Can Cats Understand Human Emotions

In this article you’re going to learn if cats can understand emotion

Do they understand what we are going through?

Or is it only dogs that show affection to humans and understand their emotion

You’ll be surprised so make sure you carry on reading

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Do Cats Have Feelings For Their Owners Slaves?

Let’s be honest

We are their slaves not owners! Lol

My cat knows how to get things from me and gets me to do it

Like giving him treats

He knows how to get a treat from me!


Do cats care about your feelings?

In short – Yes they do

In a study according to BBC Earth 

Cats can sense our emotions

Your cat can recognize facial expressions such as frowning and smiling

Mentioned in the article on BBC earth – Cats who saw their owners happy would want to spend more time with them and would purr or rub against their legs

This was with cats and their owners who they have had a close relationship with and not with strangers of course

Did you know

Your cat knows when you are stressed?

And this can make them stressed too

According to James Morrisey, a veterinarian at the College of Veterinary Medicine of Cornell University in New York

Cats are very good at picking up stress in people

So try to stay stress free because when you get stressed

Your cat is going to get stressed too

And when your cat is stressed then this can result in your cat peeing everywhere!

You see,

Cats do care about our emotions and they can sense it too

A lot of people tend to think cats are not sensitive animals

But in reality they are

Just as much as we need their love and affection and being in their company

They need our love and affection and attention to

The worst thing to do is to think cats don’t need love and affection

This thinking can lead to you not looking after your cats emotional needs 

Now that we know cats can sense our emotions

It’s time that we understand their emotions too right?

Why It’s Important To Understand Your Cat

Cats are amazing animals – I’m sure we can agree to that otherwise we would not have them

And when we think of cats

We think they are independent

They don’t need us

We need them

They are the complete opposite to dogs

Let me tell you

This is wrong

Cats do need our love and affection

They need us to understand them

Imagine if your cat is trying to tell you something and you have no idea

For example they are scared and they are showing this through their body language

But because you don’t know how to read their body language then it’s not good right

Or what if your cat is trying to speak to you and tell you something

But we have no idea

It’s not fair on our little kittys right

I mean, they understand us

They know when we are stressed

They give us comfort just by being with us

Have you ever felt sad and low and all of a sudden your cat comes and snuggles with you

It’s beautiful

Makes the pain go away

So we have to do the same for our cats

We need to know what our cats are saying to us

What their body language is telling us

This will enable us cat parents to become better cat parents

It will increase the bond with your cat

That’s why I had recommended to give Cat Language Bible a go

What’s Cat Language Bible?

More about that later on

Carry on reading

How To Read Your Cats Body Language

It’s important to understand our cats emotions and read their body language

If you can do this then you’ll be able to understand your cat better and look after your cat in a better way too 

You’ll also be able to tell what your cat wants from you

So the communication will improve too as this is very important (Check out my article – Do cats like being talked to)

How do you go about doing this?

Because you can’t just one day wake and all of a sudden know how to read your cats body language

It’s something that needs to be learnt right?

Here’s the solution

Cat Language Bible 

Cat Language Bible

I know what you’re thinking

What the hell is Cat Language Bible?

I’ll tell you

It’s a guide that is going to teach you how you can understand if your cat is joyful, upset, irritated or confused using a careful understanding of your cats body language

I mean that’s just pretty awesome

It doesn’t stop there

You’ll also discover and learn

How to speak directly to your cat by communicating your feelings and thoughts word by word

And using animal science you’ll learn how to build a strong bond and foundation of the human-feline communication

It’s pretty deep

But it’s definitely worth it if you want to be the best cat parent ever

You also get some pretty cool free bonuses with it

Here’s what bonuses you’ll get

Bonus 1 – The Cat Care Guide

Bonus 2 – Training Your Cat

Bonus 3 – A-To-Z Feline Nutrition

Bonus 4 – FREE Lifetime Updates

Oh and it’s backed with a 60 day money back guarantee!

That’s 2 months you have and if you think for some reason it’s not for you then you can get your money back

FULL refund. No questions asked 

I mean you got nothing to lose

But you have something to win and that’s winning your cats heart

They have a special offer going on which I think is $10 OFF the original price

I don’t know how long this offer will be so you might want to act quick and take advantage of this

Click here to check if this offer is still on 


So do cats understand human emotions

You bet they do!

They know we are stressed and this can lead to them being stressed

So make sure you leave work stress at work and try to be happy and positive around your cat

But yes, they understand what we are going through

When we are angry, sad

And they comfort us too – I’m sure you have experienced that

Cats are very intelligent animals

Yes, they are dependent on our love and affection too

Talking with your cat and understanding your cat is a great way of building a strong bond

Telling your cat how much you love them is something you should always do

I actually have a article on many cute ways you can tell your cat you love them

Check it out – How to tell your cat you love them 

Just as cats understand our emotions

It’s important that we understand their emotions too


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