Is The Litter Robot Worth The Money

In this article you’re going to learn if the litter robot is really worth the money

Are you sitting on the fence about buying the litter robot but not sure if it’s worth it?

Maybe you need just a little bit more convincing to see if it’s the right choice to make?

I get it because it’s not something cheap to purchase

You’re in the right place because you’re going to discover if it’s worth for you to buy the Litter Robot

Sound good?

Let’s get started

Buying a automatic litter box is not something that is cheap

They are expensive

Don’t get me wrong you can get few self cleaning litter boxes that are affordable

But will they last long is another question

The Litter Robot is a self cleaning litter box that cat parents have been raving about

It has awesome reviews so it’s understandable why cat parents love it so much

4.6/5 (5732 reviews in total) which is pretty impressive 

The question is

Is it actually worth it

It’s not cheap that’s for sure!

Is The Litter Robot Worth Buying?


Before you actually decide whether it’s worth the money

And if it’s something you should invest into

Let’s look at what the benefits are of owning the Litter Robot

How will it help you 

The Benefits Of Owning Litter Robot

Self cleaning 

The main benefit of the Litter Robot is you never have to scoop litter again

It’s a self cleaning litter box which means you won’t need to touch litter again

Never have to deal with cat urine smell or cat poo

The Litter robot will take care of it

This is beneficial to you because

1 – It saves you time

2 – It’s healthy and safe for you

Let’s get into it deeper

Saves you time 

We are all busy in this hustle and bustle of life

Full time job


Keeping the house clean

Looking after your spouse

Life is pretty busy for sure

On top of all that you need to make sure the litter box is cleaned regularly

If it’s not clean – chances are, your cat will do their business elsewhere

On your carpet, piles of clothes

Anywhere your cat feels comfortable

Last thing us cat parents want is to have a puddle of urine on our beautiful carpets

Or poo somewhere in the corner of the house

The smell of cat urine stinking up the house is not something a cat parent would want – I’m sure you’d agree

If this happens then it can cause frustration and make you hate your cat

It can cause problems in the house with other family members

In short – it’s not a scenario you’d like

Which is why the litter box needs to be clean all the time

Now imagine owning a Litter Robot

All these worries and the time consuming of cleaning the litter box is taken away from you

That’s all gone

You know your cat has fresh clean litter all the time every time they will use the litter robot 

Gives you a piece of mind right?

Knowing you never have to scoop again and that there’s fresh litter available for your cat

You can come home from work without the worry of cleaning the litter box

That time you save from cleaning the litter box can be used to bond with your cat

Read a book

Pursue a hobby – anything you do in your free time!

It’s healthy and safe for you and your cat 

How is it healthy and safe?

A dirty litter box has all sorts of bacteria

And the urine that has been absorbed by the litter is ammonia

Now with ammonia if you breathe it in, it can cause you health problems

So the cleaner the litter box the more healthy

With litter robot, as soon as your cat has done their business it will start to clean itself

Which depends on what timer you set it at

How does the timer work?

You set the timer to when you want the litter robot to self clean after your cat has exited the globe

For example 15 minutes

You don’t have to deal with any dirty litter which makes it safe for you

Saves you all that trouble and potential harm to your health

Have a read of my article Health Hazards Of a Litter Box to find out more about the dangers of a dirty litter box

As you can see these 2 main benefits is more than enough to justify why the litter robot is worth the investment

Other benefits include (I won’t go into too much detail because I have a written a in-depth review on this which you can check out towards the end of the article)

Uses Less Litter 

Because the Litter Robot removes only the clumpy litter and poo through it’s sifting process

This leaves only the fresh litter available

So there’s no fresh litter that is going through the sifting process

This means you save more on litter because you’re using less

That’s a bonus right

Less money being spent on litter

With a regular litter box – you’re spending more on litter because when you scoop you can accidentally scoop up some fresh litter too

Great At Odor Control 

15 minutes after your cat has used the litter robot, the litter robot will start to clean itself

So dirty litter is being dealt with promptly

It’s not lingering around

The quicker the litter is cleaned the less chances of any foul odor

Where does the dirty litter go?

Into a carbon filtered drawer that is fully enclosed

No chance of foul odor coming out of there

Can Be Used For Multi Cat Households 

If you have more than 1 cat, the litter robot can accommodate to that

In fact it can accommodate up to 3 to 4 cats

You don’t have to buy 2 litter robots

The only downside is you’ll have to empty the waste drawer more often

But hey, you’re just emptying it – it’s not like you’re scooping cat litter right?

18 Month Warranty & 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s a machine and sometimes things can go wrong

But not to worry because you’re backed with a 18 month warranty

If for some reason you’re not happy with the Litter Robot (which I highly doubt) then you have 90 days to make your mind up

That’s 3 months!

You can get your money back. No questions asked.

Who’s The Litter Robot For?

It’s for those cat parents that want to provide a healthy and safe environment for their cat and family

You don’t want dirty litter lingering around which can cause harm to your cat and family health

It’s also for those cat parents that don’t have the time to clean the litter box

A busy cat parent that just needs the litter box sorting out everyday

The Litter Robot will save so much time for cat parents

Another important note to mention is if you have the budget because it’s not cheap

If you have the money and want to spend it on a cool litter box that will pretty much do all the work for you then I would recommend investing in the Litter Robot

Here’s Some Good News Regarding Price

Yes, the litter robot is not cheap but they do have a special offer

$25 OFF your purchase 

You save $25 which you can spend on some cool cat treats for your little furball!

I don’t know how long this offer is going to last so you might want to act quick and take advantage

Click Here To See If The Offer Is Still On<<

Here’s how the Litter Robot works

What Is The Best Litter To Use In The Litter Robot?

The best litter to use for Litter Robot is low dust clumping litter

Something like World’s Best Cat Litter

A really well known brand among cat parents is a great litter for the Litter Robot

It’s clumpy litter which is low dust and clumping litter which is perfect for Litter Robot

Another great brand is Pretty Litter

It’s made up of absorbent Silica Gel which is okay to use for Litter Robot

The best thing about Pretty Litter which makes it unique is you can monitor your cats health

Pretty Litter

If you can’t decide which litter to choose from then you can check out my comparison article by clicking the link below

Worlds best vs Pretty Litter 

Wrapping It Up

The Litter Robot is definitely worth it and is worth the investment

What it does for you and the benefit it brings makes it a no brainer to purchase it

It is not cheap but you get what you pay for

The amount of time you’ll save from cleaning the litter box will make a huge difference to your everyday life

Most importantly, the fact that your cat has fresh litter every time they use it is a great way of keeping your cat and yourself safe and healthy

It gives you a piece of mind and takes lots of your plate

So if you’re a busy cat parent that works full time and don’t have the time and energy to clean the litter box everyday then you should invest in the Litter Robot

If you want to learn more about this awesome self cleaning litter box then make sure to have a read of my very in-depth review of Litter Robot

I pretty much cover everything and hopefully this review has all the answers to any of your questions

Litter Robot 3 Review 


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