My Cat Is Not Affectionate Anymore & What You Can Do About It

In this article you’re going to learn why your cat is not affectionate anymore 

You’ll learn the possible reasons for this 

How you can get your cat to become affectionate 

And I’ll also reveal this awesome guide that will increase the bond with your cat to new levels!

Sound interesting? 

Let’s get started! 

You are definitely not alone when it comes to lack of affection and cats!

Cats only ever show their owner affection on their own terms.

Some cats love your lap or favorite chair and others will come rushing to rub their body against your legs and lie on their back for their tummy to be stroked, because they have realized dinner time is approaching!

Other cats are fiercely independent all the times and will spend their day away from home, doing what cats do and never think of popping back for a cuddle.

You will definitely know your cat best!

What can bother you is when your cat doesn’t seem to be as affectionate as they were – and this is worth checking out.

Don’t worry though because by the end of this article you will have hopefully have an idea why and how you can get your cat to become a affectionate kitty

Carry on reading because we going to look at what could be the reasons for this

Possible Reasons Your Cat Is Not Affectionate

There are many reasons why your cat has become less affectionate and these should be easy to spot.

Have You Recently Changed Your Daily Routine Or The Furniture Around?

Cats are creatures of habit and they really do need a daily routine to keep them happy.

Many cat parents will tell you that their pets must have swallowed an alarm clock as they know precisely what time their meal is due or you are going to change their cast litter!

Cats are easily stressed and a change in their routine could trigger this.

Believe it or not, they don’t like the furniture being moved around!

They like the confidence of knowing how thy can wander room to room without bumping into furniture in their path.

Maybe they had a favorite sunny spot on a window sill that you felt was the perfect place for your new vase – someone might not agree!

Have You Recently Acquired a New Pet Or Another Cat?

If your answer to this question is yes, it will certainly take time for your puss cat to accept them!

If you have introduced a dog to your family, this could well have terrified your cat – some go missing for days when this happens.

You just have to be patient and let your cat get used to the new dog. It is a good idea to give your cat space where they know that they can go and the dog is not allowed – either a certain room or maybe upstairs.

If your cat does ‘take cover’ and hides, don’t force them out of their hiding place, just leave them to come out on their own accord.

Introducing another cat to your home could take a number of weeks for things to settle.

You must ensure that both cats have all their own possessions as sharing is not a good idea.

Each cat will need its privacy and this includes having their litter tray well away from the new tray and in a position where they cannot be seen by the new cat using it.

Has a baby arrived?

Cats are very unsure of new babies and it is important to make sure that you still give your cat their regular cuddles and don’t ignore them.

It is a good idea not to leave your cat with the baby especially once the baby is capable of grabbing a tail.

If your cat has suddenly become less affectionate, has this coincided with your baby learning to crawl?

Not surprisingly your cat will not like your baby playing with its food bowl and will find a baby crawling towards them when they are using the litter tray very disconcerting.

Once again, the key to success is to give your cat privacy and space so they can regain their confidence. 

Are you meeting all your cat’s needs?

One way to ensure that you could be inline for some feline affection is to just double check that you are doing all you need to for your cat to feel happy, comfortable and secure.

Unfortunately, it is quite easy to forget something when life get hectic, so it is a good idea to take a few moments to ensure that you are doing all you should – because your cat seems to be telling you otherwise!

  1. Are you cleaning the litter tray as often as you used to?

Cats are incredibly clean animals and really dislike dirty litter trays.

If you are changing the cat litter as often as you should, have you cleaned the tray out with a strong smelling detergent or disinfectant?

Cats do not like strong smells – particularly not lemon scented ones!

The best product to use is a proper enzyme cleaner as this will totally remove all the smell of the litter tray, without replacing it with a smell your cat does not like!  

Another point for consideration is whether you have recently changed the brand of cat litter.

Maybe your cat doesn’t like the smell of the new one, but also the litter could be sharper on your cat’s paws.

I would recommend checking out Pretty Litter

You can check out my in-depth review of Pretty Litter 

  1. Did you wash or move the cat bed recently?

Your lovely furbaby will not have appreciated either!

The smell of the washing liquid you used could be off-putting to your cat, so once again the enzyme cleaner is preferable.

Did you relocate your cat’s bed?

They might not approve of the new location, especially if it is nearer the ground than the first place and also if it it overlooked by another cat bed or dog basket.

Your cat will also not like it if the cat bed is now in a hectic part of the house where children keep running past or try to shake it.

The easiest solution is to put the cat bed back where it was and stand back – you could be showered in feline affection! 

  1. Are you feeding your cat well and on time?

Cats love to be feed at approximately the same time each day and don’t really care that you were working late or watching something on TV.

Try and get back into a good feeding routine for your cat and ensure that the food you are giving your cat is a favorite! 

Cats need to have a bowl of fresh water and again, if your routine has slipped for changing their water, it will have been noticed!

If their bowl of water is not fresh, cats will go and look for rainwater puddles to drink from. 

  1. Have you recently dropped playtime?

Cats enjoy playing and it is the perfect time for you to bond with your cat. Experts recommend 15-20 minutes every day – whatever the age of your cat.

If you have been ignoring playtime recently, reintroduce it with an ‘I’m sorry’ pressie – a new soft toy, filled with catnip, that your cat will find irresistible!

Catnip has the added bonus that it will lift your cat’s mood!

Check out my article Fun things to do with your cat at home

  1. Have you had enough time for grooming and cuddles?

Cats love being regularly groomed and it not only keeps them looking good, it is the best way for you to detect is they have anything caught in their fur or have acquired some ticks 

Most cats enjoy being lighting brushed and if you do this with them on your lap, them might just remain there even when the brushing has stopped. 

  1. Are you sure your cat is well?

When cats are unwell, they often hide away and become reclusive.

It is hard to determine if your cat is unwell, but something like a urine infection can be really painful for them.

If you have ticked off all the other points on our list, it is well worth going to see your Vet so that they can run a view tests just to check all is well.

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How You Can Get Your Cat To Become More Affectionate

A cat expert recently remarked when asked such a question, that cats should be viewed like teenagers as they too go through different phases.

You have probably noticed that what is your cat’s favorite chair this week may well not be next week!

Likewise, endless cuddles and affection from you feels great this week, but may well not suit them in a few days!

Cats can go through phases where they are very independent and then in a twinkling of an eye become very cuddly and loving.

Remain consistent in your display of love and affection and they should respond.

Give them a little stroke each time you pass them and they may well brush your legs each time they pass you. 

Some good tricks to try include going to find your cat each morning to say ‘hi’- but if they are hiding leave them.

Talk to your cat regularly, not much of a discussion true, but they will love hearing all about politics, the latest sports news and what happened at work – cats are brilliant as they never criticize.

Did you know you can actually have a full conversation with your cat? They understand more than you think. You can learn more about this by checking out Cat Language Bible which is a guide that teaches you how to communicate with your cat. More about this later on 

When you get in from work, let them know you are back with an affectionate stroke or maybe a little play – they have been on their own for hours and might well enjoy your company.

If your cat gets used to being touched again, they may well respond by wanting to spend more time with you.

If your cat begins to respond to your affections well, they might well enjoy a small edible reward too. 

Are you sure your cat is being less affectionate?

Whilst jumping on your lap or climbing onto your chest for a cuddle is the classic way that your cat has shown their affection, there are many other tell-tale signs to show that they appreciate all the love and attention you give them.

Before declaring that your feline friend is not being as affectionate,  count up how many of these signs you can spot in a day!

  1. The long unblinking stare at you – true adoration.
  2. Your cat rolls over onto their back for a tummy tickle – this is their most vulnerable position so they would not do this if they were not feeling secure and happy.
  3. Your cat reverses its tail end towards you – not the most glamorous part of your cat, but still a sign of affection in pussy cat speak!
  4. Your cat ‘talks’ to you be it a meow,  grunt or purr, but your cat is definitely communicating with you.
  5. Your cat follows you around everywhere.
  6. your cat head butts you or tries to sit on your head!

Do Cats Get More Affectionate With Age?

Some older cats do get more affectionate because they are more needy and just enjoy more affection.

They will often suggest this by using their meow to attract your attention, or they may keep rubbing against your legs or head butting you!

A well known feline trick is to gently tap some things from your desk onto the floor when you are sitting there – what attention seeking!.

They do this because they want your company and affection.

They are probably not as agile as they were and so feel that some gentle stroking will fill the gap left by the bird chasing that they used to do- perfectly!

My cat Tigger certainly became more cuddly as he grew older

He loves sitting on our laps!


If your cat is not affectionate then it can be a concern

We love our cats to bits so it’s okay to be concern

But it’s not the end of the world

You can help get your cat to become affectionate

It’s just about doing some detective as to why your cat has started to become less affectionate

The first thing you should is take your cat to the vets if you notice a huge change

Just to make sure your cat is okay and nothing is wrong medically because they are good at hiding away any pain

If you are real serious about building a long lasting bond with your cat

Then I would recommend getting Cat Language Bible 

It’s all about building a emotional relationship by understanding your cat 

This will help you become a better cat parent

And most importantly meet your cats needs and tell your cat how much you love him in a way your cat understands

That would be beautiful

I think it’s much better than providing toys and playing with your cat


Because this is creating a emotional bond with your cat

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