Why Does My Cat Never Sit On My Lap?

In this article you’re going to learn why your cat does not sit on your lap

We’ll look at the possible reasons

You’ll also discover how you can make your cat into a lap cat

So if you want your little kitty to become more cuddly and to sit on your lap then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Your Cat Won’t Sit On Your Lap

Your cat doesn’t hate you

Or dislikes you

If you think that’s the case then check out my article my cat is not affectionate anymore and what you can do about it 

I understand the frustration

Your friends cats love sitting on their laps

But your cat just don’t want to know!

Why is that?

All cats are different

Some cats love being cuddly

And other cats love to have their own space

So maybe your cat loves their space and is just their personality

But that doesn’t mean they can’t become a lap cat

I remember when my cat Tigger first came home

He was so scared of us and very cautious

Never in a million years did I think he would ever love to cuddle and become a lap cat

Well guess what?

He loves sitting on our laps! 

He will actually look for every opportunity!

It gives me a reason to not do any work when my wife tells me to do!

So what I’m saying is not lose hope

There’s ways you can try to get your cat to become a lap cat

It’s easy because it just requires you to show your cat love and affection

How To Make Your Cat a Lap Cat

In order to make your cat a lap cat you have to show your cat love and affection!

Make sure to give your cat attention

Play with your cat

Spend quality time

And also tell your cat how much you love him

By doing all this will increase the bond between the two of you

This will make your cat appreciate you

Which is return will make your cat want to sit on your lap

Slowly Blink At Your Cat 

Have you ever notice your cat look at you and then slowly blink?

This is their way of telling you “I love you”

A brilliant sign!

Why not do the same and slowly blink at your cat

You can return the favor and tell your cat I love you too

Cute way of communicating right?

Speaking of communicating

Talk With Your Cat

That’s right

Talking with your cat is a great way of building a strong relationship

Guess what?

Your cat understands more than you think

They actually understand what you say to them

Did You Know?
The Japanese researchers found that cats understand humans, not just by voice tone but also identifying certain words including their names, the owners name, various commands you’ve used, and many other stunning eavesdropping techniques that you had no idea about…

I think as cat parents we don’t communicate with our cats as much as we should

If you already do, then that’s great

But if you don’t

Now is the time to start

You see we can provide them with the best toys

The best cat tree

High quality food

Play with them

I always say though – what about understanding our kitty?

What if we could understand what our cats are saying to us?

Or having the ability to talk to your cat in a way they understand

Cats love being talked to 

As cat parents we should learn how to talk with your cat

With this guide called Cat Language Bible you can do just this

You must be wondering what Cat Language Bible is right?

It’s a awesome guide that will teach you how you can understand your cat and talk to them in a way they understand you

I won’t go into much detail in this article because I have written a in-depth review about this which you can check out by clicking the link below

Cat Language Bible Review

Do Cats Like To Sit On Laps?

Cats love to cuddle

But again you can get some cats who have different personalities and it’s just in them not to cuddle

As I mentioned earlier

You can try to make your cat a lap cat

There is no harm in trying

It’ll do good for your cat

The main thing is to have patience

Don’t expect your cat to sit on your lap after a week or two

It can take several weeks or even months!

But in the end i will be worth it for sure!

Wrapping It Up

If your cat does not sit on your lap it’s not in the end of the world

And it doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t love you

Not all cats are the same

Some cats may not just like sitting on their owners laps

Some will do but after some time

So it does require patience and consistency

Keep showing your cat love and affection

Take some time out and have a read of Cat Language Bible

Because it’s about understanding your kitty too

And that’s what cat language bible will help you with

Since we are in lockdown and more time is being spent at home

You have plenty of time to go through this awesome guide

And learn how to talk to your cat in a way they understand and also understand your cat too

Understand your cats meows

Their body language

Imagine if you do this, the bond you will create with your cat will be beautiful

And this will result in your cat being a lap cat!

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