Best Automatic Litter Box For The Money

Are you looking for the best automatic litter box for the money

Then you’re in the right place

In this article you’re going to discover the very best self cleaning litter box that will be worth the investment

Sound good?

Let’s get started

When buying a self cleaning litter box it can be a very big decision


Because they don’t come cheap

So you want to make sure you get the very best for your money

Otherwise if you get the wrong one, it can burn a big hole in your pocket!

Which automatic litter box is the best for money?

Litter Robot 3

This awesome litter box is the best you’re going to get for your money

It’s going to be worth the investment

Let me tell you about what’s the Litter Robot is and how it works

What Is The Litter Robot?

Litter Robot is the highest rated automatic self cleaning litter box

The ratings it has received?

4.6/5 (5732 reviews in total) 

The ratings tell you everything

You never have to scoop litter again

And for your cat?

They get a fresh clean bed of litter every time they use it

A happy cat means no accidents in the house!

Oh and it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee + 18 month warranty 

So if for any reason you don’t like it, you get 90 days which is 3 months to get a full refund (Which I doubt you’ll ever do)

Things can go wrong with a machine but you’ll have great piece of mind as you’re backed with a 18 month warranty

To be honest, you got nothing to lose except that you’ll never have to scoop litter again!

Okay, how does it work?

How Does The Litter Robot Work?

The Litter Robot has a weight sensor

So when your cat enter the globe it will know automatically

Now your cat will do their business

Once your cat leaves

The Litter Robot will start to rotate after a certain time

You set the time to when you want the Litter Robot to start to rotate once your cat has exited it

The globe will begin to rotate and start a sifting process which will eliminate and clump litter and poo

The globe is then restored back to it’s normal home position

Leaving fresh litter ready for your cat to use

What if my cat enters the Litter Robot whilst it’s rotating?

Good question

The weight sensor will detect that a cat has entered and will stop the rotating straight away

And it will never rotate when your cat is in the globe

It’s pretty safe like that

(Cat must weigh at least 5 pounds)

The waste is stored inside a carbon filtered drawer

This drawer needs to be emptied every week

That’s the only thing you got to do

Even then you’ll be notified when to empty the drawer as it has a light which will tell you it’s full

You’re pretty much hands off

No scooping

No more stress of scooping the litter everyday

Let the Litter Robot take care of that

Here’s the pros of the Litter Robot

  • No scooping ever again – fully automatic so you have nothing to clean and worry about
  • Uses less litter so saves you money in buying litter
  • Saves you time cause you never have to scoop again – You can use that time to bond with your cat!
  • Great odor control as the dirty litter is quickly taken care of. The dirty litter is kept inside a fully closed carbon filtered drawer
  • Safe for your cat to use with it’s awesome cat sensor technology
  • You can use any clumping litter
  • Automatic night light helps elderly cats find the Litter Robot
  • Control panel function so your children can’t mess about with it
  • Easy to dissemble for you to clean the Litter Robot when needed

Just looking at the pros it just shows you why this automatic litter box is the best for money

I mean you have everything on the plate

Especially for your cat

They will have fresh litter every time they use it

Although they have fresh litter you’re saving money on litter

How awesome is that?

Another important note to mention is having fresh litter is healthy for your cat and for your family too

A dirty litter box can be dangerous as it has parasites, bacteria and ammonia

Breathing in ammonia fumes is very dangerous

I talk more about this in my article Cat Litter Ammonia Poisoning 

So it makes sense to purchase a self cleaning litter box simply because it’s a safe option for your cat and family

The Litter Robot does not come cheap

But looking at all the features I’m not surprised

You’re paying for the highest of quality

Lucky for you they have a special offer

$25 OFF your purchase 

I don’t know how long this offer will last for or if it’s still on

So you might want to act quick and take advantage of this

>Click Here To See If The Offer Is Still On<<

Here’s a video showing you how the Litter Robot works

I actually have written a very in-depth review of the Litter Robot which you can have a read to learn more about it

Litter Robot 3 Review 

Is An Automatic Litter Box Worth It?

It definitely is worth it for sure

There are so many benefits to owning a self cleaning litter box

If you’re a busy mom that works full time and then look after the kids, life can get very busy

Just looking after the kids is a full time job so put that with a full time job, God, I don’t know how you do it

Then coming home and cleaning the litter box

It can get too much

Cleaning the litter box takes time and let’s be honest, it’s a chore too

But with a automatic litter box, at least you don’t have the tension of cleaning the litter box

You have that piece of mind that your cat is getting fresh litter to use all the time

It will make your cat happy and a cat that’s happy means there’s less chances of your cat peeing in the house on your expensive beautiful carpet

You see, a dirty litter box is not healthy as mentioned earlier

And if it’s dirty then don’t expect your cat to use it so what will they do

Yep, that big pile of clothes, somewhere in the corner of the house

That is frustrating and will cause problems too

Looking at all the potential things you can be saved from I think it’s safe to say a automatic litter box is worth it

Yes, it’s expensive but look at it in the long run

You’ll save so much time and a lot of frustration

Do Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Really Work?

They do really work

They actually clean themselves leaving you free from scooping

It also depends on which automatic litter box you buy

I guess you get what you paid for

With the Litter Robot you know it’s going to work because it’s of the highest standards

That don’t mean other self cleaning litter boxes don’t work

The better the quality the higher the price

It also depends on the type of cat litter you use

Some automatic litter boxes require special litter that needs to be used

Whereas other automatic litter boxes will only use clumping litter

Now if you use the wrong one, chances are they won’t work

Can You Use Regular Litter In Automatic Litter Box?

Different automatic litter boxes take different litter

But the majority would use regular clumping litter

The reason why is because clumping litter become hard when a cat urinates so it’s easier to separate from normal litter

Some self cleaning litter box use special type of litter which you have to buy each time

What Is The Best Litter For The Litter Robot?

The best litter for Litter Robot would be clumping litter


Because when it starts to clean itself, the sifting process removes clumpy litter from the clean litter

And only clumping litter can do that

Something like World’s Best Cat Litter

It’s one of the best cat litter around and is perfect for Litter Robot

Dust free which makes it healthy to use

Another Litter brand I would recommend is Pretty Litter

This Litter is awesome because you can detect any signs of illness in your cat

The litter changes color if something is wrong

Pretty Litter

It’s dust free too

I actually have written a comparison article between worlds best and pretty litter

If you can’t decide which one to get then have a read by clicking the link below

Worlds Best vs Pretty Litter 

Wrapping It Up

When buying a self cleaning litter box there are many things to consider

If you want the best automatic litter box that is value for money then you need to be prepared to pay a good price for a high quality litter box

This way you know you’re getting the very best and not something that will only work for a little while

You have to look at it as a long term investment

That’s why I recommend the Litter Robot

It’s expensive but what you’re getting is the best automatic litter box that is value for money

Compared to other automatic litter boxes it’s their at the very top

The features and benefits outweigh all the others

Have a read of my in-depth review so you get a better idea of what the Litter Robot is all about and if it’s worth something investing in

Litter Robot 3 review 


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