3 Best Litter Boxes For Messy Cats | High tech options

In this article we’re going to look at what the best litter box is for messy cats

Cleaning up the litter box is one thing

But the mess your cat can leave can be a problem

And it can become frustrating too

So if you want a litter box that will suit your “messy” cat

You’re going to love this article

Let’s get started!

Buying a litter box is not just picking any random litter box

It takes careful consideration and you have to take in a lot of factors

Now if you have a messy cat then it makes it even more difficult

Lucky for you, I have done the research

You just have to pick which litter box you love the most for your messy cat

Without babbling any further

Let’s look at my best overall cat litter box

Best Overall Cat Litter Box For Your Messy Cat

If you want the very best cat litter box that won’t make any mess regardless of how messy your cat can get then I would recommend

Litter Robot 3

I’m not surprised why so many cat parents love the litter robot

Not only does it stop your cat from making a mess

But it cleans itself!

That is a major bonus 

Imagine, you never have to clean the litter box

I mean some cat parents enjoy it but doing it everyday and staying on top of it can be difficult

And what makes it even more difficult is when your cat is already messy

He leaves a mess behind

It’s double the work

It’s important to clean the litter box everyday

Leaving cat urine and cat feces in the litter can be dangerous and harmful to you and your cat

Which is why you have to clean up everyday – preferably twice a day

But with the litter robot you know your cat will not make a mess because it’s enclosed

You don’t have to clean up too because the Litter Robot does that

How you ask?

You set the Litter Robot a timer

So when your cat has done their business

The Litter Robot will automatically turn and clean itself 10 minutes after your cat has left the litter box (Or whatever timer you have set it on)

It rotates and removes any clumps and feces

And keeps the clean litter

All you got to do is remove the waste from the bottom

That’s it!

You actually save money on Litter too because it doesn’t use much

Here’s a video on how the Litter Robot works so you get an idea

Looks so futuristic right?

Don’t worry your cat won’t be scared of it

It may take some getting used to

But they will love it

The Price you ask?

Yes – It’s a bit on the steep side

I mean you do get what you pay for and its a very good investment

It does come with a 18 month warranty which does give you a piece of mind

You don’t have to pay full price because they have a special offer

$25 OFF your purchase

How long is this offer going to last?

I got no idea so you might want to act quick and take advantage!

>>Click Here To See If The Offer Is Still On<<

If you want to learn more and have some questions in your mind that need answering

I would recommend checking out my very in-depth Litter Robot 3 Review 

Runner Up – Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

This Top Entry Litter Box comes as a runner up

It’s a really good litter box

What do I love about this litter box?

Well, you’re here because you want a litter box that would be best for your cat who tends to be a bit messy

This litter box is pretty much designed for those type of cats

Those cats that love to kick litter and dig their way through!

Your cat will love the privacy because it’s enclosed

So if you have a dog that loves getting into your cats litter tray then this would be ideal because it’s dog proof

Does your cat track litter when they come out of the litter box?

It leaves a big mess right?

This litter box stops this


The top of the litter box is zig zagged to make sure any dust or litter falls off quickly and back into the box

Don’t worry about the pattern on top of the box because your cat won’t mind it as it’s comfortable to walk upon

Your cat just needs to hop in and jump back out again – pretty simple

Another great job is it controls the smell

The smell of the litter box can cause the whole house to smell!

Because this is a top entry and is not detachable the odor is contained very well

Let’s quickly look at the pros and cons


– Contains odor

– Reduces litter tracking

– Easy to clean

– Gives your cat privacy

– Dog proof


– Not suitable for kittens under 3 months

– Not suitable for large cat, elderly and disabled

Overall it’s a very good litter box that is cleverly designed

The price is actually good too

You can check it our over at Amazon by clicking here

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

What I love about this litter box is it has a front door which prevents litter tracking

So if your cat loves to kick litter – you know with this litter box it won’t go outside of the litter box because of the door

That’s the main point for this litter box as it’s ideal for messy cats

But there are other awesome features too!

Here’s a quick summary about all the good stuff


– Ideal for large cats and multi-cat households

– Front door to prevent litter tracking

– Overlap mechanism to prevent leaks caused by urinating

– Has a carry handle so you can easily transport it

– Integrated carbon filter for optimal ventilation

– Easy access maintenance door to add new litter

– Easy to disassemble and clean

– Made with BPA free materials

Writing that list tired me out!

It shows how cool this litter box is

It does tick all the boxes (except that it’s not self cleaning)

The most important part is – prevents litter tracking

Dimension of the litter box

22.4 L x 18.3 H x 17 W Inches

There is plenty of space inside the litter box for your kitty to do their business

Gives them great privacy too

We’ve looked at all the good stuff but just with any product there are some cons too


– The unit needs a lot of litter if you want it to be a good depth

– Latches don’t clip strongly so it may not be securely attached

– The flap door that swings can sometimes get stuck which means the door can be left open sometimes

– Your cat may feel trapped with the flap door

– If your cat urinates high then the litter box may leak through the middle seam

Overall the pros do outweighs the cons

In short the Catit Jumbo Hooded litter box is best suited for the following

  • Small, medium or large cats
  • If you have 2 small sized cats
  • If your cat usually has accidents on the edge of the litter box
  • If your cat is messy and creates a mess outside the litter box

You can get yours by heading over to Amazon by clicking here 

Modkat Litter Box

A 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon makes this litter box a no brainer

If you’re looking for a litter box that will keep the litter inside the litter because your cat loves making a mess then you’re going to love this litter tray

It is a enclosed design which keeps the litter in the box but also gives your cat privacy (Cats love their privacy)

The top of the litter tray has a grated lid so when your cat walks off the top, the grated lid helps remove any litter that may be stuck to your kittys paw

Here’s the key features of Modkat Litter Box

  • Enclosed litter box gives your cat privacy when they’re doing their business
  • Helps to reduce any litter tracking
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a scoop that comes with it which you can hang on the side of the litter box
  • Comes in different color
  • Very stylish design

The dimension of the litter box is

16″ W x 16″ D x 15″ H

Let’s look at the pros and cons


  • Great design that blends with any decor in your home
  • Minimizes litter tracking and keeps litter inside the litter box – Ideal for messy cats!
  • Keeps dogs out of the litter box
  • Your cat has privacy
  • Easy to scoop and replace the litter
  • Great depth of the litter box
  • Good at odor control
  • Comes with different colors


  • Not all cats will be willing to use a open entry litter box
  • Your cat has to do their business in a certain position with their heads sticking out
  • The price may be a bit on the high side for some cat parents
  • It does not cover the feces or the smell of urine because it’s a open top litter box

Overall it’s a good litter box

It is good at containing the litter so for messy cats this litter box is perfect

Worried about messing up your home decor with a litter box?

Modkat is perfect because it’s very stylish and modern so will fit into any room decor

You can get yours over at Amazon by clicking here 


If your cat is messy and loves kicking litter about or they carry litter on their paws and make a BIG mess outside the litter box then it’s time to choose a litter box that will stop this

I mean you can’t stop your cat from kicking litter all over the place but by buying a litter box that reduces is something you can do

Cleaning the litter box is already a chore but then cleaning outside the litter box makes things a little harder

Especially if you’re tired from a hard days work

For this reason I would recommend Litter Robot


Because it stops litter kicking

You never have to scoop litter again because it does itself

That’s a dream for every cat parent

Knowing the area around the litter box is clean and the litter box is clean itself

Saves you A LOT of time! 

You can use that time to bond with your little furball

Check out my in-depth review of Litter Robot 3 

The other 2 I have recommended are good too but overall I would recommend Litter Robot

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cat so messy with her litter box?

It’s normal for your cat to be messy with her litter box

If you look at what your cat does when they go into the litter box you’ll realize they inspect the material (the litter) then they start to dig a a small hole after which they do their business

Then they bury it by kicking litter all over it

That’s where the problem comes in of litter being everywhere

So now if the litter box is small and the sides are small too then litter is going to be scattered all over the place

Getting a litter box that has high sides will help stop this

Kicking litter and burying their feces is in their nature

How do I keep cat litter from getting everywhere?


Get a litter box that has high sides because that way litter can’t get over the litter box

Or you can purchase a litter box that has a hood to prevent litter flying over the top

If you can, put the litter box in someplace where it’s out of sight

You can also put a carpet in front of the litter so it’s easier to clean

What is the best litter to buy for non tracking? 

I would recommend Pretty Litter because it’s made of crystals so they are less likely to stick your cats paws

Another bonus is you can monitor your cats health with Pretty Litter

It’s dust free and great at odor control

In short – It’s a excellent choice for cat litter

Want to learn more about Pretty Litter?

Check out my review

Pretty Litter Review 

If you want to have a couple of options to choose from then check out my article

Best cat litter for cats 

Can you vacuum cat litter?

As long as you’re not vacuuming huge amount of cat litter then it should be okay because many vacuum experts have said cat litter is safe to when vacuum!

If your cat has caused a huge amount of mess and there’s a lot of litter everywhere then it would be best to sweep it up

Last thing you want is to break your vacuum

Hard clay granules can damage the mechanical components

And if the litter is dusty – It could clog the filters

But hey! You won’t have to vacuum any litter because you’re going to purchase a litter box that prevents litter tracking!

Best litter box for small spaces

If you live in a small apartment or you don’t have much space to play with when it comes to litter box then choosing the right one can be difficult

You have to make sure it fits into your apartment and doesn’t take up too much space

I actually have written a article about the best litter box you can get for a small space

Check it out by clicking the link below

Best litter box for small spaces 

Do cats use top entry litter boxes? 

When it comes to keeping the litter inside the litter box – a top entry litter box is the best to do this

The problem is – will your cat use it?

This depends

All cats are different

But I don’t see why your cat won’t use it

They’ll love the privacy

If your cat is old, suffers from arthritis then no, it wouldn’t be wise to purchase a top entry litter box


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