What Is The Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control?

In this article you’re going to discover the best cat litter box for odor control

I’m going to be reviewing different types of litter box and they’re all good for odor control

Also, I’ll reveal the best litter to use that is great for odor eliminator

You don’t need to do any research because I’ve done that for you

Just pick which one you think is best – that’s it!

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

When it comes to litter box

I think all cat parents can agree – the smell of the litter box can make the whole house smell!

And it’s not a smell you’d want your house stinking like

The worst part?

When guests come over and your house is smelling like a litter box – it can be embarrassing

Which is why it’s important to choose a litter box that is great at odor control

Lucky for you, you just gotta choose the one you want cause I have chosen the best litter box that is great at odor control

Here’s what I think is the best litter box for odor control

Best Overall Cat Litter Tray For Odor Control

I would recommend the Litter Robot 3

ALL cat parents love the litter robot – Here’s why

Great At Odor Control 

Well you are looking for a litter box that is great at odor control and the Litter Robot does just that

It’s enclosed so stops the smell of the litter box engulfing your house

It cleans on it’s own straight after your cat has used it so you know there’s always fresh litter and the dirty litter has been cleaned

Whereas a normal litter box you have to clean it up everyday and stay on top of it

The litter robot cleans itself

Which leads me to my next point

Self Cleaning Litter Box 

Imagine never having to scoop litter ever again

Life would be pretty easy right?

I mean coming back from a hard days work and knowing the litter is cleaned already

Well the Litter Robot does just that

It cleans itself!

That’s awesome!

You don’t have to scoop litter ever

How does the Litter Robot work you ask?

What happens is your cat will use the Litter Robot

After 15 minutes the Litter Robot will start to clean itself

You set the timer

And the Litter Robot will detect when your cat has left the Litter Robot and then will wait for how long you set it

Then it’ll start to rotate and remove any waste and keep the fresh litter

That means you’ll be using less litter which means you’ll save money cause you won’t need to buy as much litter

The Litter Robot Uses Less Litter

Litter is essential for every cat

So you have to make sure you’re on top of it always

By the time you know it – you’ve just used up the whole litter bag

But with Litter Robot you won’t be using much litter

So if you want a litter box that is

  1. Great at odor control
  2. Self cleaning so you don’t have to scoop litter again
  3. Uses less litter saving you money

Then I would recommend Litter Robot

It is a bit pricey but hey, you get what you pay for

And all cat parents have said that it is completely worth it


Then make sure you act quick because they have a special offer which is $25 OFF the original price 

I don’t know how long this offer will last till so you might want to take advantage of this

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Here’s the Litter Robot in action so you can see for yourself how it exactly works

If you want to learn more about this awesome Litter box that cleans itself then check out my very in-depth review where I go into detail everything about the Litter Robot

I talk about the pros and cons

How it works

Where you can buy

All the features

Is it worth buying?

Pretty much covers everything

All your questions answered – deffo worth a read

Click the link below (it will take you to my review)

Litter Robot Review

There you have my number 1 recommendation

Want to know what the runner up is?

Carry on reading

Runner Up Cat Litter Box

If you think the Litter Robot is not for you or maybe you don’t have the budget to purchase one right now then here’s another litter box that is good at odor control

Purina Tidy Cats Hooded Litter Box System,

What I love about this litter box is it prevents ammonia odor for up to 7 days

The pad that you insert in the Breeze litter system drawer helps prevent the smell of cat urine odor

But this is as long as you change the pad before it gets too full and keep up with removing the stool

So yes, there is some work involved but at least you prevent the smell of cat urine odor

If you look at it as a negative then it means you have to keep on top of cleaning the litter box and making sure you remove any poop

This is normal because as cat parents we are always cleaning the litter box

But then again, it can get tiring especially if you go work or a busy mom!

That’s why I recommended the Litter Robot as the best overall

You don’t have to worry about cleaning

If you don’t mind cleaning then you’ll be glad to know this litter box is very easy to clean

It’s easy to clean and easy to set up too

I’m sure your cat will love it

And you too because you know that for 7 days there won’t be no smell of cat urine

It’s not a bad choice

The price is actually really good too

Head over to Amazon to check the price by clicking here

Want to know which litter box comes 3rd place?

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Warm Gray

This cool litter box is great for odor control and also for large cats

So if you have a large cat then this litter box would be ideal

It might take up a bit of space but it’s good at odor control

How does it control odor?

It has a carbon filter that works to remove the odor

Another good thing is your cat gets privacy when they’re doing their business

The price is actually really good too

Check it at over at Amazon by clicking here

Wrapping It Up

If you want the best litter box that controls then I would recommend Litter Robot

It ticks all the boxes

It’s great at odor control

Cleans itself

Uses less litter

Doesn’t take up too much space

Can be used for a multi-cat household

It’s more healthy for your cat and family because it cleans the litter straight away meaning there’s always fresh litter

Yes it is a bit pricey but for what it does – it makes it worth it

The main thing is – there is no smell of cat urine odor

Last thing you want is your house stinking like cat urine!

The other 2 I have recommended are also good, don’t get me wrong

But for me – Litter Robot gives more

Make sure to check out my review of Litter Robot because you will discover everything you need to know about it

>> Litter Robot 3 Review <<

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions

Do Covered Litter Boxes Help With Smell?

They certainly do help

If the litter box is covered it helps to contain the smell

But it doesn’t mean a covered litter box will not smell

It would be better to get a covered litter box because it does make sense that they would stop the smell of cat urine

If you noticed, the ones I have recommended are all covered litter boxes

Another factor that helps reduce the smell of cat urine is the cat litter itself

Best Cat Litter For Odor Control?

The litter plays a very important part in keeping the litter box from smelling like cat urine

Just as important as it is to choose the right litter box – it’s the same with cat litter

You want to get cat litter that will absorb the smell of cat urine

Another important thing to remember is get cat litter that is dust free

Which one would I recommend?

That’s easy!

Pretty Litter 

Have you heard of this awesome cat litter?

You’ll be blown away at what this cat litter is about

Not only is it good for odor control

But you can monitor your cats health with this litter

So if your cat is feeling ill or say your cat has UTI – when your cat uses the litter box the litter will change color indicating something is wrong

Pretty Litter

This gives you a chance to act quick and take your cat to the vets to be treated

A litter that monitors your cats health – I mean that is a life saver for your cat

Here’s a video talking about how it works

You can learn more about this litter by checking out my in-depth review

Pretty Litter Review 

They have a special offer where you get 20% OFF your first purchase 

At the checkout use the code – AFFTOY20 to get your 20% off

Does this code still work?

It should do but I’m not sure how long it will last so you might want to act quick!

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If you feel like the smell of cat urine or the cat litter box is making your house smell really bad

You can get yourself a room deodorizer specifically for cat litter box

Let’s look at which one you should get

Best Room Deodorizer For Cat Litter Box

Along with the best litter and litter box you need a room deodorizer

That’s if you can still smell the litter box

But hopefully that shouldn’t be the case because I’ve given you some pretty awesome recommendations of the best litter box for odor control

Anyhow, if you are looking to keep your room smelling fresh too then here are some good room deodorizers for the cat litter box

ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter Deodorizer With Activated Baking Soda 20 oz (Pack of 2)

Arm and Hammer is a very well known brand so you can’t go wrong

It’s a powder and a spray

So the powder keeps the litter box fresh and the spray gives a good boost of fresh scent!

It’s a great accessories to have to really get rid of the smell of the cat litter box

The last thing you want is to show resentment towards your cat because they use the litter box which is stinking up your house!

The right litter box

The right litter

And a litter box deodorant

Now that surely should control the odor

5 Awesome Way On How To Keep Litter Box From Smelling Up The House

When the litter box stinks up the whole house it can cause a lot of frustration

Like I mentioned earlier

It can cause resentment towards your cat

Simply because they’re using the litter box

That’s why it’s important to resolve this issue

And only you can do that

Here’s some cool 5 awesome ways to keep your house from smelling like a litter box

1. Scoop Daily 

Want the smell of cat litter box to go?

You gotta scoop daily – if you can scoop twice a day that would be great too

The more you scoop and remove any waste the better for your cat – well and for you too (in-particular your nose)

You want to make sure you have cat litter that is dust free because it’s more healthier for your cat and for you too (Especially if you have asthma)

Check out my top 6 best dust free cat litter for asthma

Another good reason to scooping daily is the cleaner the litter box the less likely your cat will do their business elsewhere

Cats love clean litter boxes just as we would like a clean washroom

How often should you wash the litter box 

I know what you’re thinking

Everyday cleaning the litter box is difficult and a chore! 

That’s why you need a automatic litter box

And the best one out there?

Litter Robot 3

You can’t go wrong with this

All cat parents love it

The best part?

You never have to scoop the litter box ever again

If you really want to control the odor of the litter box then I would recommend the Litter Robot

It cleans itself so you got nothing to worry about

It’s more important if you keep the litter box in your bedroom


Because it can be dangerous keeping litter that is not cleaned regularly

Check out my article dangers of the litter box in the bedroom

2. Wash Thoroughly

If you’re scooping daily then it would be easier to wash it too

You should try to do this once per month

When you clean the litter box make sure to scrub very thoroughly and be sure to wear gloves

Avoid using bleach and anything that may contain chemical because this can cause your cat to avoid using the litter box even though it’s clean!

Once you’ve finished, dry the box and then add fresh litter

3. Replace The Litter Boxes 

Try to replace the litter box once per year

The Litter box can become scratched and clawed and these scratched and claw marks are a great place for bacteria to hide and build up a smelly residence – this would cause the litter box to smell which means your room stinking too!

If you don’t have much space to play with then you can check out my article Best litter boxes for small spaces 

4. Add More Good Size Litter Boxes 

The right type of litter box is very important for your cat because if the litter box is too small then your cat may pee outside the litter box

You want to get a litter box that has high walls and has easy access

The general rule for a cat and litter box is they should have one litter box plus one extra

For example have one downstairs and one upstairs

It makes it easier for your cat to have access to them

Have a look at my article best litter box for cat that pees over the side 

5. Clean Any Messes Quickly! 

If your cat has by chance peed outside the litter box then make sure to clean it up quickly

You want to use a enzymatic cleaner because that would remove the smell of cat urine and prevent your cat from peeing in that very same spot

We cat parents know how bad cat urine stinks so the right cat urine odor remover is very important to buy

You can check out my Top 3 best cat urine remover 


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