Best Cat Litter Box For The Bedroom

In this article you’re going to discover what’s the best litter box for your bedroom

You’ll learn the potential dangers to keeping a litter box in the bedroom

If you have no choice then the Litter Box I recommend will keep your cat and you and your family safe

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Pet experts the world over will unite in the same sentiment – that it is not a good idea to have the cat litter box in your bedroom for a variety of reasons.

Having said that, there are occasions when needs must and you will need to share your bedroom with your adorable furball… and their NOT so adorable cat litter tray! 

The main concern about a cat litter tray being in your bedroom is that cat litter trays are the source of some pretty nasty germs.

The first is Toxoplasmos gondii which can make children really sick and is dangerous for pregnant women and those with weak immune systems.

Family members in these groups should be allowed to come into contact with the cat litter tray.

Toxiplasmos is a very common bacteria in the world and is found in cat poop.

It can be spread when you change the soiled cat litter or your cat scoops the litter over their poo.

Worryingly, the bacteria can survive on hard surfaces for several days.

Cats often have a variety of parasites in their poop too, including roundworms, ring worm and tapeworm.

If that wasn’t enough, if you do not clear the cat litter tray of urine several times a day, you will very quickly have your bedroom filled with the caustic smell of ammonia which can cause some pretty unpleasant health problems including irritated eyes, nose, skin and nausea – and much more serious problems, if not dealt with straight away.

When all is said and done; if you have to have your cat tray displayed like a piece of modern art on your bedroom floor, so be it.

Luckily, adults are sensible and can be really careful about hygiene, ensuring that they wash their hand well after scooping the poop or urine-soaked clogs of cat litter and will wear gloves and then change their clothing when they have removed the soiled cat litter, cleaned the litter tray and re-filled it with fresh cat litter.

Why a Self Cleaning Litter Box Is a Safer Option For Your Bedroom

I understand, you got no place to put the litter box but in your bedroom

Or maybe your cat is used to the litter box being in the bedroom

Then you got no choice

You can still tackle this problem though

Investing in a self cleaning litter box

That way you know the litter is being cleaned regularly

And during the night it’s being cleaned too on it’s own

I know what you’re thinking

The noise of it cleaning itself will disturb you

If you’re a deep sleeper like me then you should be okay

Otherwise if you wake up with the slightest of sounds then we may have a problem

You need a automatic litter box that does not make much noise

The Best Litter Box For The Bedroom Is The Litter Robot

For the very purpose of keeping the cat litter well under control so that it is not tracked around the bedroom, many cat lovers would suggest a covered cat litter tray could be a really advantage.

We are going a step further and suggesting that the ideal cat litter tray for the bedroom is the Litter Robot 3 which is the highest rated automatic self-cleaning litter box on the market.

This litter box is stylish to look at and will certainly look better in your bedroom than a conventional cat litter tray.

As the Litter-Robot is totally enclosed, your cat will feel both safe and private in there and there is less chance of the cat litter being tracked everywhere.

Having said that, this cat litter box is cleverly designed so it is spacious for cats of all sizes.

Importantly, there is no sight of any dirty cat litter from the outside!

The Litter-Robot 3 has been cleverly designed as there is a special drawer situated under the litter tray where all the cat poop and dirty cat litter is gathered.

Each time your cat jumps in to the box, a special sensor pad at the bottom of the box is triggered by your cat’s weight and the same thing happens when you cat exits the box and a timer then begins the countdown to the start of the cleaning program.

This countdown ensures that any urine has had time to be absorbed into the cat litter and has formed lumps.

Using a combination of rotation and gravity, the cleaning program begins.

All the soiled cat litter and poop is removed and placed in the plastic bag which lines the special waste drawer  – leaving a nice clean cat litter for your cat and no horrid smells as the waste drawer is lined with a carbon filter that ensures there is no odor.

The unit has been designed to make cleaning and general maintenance really easy and it uses any type of clumping cat litter and regular kitchen rubbish bags.

As well as dealing with your moggy’s poops and pee swiftly and really efficiently, the Litter-Robot 3 is thrifty with cat litter as it carefully sieves the litter and only removes the soiled litter.

Although you are probably buying the litter box for use in your bedroom and you may not need an app for your mobile, there is one available.

Using the app, you can keep an eye on your cat’s use of the box as this can flag up any potential health problems.

If you require it, you can request a notification on your mobile for when the waste drawer is full.

You never have to scoop litter again with the Litter Robot

It’s a very safe option because as soon as your cat has done their business, it’s cleaned pretty much straight away leaving fresh litter for your

At least you know there is no dirty litter lingering around which can be dangerous to your health

If you want to create a safe and healthy environment in your bedroom then invest in the litter robot

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Want to learn more about the Litter Robot?

Check out my in-depth review of Litter Robot 3

Here’s a video showing you how it works

Is It Safe To Have a Cat Litter Box In The Bedroom?

After describing the Litter-Robot 3 in detail, you will appreciate how it really does minimize the potential health hazards of keeping a litter box in the bedroom. 

With conventional cat litter boxes, if the poop is not cleared away speedily it soon becomes a health hazard as time gives the bacteria the chance to multiply rapidly.

With the Litter-Robert 3, the cleaning program starts just moments after your cat has exited the box so the poop is dealt with really quickly and removed from views and sealed in a plastic bag in the waste drawer.

This is a much healthier option in all situations but with the added difficulties of regularly clearing the litter tray of soiled litter when it is in your bedroom, the advantages of having a self-cleaning litter box quickly become apparent.

Whilst most pet owners scoop the poop and pee a couple of times each day, owners of a Litter-Robot 3 can relax as they know that the cleaning cycle is triggered each time their cat leaves the litter box.

They can use that time to bond with their cat

Can Having a Litter Box In Your Room Make You Sick?

Sadly, the chances of becoming sick because you have a cat litter tray in your bedroom can be great – unless you are happy to put the time and effort in to keeping the litter tray scrupulously clean – and are diligent about washing your hands, wearing gloves and changing your clothes. (It’s a long procedure!)

The Litter-Robot 3 is not the cheapest automated cleaning cat litter box on the market, but it is the one with the highest ratings and many five star ratings from its happy customers.

Certainly with 400,000 happy cat parents already using the Litter-Robot 3 that is good testament to its efficiency.

The makers are confident that you will be delighted with your Litter-Robot – so much so that on purchase, you’re backed with a 90 day money back guarantee

That’s 3 whole months for you to test out the Litter Robot to see if it’s a good option for you (Which I’m sure it would be)

If you are going to share your bedroom with your favorite feline, we think it would be best to make it 400,001 happy Litter-Robot cat parents!

Children & Cat Litter Box Don’t Mix.

Even if your child is close with the family cat, it really is not a sensible idea to park the cat litter box in their bedroom next to their Lego bricks.

Children just cannot be relied on to be hygienic, but even if they are, the chances of them getting really sick are too high to risk.

The other major reason why your child’s bedroom is a ‘no no’ is that your beloved Kitty – like all other cats– is a creature of habit.

Cats like peace and quiet, especially when they are using their cat litter tray.

Many cats do not like being watched whilst they are busy in their litter tray and certainly cannot concentrate on ‘the matter in hand’ when they are being attacked by teddy bears, Lego aircraft, flying bits of Playmobil or worse.

What will happen in a very short time is that your puss cat will let out a loud meow which can be translated as ‘I surrender’ and will make off in a mad dash to find another place to use as a toilet – which could be your bath, a rug or your favorite jumper.

Proper Box Placement

The ideal place to put a cat litter box is not in full view as your cat does like privacy.

If you can put the cat litter tray in a corner or hide it behind a chair that is all well and good.

Think carefully about your chosen location. It is probably a good idea to stand the cat litter box on some newspaper and to protect the wall behind if necessary, as it is likely that it will come under fire from the cat litter when your cat is enthusiastically digging to cover up their poop or pee.

Cat litter is often tracked across the room, so again think about the tray’s location and whether it can be easily tidied up.

Whilst the cat litter tray ideally needs to be in a place that meets with your cat’s approval, it needs to be in a suitable easy reach location for you.

To keep the cat litter tray as hygienic as possible, you will need to perform the good old scoop routine several times a day to remove soiled cat litter and poop.

You must also think a bout how this can be done quickly and effectively in a bedroom rather than the kitchen or hallway which are the favored locations for litter trays – ummmm, you have probably just realized why now!

Wrapping It Up

If you’re keeping the litter box in the bedroom then you need to invest in a self cleaning litter box

Unless you’re okay with cleaning cat litter everyday and potentially breathing in cat litter ammonia during the night then you don’t need a automatic litter box

I’m sure you want to keep your cat, you and your family safe

If you’re going to purchase a self cleaning litter box then I would recommend the Litter Robot 3

As I mentioned earlier in the article about all the benefits and how it works it really is a no brainer

Yes, it’s not cheap but you’re getting the very best

Check out my article about if the Litter Robot is worth the money









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