6 Best High Sided Litter Box | 2020 Updated Review

In this article you’re going to discover what is the best high sided litter box

If you’re tired of cleaning cat urine outside of the litter box because your cat keeps peeing standing or they keep having accidents then you’re going to love this article

Let’s get started!

The cat litter box plays such an important part in your cats life

We may not think of it but when you do, you realize this is something they use everyday

So choosing the right one is very important

You don’t want to spend so much money on a litter box only to realize your cat don’t like using it

Or your cat is peeing outside the litter box because it’s too small

Lucky for you I have reviewed the best litter boxes that have high side walls which will make it easier for your cat to pee inside the litter

And save you the trouble of cleaning the outside of the litter box

Here’s my best overall litter box that is high sided that you should get

Best Overall High Sided Litter Box – Litter Robot 3

This is by far the best litter box you will ever get

I mean how cool does that look?

Would look awesome in your house

Besides how cool it looks, It will keep your cat from spraying outside the litter box or making any mess


It’s enclosed so your cat won’t be able to pee outside of it by mistake

You won’t get a better litter box than this

All cat parents that have purchased this love it and recommends it every other cat parent

You might be wondering

What is the Litter Robot? 

It’s not a robot for sure

But it kinda works like one

It’s a self cleaning litter box

That means – you never have to clean the litter box ever again 

That’s right!

The cleaning is done on it’s own

You just have to remove the waste at the bottom of the litter robot and discard it

That’s it

Imagine how much life will get easier by this?

Cleaning the litter box is a chore and it can become tiring

Especially if you work full time

You come home and want to relax but you realize the litter box needs cleaning

If you don’t clean it then your cat won’t use it because it’s dirty

Which means – your carpet will have a puddle of urine and somewhere in the house you’ll find cat poo!

Don’t even get me started on how bad the house will smell!

Okay, so how does it work, you ask?

How does the Litter Robot works? 

It’s pretty amazing how this works

The Litter Robot detects when your cat enters the litter robot

This is by a weight sensitive switch

When your cat is in the litter robot doing their business the litter robot won’t start

It’s pretty safe

When does it clean?

You set a timer when you want it to start

For example, 15 minutes after the cat has left the Litter Robot

So what happens is once your cat leaves the Litter Robot

15 minutes later it will start to rotate and clean itself

I know what you’re thinking

What if your cat goes back into the litter robot?

The Litter Robot will detect this and stop completely

So it’s pretty safe and your cat will love it for sure

Will they be scared?

All cats are curious right?

But once they know it’s safe to use then it’s all good

Here’s a quick video showing how it works

As you can see in the video your cat won’t make any mess at all

It’s high sided and enclosed too

Another important note

Cleaning the litter box is very important

You don’t want cat litter that is full of urine and poop to linger around

It’s dangerous for your cat and for you and your family

That’s why it’s important to clean the litter right away

Which makes my point even stronger to have a self cleaning litter box like the Litter Robot because you know that after 15 minutes – there will be fresh litter

Here’s some other good news

You can get $25 OFF your purchase

It’s a special offer they have

I don’t know how long this offer is for so you might want to act quick and take advantage

>>Click Here To See If The Offer Is Still On<<

Want to learn more about the Litter Robot?

I have written a very in-depth review about it which pretty much covers everything

You can check it our by clicking the link below

Litter Robot 3 Review 

The price is high but you get what you pay for

It comes with a warranty too so if anything goes wrong at least you have that piece of mind that it will get fixed without costing any more

Best Budget Litter Box

If you can’t afford something like the Litter Robot

Or maybe you just don’t want a automatic self cleaning litter box then that’s completely okay

So here’s a really popular litter box that is high sided and is very affordable

Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box, 23 x 18.5 x 11 inches

What I love about Natures miracle high sided litter box is it’s simplicity

Plain and simple and does the job of keeping cat urine inside the litter box if your cat loves to spray or pees outside by accident

The walls are about 10 inches high which is more than enough to make sure no accidents happen

It’s open top so your cat does not feel trapped although some cats love their privacy!

The low entry makes it easier for any cat to enter it

So if your cat is elderly or has arthritis then it would be very ideal for them too

It’s made with a special non stick surface that makes it easier to clean

It’s also antimicrobial which protects the product

The main thing is it has high sided walls which will prevent any accidents and will also prevent cat litter scattering outside of the litter box when your cat digs to bury their feces

The price is not too bad

It’s actually very affordable

You can get yours by clicking here 

Here’s another awesome litter box for your high spraying cat

Modkat Top Entry Litter Box

A open entry litter box is popular among cat parents

And also cats too

Cats love their privacy and the Modkat litter box provides just that

If you want to make sure 100% the urine and litter stay inside the litter box then this is the one for you

Take a look at the picture

There is no chance of litter being scattered everywhere or cat pee somehow getting outside – no chance at all

What about when my cat leaves the litter box – the litter on his paw will leave cat litter scattered outside

Good question

Here’s what I love about this solution to the problem

At the top of the litter box the lid is grated

So when your cat walks on the top it will remove any litter stuck to your cats paws

Not bad right?

Overall it’s a pretty cool litter box that will ensure there is no urine accident or litter being tracked everywhere

But just with any products there are cons

And it’s fair to mention them too


  • Not all cats like using a top entry litter box – some cats feel trapped
  • Your cats head will stick out when they do their business which may be uncomfortable for your cat
  • Because it’s a open top litter box the smell of cat urine and cat poop is not covered
  • The price may be a bit on the high side so not ideal for those who are on a budget

Overall it’s a awesome litter box that will keep litter inside the box and also ensure there is no accidents

It will also go well with any of your home decor too!

It has 4.4 out 5 stars on Amazon so it shows a lot of cat parents love it!

You can check out their reviews by clicking here 

Wrapping It Up

These are my top 3 high sided litter box

They are all pretty good and will do the job of keeping cat urine inside the litter box

These litter boxes will also make sure cat litter is not being scattered everywhere

My number one recommendation is the Litter Robot because it saves you a lot of time from cleaning

At least you know that cat urine is not being spilled over the top because the litter robot is enclosed

You never have to clean the litter box again because this does it automatically

Knowing the litter box is clean everyday gives you a piece of mind too

1 – you know the litter box is cleaned so your cat will most likely use it – no issues

2 – Its healthy and safe because having a dirty litter box can cause harm to your cats health and your health too

Make sure to take advantage of their special offer

>>Click Here To See If The Offer Is Still On<<

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look out for when buying a high sided litter box? 

You might think looking for a litter box that is high sided is a simple thing to do

But there are many other factors to consider when you think about all the details that will be best for your cat

Here’s some important factors to consider

  • Size Of Litter Box – The size of the litter box is very important because you don’t want to get something too big for your house. You want to get something that is ideal for your cat to have enough room to do their business. You don’t want your cat to feel trapped in the litter box. There should be enough room for them
  • Hooded litter box or no hood? – All cats are different and some cats love their privacy whereas other cats can feel scared being enclosed inside their litter box. To be honest, your cat will get used to any litter box but you know your cat better than I do
  • Entrance Into The Litter Box – Is your cat old? Does he find it hard to jump onto things now? or maybe your cat has arthritis then getting a litter box that is easy to get into is very important as it will make it easier for your cat to use. If your cat is young and energetic then a high entry litter box will be ideal for them.
  • Shape –  Where are you going to put the litter box? if it’s in the corner then make sure it’s something that will fit there perfectly. Or if you are putting anywhere in the house then you can choose whichever shape you think will look good with your home decor

Where To Put The Litter Box

Just as choosing the litter box is important

Where to put it is important too

You want to put the litter box someplace where it’s easily accessible for your cat

So when your cat wants to use it – it’s easy for them otherwise if you put it some place where your cat has to do a lot of work to get there – chances are your cat will stop using the litter box altogether!

Try to avoid putting the litter box near their food bowl because I’m sure your cat won’t want to do their business where they eat their food

Avoid the laundry room or in a room where there is a lot of noise such as dishwasher or washing machine

This will scare your cat and create a negative experience using the litter box

That means litter box avoidance which leads to your cat peeing everywhere

If you have a small apartment and struggling to find a place then check out my article

Where to put cat litter box in a small apartment 

I actually have a article about the best litter boxes to get for small spaces

So if you don’t have much space to play with then check out my article best cat litter boxes for small spaces 

How To Make a High Sided Litter Box

If you are a DIY person then maybe you can create your own high sided litter box

Honestly, I have no idea how you can make this because I have never made it myself!

I know you can use a storage bin or something

Petprojectblog have some awesome ideas on how you can do this

Me personally, I would rather buy a litter box

Can You Teach Your Cat To Stop Peeing High?

You don’t want to interfere with your cat in the way they pee

It’s best to leave them to it because it may cause them stress

And when a cat is stressed this can lead to litter box avoidance

Trust me, you don’t want to be dealing with that

The best thing to do is get a high sided litter box

There are plenty out there

I have recommended my top 3 which will suit your cat who sprays high or has accidents

Here are some other high sided litter box that you could consider

Van Ness CP2HS Large High Sides Cat Litter Pan, Assorted Colors

A very affordable litter box that has high sided walls

You can’t go wrong with this one

The dimension is as follows

Size – 21.25×17.75×9 inches

It’s big and can accommodate your cat well

Let’s look at the pros and cons


  • Very affordable for those cat parents that are on a budget or don’t want to spend too much
  • Easy cleaning
  • Great at minimizing cat litter scattering
  • High sided walls means your cat won’t able to pee over the litter box


  • The entrance to the litter box is slightly high so not ideal for elderly cats or cats that may be suffering from arthritis
  • The material may be less durable because it’s not a expensive model

Overall it’s a great litter box at a very good price

You can check it out by clicking here

Omega Paw NRA15-1 Improved Roll ‘n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

Looks pretty cool right?

It’s a self cleaning litter box

Here’s the surprise though

It does not use any electricity

And it doesn’t cost a fortune!

How does it work?

You just tilt the box sideways and the mess goes away just like that

Okay it’s a bit more than that but you can read it over at Amazon as it explains it better

But if you hate scooping and can’t afford the Litter Robot then this litter box may be the perfect one for you

It has high sided walls so you know litter tracking won’t happen neither any urine accidents

The only downside is

It does not scoop all the litter when you tilt it

So you basically still have to scoop

It makes it easier I guess but a self cleaning litter box should mean you don’t do anything right?

Have a read of how it works and the reviews too by heading over to Amazon > Click here to check it out on Amazon 

IRIS USA Large Hooded Litter Box with Scoop and Grate, Blue CLH-15

This unique litter box is a litter box with a lid and without a lid if that makes sense

It’s a litter box but you can attach the hood which gives your cat privacy and prevents litter tracking and any other accidents

It has a frontal spout for easy access

Cleaning is easy too because it has a high polished interior surface

You get a matching litter scoop that clips nicely to the side of the Litter box

You can check it out over at Amazon by clicking here 

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