How To Make Your Kitten Love You (The Ultimate Guide)

So you have a new kitten

That is pretty exciting and trust me it gets better

They are so much fun and energetic

The most important thing?

Building a strong bond with your kitten so you love your kitten and your kitten loves you

Which is why is this you’re going to learn how to make your kitten love you

We’ll discuss

  • How do you bond with your kitten
  • How do you know if your kitten loves you
  • How long does it take to bond with your kitten
  • Discover the secret guide that will teach you how to actually hold a conversation with your kitten!

So if you want to have the best relationship with your kitten and let this bond grow into something beautiful then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Getting a gorgeous new kitten is great fun and can be very rewarding but it does take time for a kitten to grow to love you.

Cats are very unlike dogs and do not love everyone they meet immediately and nor do they love unconditionally – a cat’s love usually has to be won! (that is the fun part)

With time and patience you can develop a great bond with your kitten that will last their whole life – how satisfying is that!

So let’s look at first how you can bond with your kitten

You can’t just expect your kitten to love you just like that right

How Do You Bond With Your Kitten

The bonding must start the moment you meet your kitten for the first time and then continue when you bring them home.

The bottom line is that cats are creatures of habit and they love routine – if you change anything, it can easily cause your feline friend stress, so should be avoided.

To help ease the transition for kitten to their new home, it is best to be well organised.

Before your kitten arrives, get their cat bed, cat litter tray and food and water bowls ready.

Choose these items carefully.

For example, an enclosed bed such as an ‘igloo’ can help your kitten to feel secure

PETMAKER Cat Pet Bed, Igloo

When choosing the cat litter for your tray, choose a brand that is suitable for kittens – and that goes for cat food too.

I would recommend getting Pretty Litter because it’s a very unique cat litter

You can check out my in – depth review of Pretty Litter 

If you are introducing your kitten as a second cat, you will need to buy them their own individual possessions.

Once you have brought your purchases home, place them in a small room- such as a bathroom- and make this ‘home’ as this will help your kitten to settle as the whole house could feel overwhelming to them.

Important note – If your kitten does pee outside the litter box, don’t get angry and shout at your kitten because this will make things worse. If this happens then have a read of my article New kitten peeing outside litter box and how you can stop this

Want to know which litter box is best for kittens?

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Give Them Plenty Of Cuddles!

It is important to get your kitten used to being handled, but having said that, will you not be able to resist cuddling your adorable little kitten anyway!

For the first few days, spend plenty of time in the small room with your kitten.

Sit on the floor and gently pick up your kitten, as well as cuddling them, stroke their paws and ears so that they grow comfortable with your touch.

Shower them with affection – but only if they are enjoying it.

If your kitten seems scared and is trying to pull away, let them and take things very slowly as you do not know what might have happened in the first days of their life.

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Create a Cat Friendly Environment

Creating an environment in which your kitten feels safe will build up their trust in you and will definitely help them to love you. Cats love to be high off the ground – especially if they are needing a snooze!

Try and keep some windowsills clear for them to climb onto or clear a suitable shelf.

If you don’t provide somewhere like this, you might soon find your kitten trying to clamber onto the top of a wardrobe!

Cat trees are popular with kittens too and although they are expensive, they can be a good purchase as they give your kitten somewhere to play and somewhere to climb for a good view.

Your kitten definitely needs a cat tree

I would recommend Armarkat Cat Tree

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Or if you’re on a budget then have a look at my article

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You’ll find some pretty awesome cat trees at a budget price


Settle Your kitten Into a Routine

After a few days and once your kitten seems settled, you can give them the run of a second room and a few days later a third room etc.

Your kitten will be curious to explore everywhere and may well hide under a bed or behind some furniture.

Let them stay there and come out on their own accord when they are feeling confident.

Do not let them outside for a few weeks until they have had all their vaccinations and the Vet is happy that your kitten is in good health

Once your kitten has the run of the house you can establish the permanent position for their bed, feed bowls and litter tray and this will help build trust.

Your kitten will want to feel safe so don’t force them to do anything that they are not happy with – you may find for example, that your kitten feels very ‘exposed’ using the litter tray and may feel much happier if the tray is hidden behind a piece of furniture or even a plant.

If you have another cat, position your kitten’s food bowls and litter tray well away (and out of sight) of the other cat’s bowls and trays.

It will only take a short time for your kitten to realize that you and your home represent safety and security.

Enjoy Play Time Together!

Plan a regular play session with your kitten every day at about the same time – this is something you will both grow to enjoy and your kitten will remember!

Cat experts recommend playing with your kitten for at least 10-15 minutes every day.

Many kittens will want to play must more so take your kitten’s lead!

They will choose their favorite toys too, so it is a good idea to get them a selection.

Small plastic balls are popular and small catnip-filled toys on a string are amusing to use as most kittens find them irresistible!

The main point is not to use any toys that your kitten does not like and to be gentle throughout as your kitten is still tiny and some things can look frighteningly large!

Give Your Kitten Plenty Of Attention

This may sound obvious, but it is in fact one of the most important things yo can do as most kittens crave love and attention.

Now it is true that in the early days, your kitten may not appear over affectionate, but if you show love and undivided attention (no using cell phones etc.) you will be showered with love and attention as your kitten grows.

Cats are emotional and sensitive animals so most thrive on attention – even if it is on their terms!

The other reason for doing this is that kittens are just like like babies and your beautiful little fluffy bundle will grow far too quickly.

Having said that, what a loving and affectionate cat they will grow into.

Another way to give your kitten attention is to regularly groom them.

Cats spend a third of their time grooming so will love to be pampered by you!

Many cats love being brushed and this routine can be established in the early days and enjoyed by both of you for years.

Wondering what fun things to do?

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Develop a Good Feeding Routine

Your kitten relies on you for everything and one of the most important basics is food. Most kittens will definitely let you know when they are hungry and Vets recommended 3-4 small meals a day at this stage plus a bowl of fresh water.

Develop your relationship by creating a distinctive ‘call sign’ such as a whistle that your kitten will learn to recognize as mean ‘grubs up’!

Your kitten will soon associate you with providing them with food- another sign of security.

Cats love being given treats (who doesn’t?) so buying some edible treats that are suitable for kittens will be the perfect way to start this naughty habit!

Needless to say, your kitten will soon to love and appreciate treats and show you huge amounts of love in the hope that you will buckle to their demands for just one more lovely treat!

How Do You Know If Your Kitten Loves You?

Some of the ways your kitten shows their love for you are very easy to spot, but others are much more subtle! They all demonstrate that your kitten is feeling secure and comfortable and just wants to say ‘I love you’!

* Following you around in kitty language says ‘you are my rock’. Some kittens
will follow you literally everywhere – even into the loo!

* The long slow blink says ‘I am a very happy kitten’.

* If your kitten starts kneading you with their front paws this is a sign of affection as they
used to do this to their mum when they wanted milk!

* Lying on their back and exposing their tummy shows your kitten feels secure
as they are very exposed in this position.

* Climbing on your lap, chest or head for a cuddle.

* When they are older, your kitten may start bringing you unexpected pressies
such as mice or birds. This is the ultimate ‘I love you’ and similar to being given a box of

Want To Learn How You Can Hold a Conversation With Your Kitten?

This is only for those cat parents that want to take their relationship with their kitten to a new level

Studies show that cats understand what we say to them

This means we can actually have a full conversation with your cat

And what better way to start then when they’re young

Don’t let your relationship with your kitten grow just to be like a room-mate that ever talks

Communication is very important 

So how can you learn to talk to your kitten?

Have you heard of Cat Language Bible?

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How Long Does It Take For a Kitten To Bond With You


If you give your kitten unconditional love and accept that they will be the boss in your relationship, you are well on the way to success!

The average length of time it takes for kittens to settle in a new home, feel secure and even loving towards their new owner is 3-4 weeks.

Each kitten is different and some do remain independent and aloof for much longer – if you have any concerns, there are some great websites online that will reassure you that what you are doing is right.

Just like humans, kittens have different characters that fall broadly into two groups – the first want to be with you and on your lap all the time.

The second type of kitten is far more reserved and appears rather indifferent to your affections.

The most important thing is that both types of kitten will love you equally as much!


If you want your kitten to love you then you have to start first

You have to show your kitten love and affection

And one of the most important thing is give your kitten time

They need our time and full attention

Learning how you can communicate with your kitten will only increase the bond

This will ensure your kitten loves you

It’s a two way thing

You’ll see how your kitten will reciprocate your love that you show

Make sure to give your kitten plenty of toys, the best and high quality of food so they get those important nutrients

Give them unconditional love and watch how your kitten will grow up to be a cuddle bug

Which reminds me

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