Why Does My Cat Pee On My Boyfriends Clothes

In this article you’re going to learn why your cat is peeing on your boyfriends clothes

You’ll learn how you can stop this behavior

And I’ll also reveal this awesome guide that will help you stop your cat from spraying and using the litter box

So if you’re tired of your cats behavior of peeing on clothes especially on your boyfriends

Then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

What’s Causing Your Cat To Pee On Your Boyfriends Clothes

Cats will pee outside of the litter box to communicate to you

It’s their way of communicating telling you something is wrong

Medical Condition 

The first thing you should do when this happens is to take your cat to the vets

You want to make sure your cat is healthy and nothing medically is causing this peeing outside the litter box

One of the most common problem a cat would pee other than the litter box is UTI which is urinary tract infection

This will cause your cat to avoid using the litter box

Marking Their Territory 

If your boyfriend has just started to come over and is new to your cat then this could be a reason


Cats are very territorial and as soon as they think their territory is being invaded they will pee on things to show that this is mine

You see, your cat is not used to the smell of your boyfriend – it’s not familiar

So in order to make it familiar they will pee on their clothes to make it smell like them

One thing you can do is just make sure your boyfriends clothes is hanged somewhere or put in a place where your cat cannot get to

Another thing you can do is mix your clothes with your boyfriends as your scent will rub off onto your boyfriends clothes

This will show your cat that having your boyfriend over is okay

Another reason why your cat may pee on your boyfriends clothes is stress


Yep, cats can get stressed too

And if your boyfriend coming over is something new then this can cause your cat to get stressed out

When a cat is stressed they will mark their territory or pee outside the litter box

Your boyfriend coming over could mean a change of routine for your cat

Or maybe your cat is not getting that much attention she used to

So because of this your cat may start peeing on your boyfriends things instead of using the litter box


Yeah! Your cat can get jealous too

You should be honored because she’s jealous that you’re spending time with your boyfriend!

How do you solve this?

Just make sure you carry on showing your cat love and affection

Introduce your boyfriend slowly

And give your cat some time to accept the new man

The Smell Of Cat Urine 

What do I mean by this

If your cat has peed on your boyfriends clothes already and is doing it again

This could mean the clothes still smells of cat urine

It may not smell to you after you’ve washed it but your cats sense of smell is much better than us humans

What you use to clean the smell of cat urine is important

I would recommend using Rocco & Roxie

This cat urine remover will remove the smell completely

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The Litter Box Is Dirty 

Another reason why your cat is not using the litter box is because of the litter box itself

If the litter tray is dirty then your cat will not use it

Think about it – you wouldn’t want to use a washroom that is filthy right?

Same goes for your cat too

Make sure the litter box is always clean

How To Stop This Behavior And Get Your Cat To Use The Litter Box

The simple solution is to make sure your boyfriends clothes is hanged up

Or put away somewhere your cat can’t get to

That way there is no chance your cat can pee on his clothes again

If your cat is stressed then make sure you show your cat love and affection

Try to stick to that same routine you had before your boyfriend came over

Continue to show your cat love and affection and make sure this never changes

It does take time and patience but soon your cat will accept your boyfriend

Your just gotta give your furbaby time

If the problem persists or your cat starts pee elsewhere in the house then it could be a deeper problem

The last thing you want is your boyfriend to have enough of your cat and talks about getting rid of her

Because trust me it can happen

I remember when my cat used to pee everywhere in the house – my family started to say to get rid of Tigger

Like that would ever happen

But it’s not nice to hear these things right

That’s why it’s important to understand why your cat is not using the litter box 

And then solving this problem

I know it can become overwhelming

Which is why you need a system to follow

A step by step guide that will teach you and show you the way of stopping this behavior

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Your cat is not peeing out of spite 

When your cat stops using the litter box it’s their way of communicating with you

In this article you learnt the different reasons why your cat may be peeing on your boyfriends clothes

The first thing is to take your cat to the vets to make sure there’s nothing wrong medically

If you go through them and then see what works that will hopefully put a stop to this behavior

You should try to keep your boyfriends clothes out of sight so your cat cannot pee on them

If your cat does pee on his clothes then make sure you clean it properly using Rocco & Roxie preferably

Whatever you do, don’t shout at your cat or get angry

This will just make things worse

It can take time for your furbaby to get used to your boyfriend

If your cat is stressed at you’re shouting at her – this won’t help at all

Understand your cat and be patience

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