How To Make My Cat Love Me Again

So your cat has got mad at you and is not the same anymore

Or your cat doesn’t show you that same love and affection anymore

Something’s gone wrong and it can be mind boggling!

I know what you’re thinking

How can I make my cat love me again?

Is it possible?

Of course it is

Does it require patience?

It sure does

But it can be done

Because in this article you’re going to discover just that!

So if you’re looking to build that cute relationship with your cat again then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Before we go deep into the article

I want you to know

Communication is very important 

Your cat understands more than you think

It’s been scientifically proven believe it or not!

That’s why communicating with your cat everyday will help build that special bond

Now if you’re dead serious about talking to your cat in a way they understand then I have some good news for you

You’re going to be able to learn exactly how to do that


By following this guide called “Cat Language Bible

This is only for those cat parents who want to be able to talk and build that special relationship with their cat

Show and tell your cat how much you love them

If that’s you then great

You can learn more about this awesome guide by checking out my in-depth review

Cat Language Bible Review 

Cat Language Bible

I will talk briefly about this later on in the article

So let’s look at why your little feline friend could be mad at you or not love you anymore (Don’t worry this will change)

Why Does My Cat Not Love Me Anymore?

Cats and humans speak a completely different language – and that’s a fact.

Even when we try to demonstrate to our furbaby that they mean the world to us, sometimes we are actually delivering a mixed message.

Cats are creatures of habit and they know exactly what they like and dislike and that includes new brands of cat food and strange smelling cat litter!

There will be times when your cat will be mad with you, but luckily, if you can convince your cat that you do love them, the wars should be short-lived and your cat certainly won’t bear a grudge.

This is in reality is a survival guide for cat parents!

Let’s look at different ways to show your cat you love them 

Win back their love!

How To Show Your Cat Love You Them

It is true that cats and their owners rarely speak the same language, but having said that, there is no reason why you can not get on famously – most of the time!

The important thing to remember is that cats can become easily stressed and it is when this happens that they will quickly show their displeasure and you will have to win back their affection like a wayward boyfriend! 

The main ways to show that you love them are to clean their cat litter tray with a non-perfumed cleaner (heavens, never use one with a fake lemon smell!), always buy their favorite brand of cat litter and of course, their favorite foods.

What brand cat litter should you get?

I would highly recommend Pretty Litter

Check out my Pretty Litter review to discover why it’s the best brand out there!

Always keep your home at a comfortable temperature and make sure that their favoritee snoozing spot is always kept clear of junk- simple!

High on the list too is to provide a comfy bed for your cat as they will love you for that.

To make this a successful exercise, remember that cats do not like to sleep at ground level as they like to keep a watch over their territory.

Indoors the top of a wardrobe or similar will be perfect.

Your house is now their territory

Let’s just say you’re living in their house now! lol

Those are the basics.

On top of these there are a number of ways you can ensure that your cat knows that you adore them.

They may sound strange but  you are just communicating with your cat in a feline way.

The first way is perfect for when you are snuggled up together.

When your cat looks at you give them a long slow eye blink back!

Believe it or not, the message that you will be conveying is that you feel in a loving and relaxed mood.

Enjoy play time with your cat – schedule it in for approximately the same time each day and play with some toys together – cats particularly like catnip-filled mice on a string!

If your cat is a house cat, this is particularly valuable time as they do not have many opportunities to practice their predatory techniques. 

As well as being important for bonding, these play sessions are good for your cat’s mental and physical well-being.   

You can check out my article on fun things to do with your cat at home

Obviously to enjoy a cuddle together in front of the TV is great for both of you, but you must remember that it will always be on your cat’s terms – not yours!

This is not an activity to enjoy wearing shorts as the chances are your cat will go into a ‘bread kneading routine’ which will be painful!

Either ditch the shorts or pop a cushion on your lap to protect your bare flesh. 

Those claws can dig deep and bless your cat they’re not meaning to hurt you they’re just enjoying themselves!

My cat does this too so I put a cushion on my lap – happy days!

How To Make a Cat Feel Loved

Giving your cat a regular cuddle will certainly show them how much you love them.

All cats enjoy being gently stroked from stop to tail and yours will have certain places that feel extra good and these could well be the base of their tail and under also under their cheeks – slow rhythmic strokes to both areas usually yields plenty of purrs! 

Of course, stroking your pet regularly as well as being a mutual ‘feel good’ moment will also help you to deter if your cat has developed matted fur that needs dealing with or any lumps and bumps that need veterinary attention.

It is important that you ‘tune in’ to your cat’s different signs – the way they meow, swish their tail and the position of their ears (not as blatant as horses!) all give clear indications to how they are really feeling.

Obviously, when you are snuggled up with your cat and they are purring loudly, no interpreter is needed!

To keep you cat feeling happy, they need to be pampered, but having said that, it is always strictly on their terms!When they are ‘in the mood’ cats do like to be stroked.

They love to be stroked gently from top to tail, but your cat.

Of course, just as you treat your partner with surprise ‘ I love you’ presents – even when it is not their birthday, so it is nice to give your furbaby special and unexpected gifts too.

The gift will definitely have to be edible and it could be a case of ‘trial and error’  to find which feline snack pushes all the buttons for your feline friend!

How To Make Your Cat Happy.

Cats are naturally athletic so they love to get out and about to explore, which is really natural.

You just need to ensure that they have been spayed and that they are regularly treated for such things as tics.

If your cat is a ‘house cat’ how they will get their exercise is an important consideration because otherwise boredom can set in. If they are ‘house cats’ there is a great range of cats’ toys available that will encourage your cat to stalk and pounce like they would do outdoors If your indoor cat needs a greater incentive, try hiding some of their favorite treats around the house – this should work!

One way to keep your cat happy is to give them some company and for them to have a pal.

Having said this, the new pet must be very carefully selected and introduced. 

There are so many cats needing a ‘forever home’ and it is well worth visiting your local cat rescue center.

Generally if you have an older cat, introducing a younger one is more successful as your first cat can remain ’king of the castle’.

Don’t expect them to be best buddies overnight, it will take several weeks and even then, depending on their characters, they might just bumble along without striking up a great friendship.

Introducing a dog to the household can be challenging too and there will be extra dynamics to be considered such as size and age- ideally, your cat will want to be boss!  

Another great way to ensure that your cat feels happy and relaxed is to use catnip.

Catnip is actually from the mint family of plants and it does seem to have an extraordinary effect on most adult cats!

Catnip contains a natural oil called nepetalactone which has an amazing effect on cats as it gives them a mini ‘high’ and great feelings of pleasure.

Catnip is available in a variety of cats’  toys as well as a misting spray to use on their beds – another perfect gift for your baby!

Other ways to make your cat feel happy is to let them do what they want and to enjoy climbing as this is a great way for them to keep fit and also to practice their hunter instincts.

Of course, if this all sounds difficult for you and your cat, it is not impossible to teach your cat to walk on a lead.

Wearing a comfortable harness, your cat can soon get used to enjoying a walk with you and although the first walks will just cover short distances, as your cat gains confidence, you will be able to explore further afield. 

I actually have a in-depth article on how to show your cat you love them 

Why You Should Get a Copy Of The Cat Language Bible 

Remember when I mentioned Cat Language Bible earlier in the article

Here’s why you need a copy if you’re serious about getting your cat to love you again

A quick summary on what it’s about

If you feel that you would really like to understand your cat well, the Cat Language Bible by Jonas Jugalas is definitely for you! 

Written by Jugalas who is a researcher and specialist on animal behavior, the author spent 14 years dedicated to learning how humans could successfully interact with their cats.

Jonas Jugelas bases much of his work on a Japanese study –

“The Japanese researchers found that cats understand humans, not just by voice tone but also by identifying certain words including their names, the owner’s name, various commands you’ve used, and many other stunning eavesdropping techniques that you had no idea about…”

The Japanese researchers also found that cats understand our body language and vocal inflections.

It is an interesting read and Jugalas teaches his readers how to build ‘a strong bond and foundation of human-feline communication’.

The Cat Language Bible gives you a valuable insight into how to interpret your cats’ different moods and will definitely ensure that your relationship with your cat is taken to a whole new level.

With a 60 day money back guarantee you got nothing to lose!

Certainly no cat parent has ever declared that having a cat has been easy, but having said that, it is well worth working hard to develop a really good line of communication between you and your cat.

Owning a cat is certainly a very rewarding experience and once that can be extra special if you have taken time to learn how to interpret and understand the signs that your cat is trying to communicate to you.

With experience and practice you will be richly rewarded and find that you will never have to say ‘sorry’ to your cat’ again.  

You can check out Cat Language and all the bonuses you’re going to get by clicking here 


If your cat has been upset at you or maybe has changed then you need to look at what’s causing your cat to be upset

You have to turn detective mode

Whilst doing this continue to show your cat love and affection

Give your baby plenty of attention too and tell them how much you love them

They understand us and what we’re saying and you can hold a conversation with your cat

If you want to do this then check out my review of Cat Language Bible 

This guide will definitely help you become a better cat parent and help you understand your cat and build that strong loving relationship!

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