Pretty Litter Vs Worlds Best Cat Litter

There are so many awesome brands of cat litter out there

Pretty litter and Worlds best are right there at the very top

But the question is

Pretty litter vs worlds best – which of the two is the best?

That’s what you’re going to find out in this article

So without further ado

Let’s get straight into it!


Before I go into it and do a comparison

Would you like to know which out of these two I would recommend?



It would be….

Drum roll please…

Pretty Litter!


Because it has this amazing unique feature which is you can monitor your cats health

I find that pretty awesome

I have written a in-depth review which you can check out by clicking the link below

Pretty Litter Review 

Don’t get me wrong

Both brands are awesome

But Pretty Litter has that extra edge for me


Let’s get to the comparison so you can make a choice for whichever you think is right for your furbaby

I promise I won’t be bias 🙂

Pretty Litter Overview

Pretty litter is a very unique cat litter and you’ll find out why

One of the most amazing thing about this cat litter is you can actually monitor your cats health 


When your cat uses the litter box and your cat has UTI or kidney problems then the litter will change color

I mean how awesome is that!

This is life changing for your cat because they are so good at hiding away any pain so it’s difficult as cat parents to tell if our cats are not feeling well

The worst part?

We find out too late!

It’s not a nice feeling

Our poor furbabies are going through pain and we don’t even know

That’s why Pretty Litter is very unique

It will save your cat from any potential illnesses because you’ll be able to act quick

You’ll even save money on the vets too (which by the way is not cheap!)

If you want to truly look after your cat then you have to get Pretty Litter

Here’s an image on how it works


Pretty Litter

This unique feature makes this particular brand stand out from the rest

If you have the chance to spot any early illness in your cat just by their litter then that for me is a winner 

Dust Free

This brand gets better because it’s dust free too

It’s made up of unique crystals so there’s no chance of any dust

This means it’s safe for you, your cat and family

Awesome Odor Control 

It keeps getting better right

No smelly litter box

It has great odor control

It uses dry silica crystals which absorbs the liquid of your cats urine

This traps the odor and then eliminates the moisture

That means no smell of cat urine!

Happy days!

FREE Delivery To Your House Every Month!

This is another unique feature for Pretty Litter

You don’t have to go to the stores

Carry a heavy bag of Cat litter to your car

And then carry it out of your car to your house

Let Pretty Litter come to you

You’ll get a bag of Pretty Litter that will last you a month delivered to you every month

No more trips to the stores

Or forgetting you have no cat litter and have to make a emergency trip to the pet stores!

Leave all that stress and worry

Pretty awesome right?

FREE shipping!


Let’s look at some of the negative side although they ain’t much

Some cat parents have said the litter does not last the whole month

But then again, each cat is different and how much litter they use

Majority of cat parents have found it enough to last the month

It can be expensive because it’s a monthly subscription

But what you get is really good and getting it delivered to you makes it worth it

I guess you get what you pay for

If you think Pretty Litter is the right litter for your kitty then you might want to take advantage of their special discount offer they are promoting

You get 20% OFF your first purchase 

You enter the code AFFTOY20 at the checkout to get your 20% off

I got no idea how long this will last so make sure you take advantage and be quick!

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If you want to learn more then you can check out my Pretty Litter Review 

Worlds Best Cat Litter Overview

What I love about Worlds best cat litter and I think all cat parents will is

It’s planet friendly

We should look after our earth because, well, we live in it!

And worlds best cat litter does just that!

There’s no harmful chemicals used or any artificial perfume

This makes it safe for the world

It makes it safe for your cat and for people too!

Win win situation!

Dust Free

One of the most common problems us cat parents have with cat litter is the dust!

And if you’re asthmatic like me then this can be a huge problem

The minute I am exposed to dust that’s it! It becomes difficult to breathe easily

So the good news is

Worlds Best Cat Litter is dust free!

This makes it again safe for your cat, you and your family

Great Odor Control 

The worst thing about cat litter is the smell

And if the litter that you’re using is no good at odor control then be prepared for a house that smells like cat litter!

Not to worry because Worlds best cat litter is great at odor control!

Easy To Clean 

Cleaning the litter box can be a nightmare and difficult to do as well!

I mean especially when you’ve come back home from a hard days work and now you gotta clean the litter box

And it’s not easy!

It does take time

So by the time you’re done cleaning the litter box it’s time for bed

You don’t get any wind down time and just time for yourself

With Worlds Best Cat Litter you won’t have to worry about that

Because it’s easy to clean

No need for hours of scooping and scraping

I just want to quickly mention

If you are tired of cleaning the litter box everyday then why not try a self cleaning litter box?

Litter Robot 3 is meant to be really good

If you want to know more then check out my Litter Robot 3 review 

As you can see Worlds best cat litter is a really good brand and it ticks all the box of actually being worlds best!

I have a article that compared Worlds best cat litter against oko which you can check out by clicking here 

These are all the good things about worlds best

But it’s also important to know the negatives because every product has some sort downside right?

I want to make sure you have everything you need to know before you make a decision


From the reviews, cat parents have mentioned that after using worlds best they have noticed bugs near the litter box

Apparently, these bugs have appeared after they started using Worlds best

Now this could be because of where you live but I thought it is something that you should know


Some cat parents have mentioned that mold grows in the litter box after using worlds best

These are some of the negatives that you should keep in mind

If you want to check the price and find out more then click the link below

Check Price On Amazon


Which brand litter is the best between Worlds Best and Pretty Litter?

For me it’s Pretty Litter

The fact that you can monitor your cats health wins it for me

That is something Worlds Best does not have

Both are awesome don’t get me wrong

But Pretty Litter edges it for me

Also, they deliver the litter to you every month

That’s a life saver because in our hustle bustle daily life we can forget there is no cat litter

Or going to the stores can be a headache especially carrying a heavy bag of litter!

Both Cat litter brands tick all the boxes

Pretty Litter adds extra boxes to make it unique if that makes sense!



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