My Cat Is Scared Of Me – Here’s What You Can Do

A common worry for cat parents is

My cat is scared of me, what can I do?

I understand

It’s not a good feeling

Especially when they’re so darn cute!

If you’re a new cat parent and you had high hopes that you’re going to do so much with your kitty

All those cuddles

Play with your cat and bond with her

But she just doesn’t want to know

She’s hiding away and won’t budge

She’s scared of you

Let me tell you

You got nothing to worry about


Because in this article you’re going to learn

  • Why your cat may be afraid
  • How to make your cat feel safe
  • How to show your cat love and affection so she becomes a cuddle bug
  • Discover this unique guide that will teach you how you can talk to your cat and build a awesome relationship

In short:

If you want to be the best cat parent ever and make your furbaby a cuddle bug and love you then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started

How Do You Know Your Cat Is Afraid

Your cat may not be scared and might be stressed

Or even ill and if that’s the case then you should take her to the vets immediately

Here’s some of the reasons why your kitty may be scared of you

  • Your cat is completely new to you so she needs time to get used to you and her surroundings. Some cats take longer to get used to a new environment
  • Kitty has never lived with humans so this all something new. She may have spent the majority of her life in shelter so seeing a human and spending time with a human may be difficult at first. This requires patience and much love and affection towards your feline friend.
  • Your cat may not like children or any other animals you may have.
  • Poor socializing skills. Your cat may not have good interaction with humans. Every cat is different and some take time to get used to their owners.
  • Your cat may not be feeling too well. Have you notice a change in behavior because when cats get sick they tend to hide more and not want to do anything. Keep an eye out for this and book an appointment with the vets to make sure your cat is okay

Okay so now that we covered why your cat may be afraid of you or just afraid in general

Let’s look at ways how you can help your furbaby and be more interactive

Or you know become more cuddly and for her to show you love too

Because that’s what every cat parent wants right?

Before we move on

Let me tell you from my experience of having my cat Tigger

The first time I got him back in 2007

I remember he was extremely scared!

He just did not want to know me

Kept hiding and growling and hissing at me and my family

We would try everything but nothing seemed to work

I’m happy to say

He is such a lap cat now

Loves sleeping on my lap

Loves cuddling

Very vocal now especially when he wants his treats (and he knows how to make me give him with his slow eye blinking at me!)

What I’m getting at is it’s not the end of the world

It just requires patience from your side and continuing to shower your cat with love and affection

It is some work but trust me, it will be worth it

How To Help Your Scared Cat

There are many ways to help make it easy for your feline friend

Create a Calming Environment

You need to create a relaxing calm environment

Cats are very observing animals and they take cautious when they are new to things. It’s just the way they are

They take their time in exploring and getting used to new people before they actually socialize

So yes, it does take time and patience but trust me it will be worth it

You can help your cat get used to their new environment by placing high perches

This way if your cat gets scared they can climb on top the perch

Cats feel secure when they’re high up (complete opposite to me!)

Try not to push yourself to interact with your kitty

Give her some time and space

If you have children then try to keep them apart for now at least

Keep the noise down as much as possible

The environment has to be of something that is calm

Let your furbaby get used to the calm and relaxing environment

Create a Kitty Room

Giving your cat the whole house to explore can be overwhelming so if you could narrow it down to one room and catify it as much as possible would be good

What do I mean by catify?

Well, make it a cat room

So have plenty of toys about

Cat trees – Cats love cat trees so I’m sure your cat will love one too

Here’s some awesome affordable cat trees you can check out

You can also put some scratching posts and all sorts of self interactive toys too

Here’s one of my favorite self interactive toy and trust me, your cat will love it!

k-berho Cat Toys Interactive, Cat Toys for Indoor with Feather,Ball,Mouse

Looks like fun right

Would be a great treat for your cat

To be fair, the price is not bad too

If you want to get one for your cat then click the link below

Check Today’s Price

Make sure you have food and fresh water available too

And a litter box too of course

Talking about litter box

Getting the right litter is very important too

You want to get something that is safe for you and your cat

One that is dust free

I would recommend you check out my article top 6 best dust free cat litter for asthma

In the beginning keeping the door closed will help your cat get used to just that room

But after a while you can leave the door open and let your cat wander

Maybe at night when everyone is asleep that way it’s quite and nobody is about

Put a bowl of treats in another room – that will tempt your cat to go out and explore

My Tigger would do anything for a treat!

Take Your Time

Let your cat work at their own pace

Some cats get used to their environment more quickly than others

They all have different perosnalites and life experience

My cat took some time but now he’s a cuddle bug

Don’t rush your cat or force her to do anything

This will make things worse

That means try not to poke your head under the bed or take your cat to a different place in the house because you want her to explore

It will happen but again when your kitty decides

That’s why it’s important to have patience at this stage

Let your cat come to you

Speak to her softly and tell her how much you love her

Bond With Your Cat

This is the bests part

Playing with your cat

They are full of entertainment

If your cat is still not 100% but is starting to show some sign of confidence

Then maybe you can use a laser pen to get your cat to play

You can shine it from far and watch how crazy your furbaby goes over it!

Then gradually start using a string toy

This playing will increase the bond with the two of you and she’ll start to trust you more

Again, this may take time too because your cat may still be a bit timid and cautious

Not to worry, just have patience and take things slowly

Keep telling your cat you love them and speak to her in a soft way

Try to be present around her but by a distance so she gets used to you being around her

As time goes by you can get closer until you think she’s okay with you being there

Then move a step closer and you can stroke her

By the time you know it she’ll want to cuddle with you

Addressing Behavior Problems

When a cat is scared this can lead to them being stressed

Now a stressed cat may do things which you may not like

Such as peeing outside the litter box

This is something all cat parents face

It’s about how you address is the important thing

Your cat will not pee out of spite

A trip to the vets should be the first thing you should do

Otherwise try to see what is causing this issue and then take it from there

I actually have a article on how to calm a stressed cat down

Get Yourself Cat Language Bible Guide

What’s this I’m talking about?

If you’re dead serious about building a strong relationship with your cat then this guide is for you

Cat Language Bible

You’re going to learn how you can actually talk to your cat and build a awesome connection

This guide is only for those cat parents that want to build a everlasting awesome relationship with their furbaby

Here’s 3 things you’ll learn in this guide

  • How to speak directly to your cat by communicating your thoughts and feelings word by word
  • Understand if your cat is joyful, upset, irritated or confused by understanding their body language < How important is this! 
  • How to build a strong bond and build the foundation of the human-feline communication

Not only will you be able to talk with your cat and actually hold a conversation but you’ll build that strong bond and connection

Let’s become the best cat parent

If you think about it, this is something our cats deserve right

For us to understand what they’re telling us

It’s not for us but for our cats

This guide will be a life changer for you and your cat

To be honest, the price is actually not bad too

And I think there’s a special offer that they have

I don’t know how long this offer will last for you act quick!

Check If Offer Is Still On

If you want to learn more about this guide and see if it’s right for you then you can check out my in-depth review

Cat Language Bible Review 

Trust me, this will make things much easier if your cat is scared of you and if you want to build that strong bond and connection


A cat that is scared will take time to get used to you

So patience is very important

Don’t try to push things because this will just make things worse

Think of it as a small journey

You gotta keep consistency and determination

And when your cat does come round and starts to sleep on your lap and loves to cuddle

This will all be worth it

Make sure you check out Cat Language Bible because this guide will help you build that strong bond and relationship with your furbaby

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