Best Automatic Cat Litter Box For Large Cats

In this article you’re going to discover the best automatic cat litter box for large cats

I’ll give you my best overall and then all other automatic litter boxes that are still pretty awesome

So if you’re looking for the very best automatic litter box then you’re in the right place

Let’s dive in!

Cleaning the litter box is very important

It should be done everyday


Well, your cat won’t use a dirty litter box just as how we wouldn’t want to use a washroom that is filthy

So if they are not going to use the litter box

Where will they go?

That’s right – you beautiful carpet or that expensive rug!

Some cats love doing their business on the bathroom rug

Another very important reason to clean the litter box is cat litter that has been used can be dangerous

It can be a health risk to your cat and your family

Especially if you leave the litter box in the bedroom

Now if you have large cats

Choosing a automatic litter box can be tricky

You want to make sure you get the right size

Basically you want the best out there!

Let’s look my recommendation of the best electric cat litter box

What Is The Best Electric Cat Litter Box

If you want the really best out there then I would recommend..

Litter Robot 3

Why do I recommend Litter Robot?


It’s the best out there

All cat parents love this and recommend it to others

If you are a busy person and just don’t have time scooping litter every day then this litter box will change your world!

Imagine coming home from a hard days work and you just want to relax

Just when you’re about to have a cup of coffee and put your feet up you realize the litter box needs scooping and cleaning

Now if you don’t clean it

It’s going to be dirty and you know your little Kitty won’t use a dirty litter box and you can’t blame her because we wouldn’t want to use a dirty washroom

So if your cat won’t use the litter box

Guess what she’s going to use?

Yep, your carpet

Or that beautiful rug

Somewhere in the corner of the house!

Don’t even get me started at how bad it will stink

So you have no choice but to clean the litter box even though you’re pretty much exhausted!

Another thing is, if you don’t change the litter, dirty litter can be harmful

Harmful for your cat and for your family

It is tiring to clean the litter box everyday right?

Here’s the good news

With Litter Robot you never have to worry about scooping again 

How awesome is that!

You can come home from work and literally put your feet up

Let the litter robot do your job for you

You must be wondering

How does the litter robot work?

Is it safe for my cat?

How does it know when to actually clean itself?

Let me explain

You set a timer on the litter robot

For example

You want the litter robot to clean itself 15 minutes after your cat has used it

Now what happens is once your cat has done their business

15 minutes later the Litter Robot will start to rotate and remove any feces or clumping litter and discard of it

This will leave the fresh litter available

You see, the litter robot works with your cats weight

So it has a sensor and realizes when your cat is in the Litter Robot

What if my cat decides to go back in or another cat uses it whilst the litter robot is working? 

Not to worry

As soon as your cat enters again the Litter Robot will detect this and stop completely

It’s pretty much very safe for your cat

Ideal for large cats too as they have plenty of space inside to not feel cramped

It’s ideal for a multi-cat household too

Backed with a 18 month warranty giving you a piece of mind knowing if something goes wrong you can get it fixed

How awesome is this right?

I mean knowing you never have to scoop litter again and having that piece of mind the litter is always fresh for your cat

It’s a safe and healthy option

The price is on the steep side

But I guess you pay for what you get and trust me you won’t regret this investment

Actually they have a offer that’s going on

You get $25 OFF your purchase

I don’t know when this offer will end or if it’s still available so you might want to act quick and take advantage of it

>>Click Here To See If The Offer Is Still On<<

If you want to learn more then you can check out my in-depth review

I pretty much answer every question you may have and go through the pros and cons

Litter Robot 3 Review 

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Automatic with Disposable Tray

Here’s another awesome automatic litter box

It automatically removes waste so you never have to do any scooping, cleaning or even refilling your cats litter box for weeks!

With this automatic litter box it uses crystal litter which by the way is 5 x better at odor control than clumping cat litter and is 99% dust free so it’s safe too

Here’s why you’re going to love this unique automatic litter box

  • The crystal litter is 5 x better at odor control compared to all other cat litter
  • It’s not that expensive compared to other automatic litter boxes but is still very high quality
  • Monitor your cats health as this litter box keeps track of how many times your cat has used the litter box
  • Never need to scoop, clean or refill the litter box for weeks – very hands off!
  • 99% dust free cat litter and doesn’t stick to your cats paws which means less tracking
  • Safety sensors so will only clean when your cat is out of the litter box
  • Disposable tray has a plastic lining which protects it from any leaks
  • Includes a privacy cover which gives your cat some much needed privacy

I mean you can’t go wrong with this automatic litter box

Imagine never needing to worry about changing the litter box for weeks!

Gives you plenty of time which means you can spend more quality time with your cat!

The box dimensions are 27.5 x 19 x 7 inches.

Litter area dimensions 14 x 14 inches.

For a great price you can get a really good self cleaning litter box

You can check out the latest price over at Amazon by clicking here 

Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

When you hear the brand Natures Miracle you know you’re in good hands

This self cleaning litter box is perfect for large cats

Giving your cat fresh clean litter every day is something your cat will appreciate

With Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box you know your cat will be getting fresh litter

Equipped with a smart detection motion sensor, this litter box will automatically scoop the litter itself

Leaving you very hands off and giving you that piece of mind that there is fresh litter for your cat

Here’s Why You’ll Love This 

  • Easy to use with 3 operating modes – on, off, clean – That simple!
  • Smart detection motion sensor so will clean as soon as your cat has done their business
  • Extra large box for large cats
  • Ideal for multi – cat households
  • Very easy to set up – Refill, relax and remove!
  • Night light so gives your cat visibility if nature calls during the night
  • High walls to prevent litter scatter and any accidents
  • Paw cleaning ramp helps prevent litter tracking when your cat exists the litter box

Overall it’s just perfect

Let this automatic self cleaning box do all the work whilst you relax and bond with your cat

Perfect for your large cat

It don’t need batteries as it works with a electrical cord

Wrapping It Up

Getting a automatic cat litter box is not just that easy

Especially if it’s for a large cat

You want to get something that will be comfortable for your cat

To be honest they don’t come cheap like a normal standard litter box

So you want to make sure you have the very best one out there

Otherwise it can be a big mistake that will be expensive

Lucky for you I have done the research and you just got to pick one saving you time just how a automatic cat litter box would

My recommendation would be the Litter Robot simply because it’s the best out there

You can’t go wrong with it

It has great reviews and a lot of cat parents recommend it too

Yes, it can be a bit pricey but you get what you pay for

The other 2 I have recommended are awesome too but for me Litter Robot has the edge over the rest

Make sure to check out my in-depth review of the litter robot 3

Litter Robot 3 review 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Automatic Cat Litter Boxes Worth It?

That’s up to you to decide

You have to look at your life and the time you have

Are you okay with cleaning cat litter all your life?

Are you okay with hunching over, scooping cat litter, disposing it and then adding fresh litter?

It’s time consuming right?

I mean if you’re okay with that, you don’t need a automatic litter box

As long as you’re cleaning it everyday because leaving cat litter that is dirty is harmful to your cat and to you and your family

If you leave the litter box in the bedroom and it’s not cleaned regularly then you are asking for trouble

Check out my article – dangers of litter boxes in the bedroom 

Now if you are the type of person who values time or maybe you don’t have much time and just wished the litter box would clean on it’s own then yes, a automatic litter box is deffo worth it

If you’re a busy person because you work full time and you’re a mom too then I would recommend a self cleaning litter box

You will save so much time

Imagine you come home from work and you don’t need to worry about the litter box

It’s being cleaned itself and fresh litter is available for your kitty all the time 

It’s good for both you and your cat

With a fresh clean litter box you know your cat will use it

A dirty litter box – the chances of your cat doing their business outside the litter box is extremely high

You can’t blame them because just as your cat won’t use a dirty litter box

I’m sure you won’t set a foot in a dirty washroom

Your cats are the same too


Automatic self cleaning litter box are worth it if you want to make it worth if that makes sense

If you want to come home from work and relax, spend time with your family, your cat and not worry about scooping cat litter ever again then yes a automatic litter box is worth it

You’re basically saving time and making sure your cat stays healthy as well as your family by keeping fresh litter ready

Do Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Really Work?

Of course they do!

Don’t get me wrong they still need some work but not as much as your standard litter box

What I mean by this is, you’re not scooping cat litter

But you do have empty the tray every so often

For example

With the Litter Robot

You have to empty the waste drawer where all the dirty litter is discarded

This has to be emptied every 5 – 7 days depending on how many cats you have and how often they used the litter box

When you think about it, emptying the waste drawer every say 5 days, is that really considered to be work? compared to scooping every day? – for me I would take emptying the waste draw every 5 days then scooping every single day

So yes, they do work and you don’t have to worry about it not working

Of course things can go wrong just with any machine – after all it is electronic but you can get it fixed

That’s why Litter Robot comes with a 18 month warranty – just gives you that piece of mind

Can You Use Regular Litter In Automatic Litter Box

With automatic litter boxes the best litter to use is clumping litter

They work better than any other types of litter

The best thing to do is to read the instruction for whichever automatic litter box you have and see which litter it takes

The best litter I would recommend?

Pretty Litter is meant to be really good

It’s made of crystals which is sand-like texture so should be okay for your automatic litter box

Another brand I would recommend is World’s best litter

They are meant to be awesome too

It’s clumping litter and both Pretty Litter and worlds best are dust free which is always a nice bonus!

Can’t decide which one to get between the two?

This article of mine will help you make a good decision

Pretty Litter vs Worlds Best Cat litter – Which is the best?

What To Look Out For When Buying a Automatic Litter Box

There are many things to consider before buying a automatic litter box

They are not cheap so purchasing the correct one is very important

Last thing you want is to buy the wrong one!

So here’s what you should for when buying one


Cats love their privacy especially when they’re doing their business

That said, all cats are different and you know your cat better than anyone else

Still, it’s something to consider for sure

Does the litter box have any covering?

Is it enclosed?

Does it give your cat privacy when they use it

Having a hooded cat litter box can stop the smell of cat urine odor so that’s a plus point


Can your cat fit comfortably inside the litter box and move around freely

You don’t want to get something where your cat feels trapped and can barely move

Chances are they won’t use it

Another thing to mention is, how much space do you have

Will the litter box take up too much space?

These are things you need to consider


With automatic litter boxes the noise can be very loud!

That’s something you don’t want

You want a self cleaning litter box that makes very minimum noise

Otherwise your cat may not use it and will be scared of it

And if that happens it can be very difficult to get your cat to use the litter box


Not all automatic litter boxes work perfectly

Some may not clean properly

Machines are not perfect so when you are reading reviews make sure you consider what other cat parents say about how well the litter box cleans itself

That’s why I recommended the Litter Robot as the best out there because it does the job!


Do you know where you’re going to place the litter box

Do you have enough space

If the litter box works with a electric cord then you need to make sure there’s plenty of space near the outlet

Make sure there is plenty of space for your automatic litter box


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