Best Self Cleaning Litter Box For Multiple Cats

“What greater gift than the love of a cat” – Charles Dickens

Every cat parent can relate to this quote

Cats become family and they become such great companions

They love us unconditionally – no questions asked

They’re soft, cuddly and when they purr whilst sleeping on you – it feels like bliss!

But one thing every cat parent dreads or hates doing

Cleaning the litter box!

I mean cleaning it everyday can be a difficult chore

You know, you come back from a hard days work and now you gotta clean the litter box

It’s no fun at all!

The worst part?

If you don’t clean it – guess what happens?

Yep, you’ll find cat urine puddle on your beautiful carpet

Thankfully we live in times where technology has become very advanced

To such an extent that you can purchase a litter box that can clean itself!

They can be expensive so I have done the research to provide you the very best out there

So without me dabbling on

Let’s get started!

My best overall self cleaning litter that I would recommend is..

What Is The Best Self Cleaning Litter Box For Multiple Cats? Best Overall

Litter Robot 3

This awesome self cleaning litter box is the best for a multi cat pet household

This is for a pet family that has between 1 – 3 cats – it would be purrrfect!

The best part?

You only have to empty the waste drawer twice a week – that’s right just twice

No scooping litter or anything like that

Imagine how many times you have to scoop cat litter if you have multi-cats

You might have cleaned the litter box and then 2 minutes later your other cat has come and done their business

Sometimes it just feels like all day you’re scooping cat litter

With Litter Robot you just empty the waste drawer

It can’t get any more easier than that!

What’s the waste drawer you ask?

Let me explain how this Litter Robot works

You set a timer for when you want the Litter Robot to start working after your cat has left the Litter Robot 

This could be 10 minutes for example

As soon as your cat leaves – the Litter Robot knows this due to the motion sensor which detects when your cat has entered the Litter Robot by their weight and then when they have left too

The Litter Robot will start to rotate and will remove any clumpy cat litter or feces

The dirty litter is emptied to the waste drawer

The fresh litter then remains at the top

Here’s the best part

You won’t be using as much litter as you would have with a normal litter box

That means you save more money buying litter!

Then twice a week you just got to empty the drawer

Simple as that!

Now what happens if your cat has done their business – the Litter Robot starts to rotate and now your other kitty wants to use it

The Litter Robot will stop completely because it’ll detect when your cat has got into the Litter Robot

It’s very safe and not dangerous at all

Will your cat use it?

Cats are curious and sometimes it can take time to adjust to new things

The Litter Robot looks pretty interesting so it will cause your cats interest

And by the time you know it they will be using it

It might need a little encouragement but they should be fine

I’m sure you know how to get your cat to use something new

Imagine your life that doesn’t involve scooping litter!

With that extra time you’re saving you can spend some quality time with your cat

Never have to worry about scooping cat litter again

Another bonus point is

The Litter Robot is healthy for your cat, you and your family


The Litter Robot will be scooping the dirty litter pretty much every time after your cat has used it

This will avoid overexposure to ammonia, parasites, bacterial infections which can cause harm to our cats and our health

Do you see how important it is to scoop regularly?

It’s very beneficial for your cat and your family too

Another bonus is your cat has a tidy and clean litter box to use

If the litter box is dirty then your cat will avoid using it

They’ll start to pee and poo elsewhere!

Yes, on your beautiful expensive carpet

Or maybe in the corner of the house

When this happens it can become really frustrating!

The smell of cat urine stinking up the house is not something us cat parents would want!

A self cleaning litter box like the Litter Robot will help avoid that

This helps create a healthy loving relationship with your kitty because you won’t feel frustrated at your cat because they’re not leaving any accidents in the house for your clean up

The Litter Robot is also good at odor control too because the litter that has absorbed the urine is cleaned straight away

It really is a no brainer to get the Litter Robot for a multi-cat household

Your life really does get so much easier and you free up so much more time

Here’s a video showing you how the Litter Robot works so you get a better idea and understanding

If you have large cats it’s fine for them too

Oh and I forgot to mention it comes with a 18 month warranty!

So if anything goes wrong then you can get it fixed for free

Want a cool deal?

You can get $25 OFF your purchase

It’s a special offer they have going

I don’t know how long this will last or if it is still working

So you might want to act quick and save yourself some money!

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If you want to learn more about this awesome self cleaning litter box then you can check out my in-depth review

I cover everything you need to know

From how it works, the pros and cons, who it’s for

Litter Robot 3 Review 

Have a read of it and see if it’s something that is for you

I would highly recommend it

A lot of cat parents have recommended Litter Robot

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid is a popular brand among cat parents so you know you’re getting something of high quality

It’s specially designed for multi cat household as you can also get a single cat household self cleaning litter box too

Again, you won’t have to scoop litter at all

Your cats will have fresh clean litter every time they use it

How does it work?

Here’s how it works

  • Cat enters the unit and does their business
  • Once the cat leaves the sensors are triggered which sets the timer to for the cleaning cycle
  • After 10 – 12 minutes the cleaning starts and the rake will start to scoop out the waste clumps
  • The rake opens the waste receptacle compartment cover and deposits the clumps into the waste receptacle
  • Fresh clean litter ready to be used again

That’s pretty much how it works in a nutshell

Here’s a 1 minute video showing you how it works so you can get a better idea

If your cat enters the littermaid whilst cleaning is still happening it will stop completely

And once your cat leaves again the cycle starts again to clean

You don’t have to worry about it being safe for your cat because it’s very safe indeed

The Littermaid has high sided walls which prevents any litter kicking going outside of the litter box

When your cat leaves, the ramp is designed to remove any cat litter on your cats paw

This prevents litter tracking

The waste receptacles where the dirty litter is deposited into has carbon filters that keeps the mess and odor contained

Overall it’s a very good self cleaning litter box for multi cats and it comes at a great price

One problem that you may face is

If your cat pees or poos right near the rake then the rake will miss scooping that up

If this happens then you have to scoop that part of the waste up

The price is really good for a self cleaning litter box

You can check it out by clicking here 

Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Another great brand among the pet industry – Natures Miracle

This is something similar to the littermaid

It’s extra large which is ideal for multi-cat households

Designed for cats over 15lb so if you have large cats this would be great!

It’s pretty much the same as the littermaid in regards to how it works

Your cat enters and does their business

As soon as your cat has left a motion sensor detects it

The rake then starts to automatically scoop clumps of litter into the waste receptacle

The waste receptacle has carbon filters which helps keep the odor contained

It has high walls so helps prevent litter being kicked and scattered everywhere

The ramp is designed to clean any litter on your cats paw which reduces the chances of litter tracking

Note – Most reviewers have said that a larger mat is necessary to stop all litter tracking

Does your cat tend to use the litter box at night?

Well, with this self cleaning litter box it has a night light

Makes it easier for your cat to find the litter box

Here’s a video showing you how it works

For it’s price I think it’s a absolute bargain!

You can check out the price over on Amazon by clicking here 

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Large

This litter box is not electric!

That’s right – you don’t need to put this litter box near the outlet

So how does it work you ask?

It’s so awesome

All you have to do is

Tilt the litter box to the side

And back to the upright position

Remove the tray and dispose the waste

That’s it!

Pretty cool right?

It has a patented unique grill that scoops out the clumping waste into the pull out tray

It’s as easy as that!

The unique thing about this is you know your cat is safe

There are no sensors or anything like that

No noise

Your cat uses it as a standard litter box

You just have to tilt it

It’s very easy to clean

It comes in a large size too which is ideal for multi cat households

The only negative I can think of is

You practically have to do the work

Although it’s not scooping litter

You still have to tilt the litter box everyday to make sure there is fresh clean litter for your cat

Whereas a automatic self cleaning litter box you don’t have to worry about anything

If you are okay with doing this everyday then sure why not this litter box is perfect for you

Another thing to note is you will be bending down often because it can get heavy

So yes I would recommend it but if I was to choose which one I would go for a automatic litter box

Simply, if you’re busy and tired it can be difficult to clean it out everyday

Yes, it’s not scooping but you still have to do some sort of labor work

But I guess some cat parents wouldn’t mind doing this which is completely fine!

After all you’re just tilting the litter box

You’re not scooping cat litter

It’s the cheapest out of all the ones I have recommended in this article

You can check out the price over at Amazon by clicking here 

PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

A popular among cat parents is the Petsafe scoopfree automatic litter box

Let the box do the work for you in 3 easy steps

  1. Load the self cleaning litter box with the mess free disposable crystal litter
  2. 20 minutes after your cat has left the litter box the cleaning cycle begins
  3. Dispose the tray where the waste is deposited into and replace it with a new one

That’s all it is

Quick and easy scoop free automatic litter box

It uses crystal litter which removes the smell of odor by absorbing the urine and dehydrating solid waste

It’s very good at odor control!

The crystal litter is 99% dust free which is good for your cats health because they are not breathing in any dust

Crystal litter also means it won’t stick to your cats paws which mean low litter tracking which is always good news!

The disposable trays have plastic lining which help protects any leaking to ensure your floors are kept clean

It really is hands off because it has everything to make sure there is no cleaning for you to do at all

You won’t have to refill the this litter box for weeks

Pretty much set and forget

Giving you plenty of time to spend with your cat or if you’ve just come back from work – no need to worry about the litter box

The only negative I can think of is you have to purchase new disposable litter trays and the crystal litter

But overall it really is hands off

Never have to worry about scooping litter again and you get a piece of mind knowing there is always fresh litter available for your little feline friend

Fresh litter everyday means it’s healthy and safe for your cat

The price?

To be honest – you’re getting a bargain for such a high quality well known brand automatic litter box

You can check it out by heading over to Amazon by clicking here 

Wrapping It Up

Overall the best litter box for a multiple cat household would be the Litter Robot

Simply because you don’t have to purchase any accessories – Simple to use and it’s backed with a 18 month warranty

The others I have recommended are also good too but for me the Litter Robot has that edge

Yes, it’s pricey but it is definitely worth the investment!

Frequently Asked Question

Do Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Really Work?

Of course they do!

It’s about choosing the right one as there are many different self cleaning litter boxes out there

The question is how do you choose the right self cleaning litter box?

Well I have provided you with the very best out there!

But if you want to learn so you can make a decision on your own then carry on reading

What To Look Out For When Buying a Self Cleaning Litter Box

Scooping Time 

A lot of self cleaning litter boxes have a motion that detects when your cat has left the litter box

Then after a while it will start to clean on it’s own

If you’re fine with this sort of mechanism then great

Or if you want the dirty litter cleaned straight away then you need to get a automatic litter box that has a adjustable timer.

Either way it does not make much of a difference

The main thing is, the litter is scooped daily


Self cleaning litter boxes vary in prices

You probably had noticed with the recommendations I have given to you

It can cost to $500 for the high tech and fancy features like the Litter Robot

Or you can get something more of a simpler model that may cost $50

It’s entirely up to you and your budget

Waste Bin

If you don’t want to empty the tray every day or every other day then you want to get a automatic litter box that has a big waste bin

Especially if you’re getting a self cleaning litter box for a multi cat household because that means the waste bin will get full more quickly then just having one single cat

To be honest, it doesn’t make much of a difference

It’s entirely up to you and how much work you want to do

I guess if you’re busy and work a full time job then a big waste bin would be more suited for you

Type Of Litter 

Some automatic litter boxes use a special type of cat litter whereas others use the standard clumping litter

If you get a automatic litter box that requires special litter then be prepared to purchase only that type of litter

One thing to note is if you purchase new litter than your cat may take time to adjust

Slowly introduce the new litter so your cat can get used to it

It may take time but they will eventually use it

Is It Easy To Clean 

Even self cleaning litter boxes need cleaning too

So before you purchase one, check how easy it is to assemble and disassemble

You don’t want to purchase a self cleaning litter box that takes ages to assemble and disassemble!

Are Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth It?

It depends how you look at it

I think they are worth if you don’t have much time cleaning the litter box everyday

Self cleaning litter boxes will automatically clean itself everyday which is great news for your cat and the cat parent


Because a clean litter box means it’s more safe for your cat and your family

You don’t want a dirty litter box lingering around

There are many bacteria, ammonia, parasites that can be harmful

So a clean litter box is more safe

Also, a clean litter box will ensure your cat uses it as a dirty litter box your cat will most likely not use it

So the benefits of clean litter box is important

Now if you don’t have time to clean the litter box everyday then it can cause problems

But with a automatic litter box you know it’s being cleaned everyday

This basically saves you a lot of time and hassle

In short

If you want a healthy cat and your family to stay healthy and also want your cat to use the litter box then a automatic litter box is surely worth it

Let’s quickly look at the benefits of a automatic self cleaning litter box

Benefits Of a Self Cleaning Litter Box

No More Scooping 

Let’s face it, scooping cat litter everyday is not something we want to do everyday

There’s so many other things on our minds

Work, feeding the kids, cooking for ourselves

There’s only so much we can do

On top of that – you have to scoop cat litter and then clean the litter box

It’s not easy

With a automatic litter box – there’s no scooping at all

That’s all taken care of

The most you got to do is just empty the waste drawer – that’s it!

Makes life a bit more easier right?

Don’t Have To Deal With Cat Waste

Scooping cat litter can be dangerous

If you’re asthmatic then the dust can cause you problems

It can also cause your cat problems too which is why it’s important to get cat litter that is not dusty

The waste in the litter creates ammonia fumes which can be toxic and cause respiratory problems

The less contact you have with cat litter the better

With an automatic cat litter box you don’t have to deal with cat litter

Let the self cleaning litter box do the job and keep you safe

Less Litter Box Odor

One of the worst things about litter boxes is the smell of cat urine odor

It can stink up the whole house making your house smell like one big litter box!

If you’re not scooping daily then the smell can get really bad

But with a automatic litter box you won’t have to worry about your house smelling like a litter box

It’s being cleaned everyday so there’s no waste lingering around

No more being embarrassed when guests come over (I know the feeling!)

Clean Litter For Your Cat 

You just have to clean the actually unit here and there and just empty the waste drawer

Apart from that you’re all hands off

You’re happy because you don’t have to scoop

Your cat is happy because they got clean litter every time when nature calls

A clean litter box means your cat will use it

A dirty litter box will most likely cause your cat to pee and poo elsewhere

So with a automatic litter box you’re happy and your cats happy

A happy cat is a healthy cat!



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