.

Once your cat goes into the spot, you can put the treat above his head.

Wait until he sits.

You can give another treat for a job well done, then leave a few goodies to make him feel more comfortable.

Tigger goes crazy over treats!

He actually can manipulate me into giving him one

He’ll slowly blink at me and meow and purr at the same time

I mean how can I say no to that?

Anyways, I keep getting sidetracked with stories about Tigger lol!

Another strategy is through sprinkling a little amount of catnip on the bed.

As all cat-parents know, most cats love it.

It comes with an interesting and soothing effect to your furry friends at home.

So, why not?

Here’s another tip.

Look for the perfect spot or any areas where you usually see your cat sleep.

Is it under the table or in the corner?

Of course, you don’t want to put the cat bed where most people walk in and out.

Observe your cat and see which place works best for him.

Put the cat bed there and your cat will automatically sit in it

It may take time for your little feline friend to get used to it but once he knows how cozy it is he won’t want to move!

What Type of Bed Do Cats Prefer?

Of course, the first thing you need to consider before buying a cat bed is the quality and your cat’s preferences. It would help if you also got one depending on your cat’s personality. For most fur-parents, I actually recommend the enclosed type of bed where cats can hide and have their peace of mind. If your cat acts like what I’ve mentioned, then there would be the perfect cat bed that your cat would probably love.

Here are some of the best cat cave you might want to purchase for your fur-babies.

Yellow & Grey Cat Cave

If you have a regular-sized cat, this cat cave can accommodate up to 23-pound weight. The advantage of this pet bed is that you can easily clean and wash it. Its materials are 100% natural and organic – which are safe for your pets.

Also, its soft and flexible materials made it easier for your cat to jump into the bed. Its natural properties also help to reduce and eliminate odors.

Check out how it looks by clicking here

Beanstalk Cat Cave | Pet Bed

If you want a cutie pet bed for your lovely cat, this one might be the perfect one.

The materials come from the highest quality soft merino wool.

This organic material ensures good health and satisfying comfort to your pet.

Moreover, you can easily wash it, giving it a fresh smell. This bed will keep your cat warm during the coldest night.

You’ll love how this cool cat cave bed looks

Click here to take a look 

3D Mouse Cat Cave | Pet Bed

Who says you can’t lure your cat into the pet bed?

Looking at the lovely design of this cozy spot, your cat will surely love it.

The material used for this fantastic invention is soft merino wool.

With organic properties, rest assured that it can eliminate the smell and keep it clean.

With its natural wool odor, your fur-baby will fall in love with it instantly.

Click here to check the price 

PRE-SALE | 3D Magic Mouse Cat Cave | Pet Bed

If you want a design that will complement your house design or color, this might be one of your choices.

Of course, it’s not all about the style and color.

This pet bed will secure your cat during their sleep.

No one could disturb them, and they can complete their 12 to 16 hours of sleep.

What you will love about the enclosed pet bed is that your pet will feel comfortable.

You can give the privacy your cat needs.

 Check out the latest price by clicking here 

You can see more awesome cute cat cave bed recommendations from catcaveco.

They got plenty so you might want to check them out

They’re so cute too and would go well with your home interior decoration

If you’ve already got one, let me know in the comments which one you have!

Wrapping It Up

So do cats actually use cat beds?

Well if you get your cat a cute cat cave bed like the one I have recommended then I’m sure they’d use it

Yes, let your cat sleep with you

Who doesn’t love a warm snuggle that purrs on a cold winter night

But during the day, you can provide your cat with a cozy bed for them to take a nap

They would appreciate it and would look so cute in a cat cave

It also gives them that sort of security and privacy when things can get loud in the house

A little place they can chill and relax

It would be a ideal gift too for your little furball

It may take time before he consistently sleeps on the bed, but he’ll get used to it in no time.

Especially if you use the strategies I suggested earlier in the article

So, should you buy a cat bed for your lovely baby?

Of course!

He is a family member.

Treat him as to how a parent would treat a child which I’m sure you already do.

Giving your pet a private and cozy place could mean something more than you could imagine.

Well, cats differ from humans.

But once you love them and show it to them, they will give it back to you three times. 

Unconditional love that is


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