Does It Matter What Cat Litter You Use

In this article you’re going to learn if it matters what cat litter you use

Is it really important to choose a specific brand of cat litter?

Or will any do?

Will your cat be okay with any brand cat litter?

If you want to know all the answers to the above questions then you’re going to love this article!

Let’s get started

Importance In Choosing The Correct Litter

When buying cat litter it’s important to get the best one

This should not be taken lightly


Because your cat uses the litter box everyday

And if the litter is not up to the standards of your cat

Then be prepared for some nasty surprises all over the house

And I’m talking about your beautiful carpet

Or that bathroom rug

Even your towels!

The litter is very important

You want to get one that your cat likes and prefers

But it doesn’t stop there

You should get cat litter that is actually safe to use

Safe for your furbaby, for you and your family

Could cat litter be dangerous? you ask 

It can

Especially if it’s dusty

The dust could cause respiratory problems for your cat

And if you have asthma like me then we all know what dust can do to us!

Okay so what cat litter should I get?

Good question

The Best Cat Litter You Should Get For Your Cat

There are so many brand of cat litter out there

It can become overwhelming to choose one cause there’s so many to choose from

Lucky for you I’m here to help

And I’ll give you the best recommendation

The best brand cat litter out there

Which is….

Pretty Litter!

Trust me cat parents,

You can’t go wrong with this litter


Because it ticks all the boxes

What stood out to me about this cat litter from the rest is this unique feature it has

You can monitor your cats health with Pretty Litter


The litter changes color to let you know there may be a potential health issue

How awesome is that!

Cats are good at hiding away any pain so knowing early on will allow you to get your cat help before it can become even more serious

You can potentially save your cats life and also a lot of money on expensive vet bills

Pretty Litter

No Need To Go To The Stores To Buy 

This is another feature I love about Pretty Litter

I’m sure you know how heavy cat litter can be

And carrying it from the stores just to your car can be a workout!

Not to mention to carry it from your car to your house or apartment

They don’t come light

Another worry us cat parents have is we can sometimes forget that there is no litter!

Life can get hectic

Then you remember last minute and have to look for any store that has cat litter to buy one!

It can become stressful

Not with Pretty Litter though

You don’t have to go stores to buy it

Pretty Litter gets delivered to you every month with FREE SHIPPING! 

That’s right

Every month Pretty Litter will deliver the cat litter straight to your house

You don’t have to go stores

Stay at home relax and let Pretty Litter come to you

Saves you a lot of time and stress right

Dust Free 

Cat litter needs to be safe for your cat and family

If it’s dust free it means it’s safe

You won’t need to worry about dust being everywhere

If you’re asthmatic then you got nothing to worry about too changing Pretty Litter because there’s no dust!

Great Odor Control 

When you talk about litter box you think about how smelly it can get

Especially the house!

It can get embarrassing when you have guests over and your whole house smells like a litter box

Pretty Litter has super absorbent silica gel litter that will eliminate any smell

No more smelly litter box!

As you can see there are so many benefits of using Pretty Litter

It ticks all the boxes

But for me, the fact that you can monitor your cats health makes it awesome and a must have for all cat parents

On top of that it gets delivered to you every month for FREE is the icing on the cake

If you want to stay on top of your cats health and make sure your cat is healthy then I would recommend Pretty Litter

There’s a special offer they’re having at the moment

20% off your first purchase

Use the discount code AFFTOY20 at the checkout

I don’t know how long this code will work for so you might want to act quick and take advantage!

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If you want to learn more then you should check out my in-depth review of Pretty Litter 

Wrapping It Up

Using the right litter is very important when it comes to choosing one

You don’t want to get cat litter that is dusty because this is dangerous

And then you don’t want cat litter that doesn’t absorb the urine as this will make the litter box stink as well as your house!

Lucky for you, you don’t have to go browse around and do research to find the best one

Pretty Litter is the one I recommended which I’m sure your cat will love too

Not only that, you’ll have the advantage of making sure your cat gets treatment if he ever falls ill

And that is the most important thing

Your cats health

So why not use that litter which will help you keep your cat healthy

>Click here to see if this discount code is still working<

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