Cat Peeing In The Laundry Basket? Discover How You Can Stop This

In this article you’re going to learn

Why your cat is peeing in your laundry basket?

What’s causing this behavior?

How you can stop this and get your cat to use the litter box

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So if you’re tired of your cat not using the litter box and peeing in your laundry basket then you’re going to love this article

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Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Dirty Clothes?

Cats are usual very clean animals, so it comes as a bit of a shock to find that that your beloved furbaby has been using your linen basket full of dirty washing as their toilet.

Don’t even think that your cat is being naughty or being spiteful – far from it- your cat is trying to communicate with you.

They are highlighting the fact that they are feeling stressed and that they have a problem.

Your job is to find out why

It’s a bit of detective work from you but don’t worry because I’m here to help 

So let’s look at why your cat has stopped using the litter box 

Why Has My Cat Stopped Using The Litter Box?

The reason why your cat has chosen to start using your linen basket rather than their cat litter tray is because there is a problem either with the litter tray or your cat’s health.

It is good to give the problem priority, in case your cat is unwell, because it is sometimes hard to tell.

Whilst you find out what is wrong, it is a good idea to hide your linen basket.

Before you do, scrub the basket well inside and out with a bio-enzyme cleaner.

Also wash all the soiled clothes using the bio- enzyme cleaner, to ensure all of the odor is eliminated and your clothes are not ruined.

You can check out my top 8 best cat urine remover to help you choose the very best!

Check Your Cat Is In Good Health

The best thing to do, is to take your cat along to the Vet for a check up to ensure that your cat has not got something like a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

This condition makes it very painful for your cat to pee and your cat could link this painful sensation with their cat litter box.

Your Vet will be able to diagnose a UTI quickly and prescribe a course of antibiotics that will have your cat feeling much better in just a couple of days.

If your Vet finds that your cat does not have a UTI, the Vet will also check for another painful condition called Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC).

The symptoms for this condition include your cat straining to urinate, having traces of blood in their urine and peeing in unusual places.

Again, with the right treatment, the condition can be cleared up quite quickly.

Your Vet will also check that there are no physical problems with your cat’s paws as this would explain why your cat is not using the litter tray – because the cat litter hurts their feet. When cats are de-clawed, Vets recommend that something softer liked shredded newspaper is used in the litter tray for a few days afterwards.  

Talking about UTI and other medical problems

I would recommend checking out Pretty Litter which is very unique

What makes it unique?

You can monitor your cats health just by your cat using the litter box

The litter changes color if something is wrong with your cat such as UTI

Here’s an image of it

Pretty Litter

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Whilst you are with your Vet it is worth discussing the problem you are having with your cat, because if you cannot find the cause, the Vet may well advise trying pheromone or a herbal treatment, as these could well prove beneficial.

Focusing on the cat litter tray. 

If your visit to the Vet has assured you that nothing is medically wrong with your cat, you must look for what else could be causing your cat’s behavior and swing the spotlight on your cat litter tray.

Have you moved your cat litter tray or placed something in front of it so that your cat cannot access it easily?

Cats really do not like soiled litter trays so is there the chance that you have not been cleaning out the tray frequently enough? 

Wondering how often you should wash your cats litter box?

Check out my article – How often should I wash my cats litter box

Cleaning the cat litter box everyday can be difficult

Especially if you have just come back from a hard days work and just when you’re about to wind down and put your feet up

You realize you have to clean the litter box!

Frustrating right

The worst part?

If you don’t clean it you know what’s going to happen right?

It can be the laundry basket, your beautiful expensive carpet, it could be even be your towels! 

Want to know the solution?


Get a automatic cat litter box

It will clean itself so you never have to worry about scooping cat litter again

Just the thought of it makes you smile right?

Which one to get?

I would recommend Litter Robot

I have a pretty in-depth review of Litter Robot which you can check out by clicking here 

Bearing in mind that cats really do not like change, have you by any chance changed the brand of cat litter that you are using – if you have, your cat could be making a silent protest!

They could also be cross if you have wiped out the litter tray using a lemon-scented kitchen cleaner as cats HATE the smell of lemons!

If this is the case, wipe out the litter tray with an enzyme cleaner as it has no smell and will remove all traces of the offending lemon perfume! Revert to your usual brand of cat litter too.  

Another possible cause could be if you have two cats sharing a litter tray.

Cats generally do not like using litter trays where other cats have soiled, but this might not have been the trouble in your household until now, but problems arise when one of the cats takes ownership of the litter tray.

This is easily solved – buy a second and similar- cat litter box

Will This Behavior Ever Stop?

Your cat’s unpopular behavior will stop as soon as you can find the cause of their distress.

If you find that a trip to the Vet and a review of the cat litter tray have both drawn blanks, there are other possible causes.

As we mentioned, cats are creatures of habit and if you have decided to change all your furniture around in your home or have put ornaments on your cat’s favorite snoozing window sill – you could be in trouble!

Cats do not like to negotiate around furniture- they prefer a clear path as they walk around THEIR home!

They will also be equally unimpressed if they cannot enjoy a long laze in their favorite spot.

Both of these problems can soon be sorted!     

Another possible reason for your cat peeing in your laundry basket could be that they are getting older and finding that it feels too far to walk all the way back downstairs to use the litter tray.

If this could be the case, a second cat litter tray placed upstairs in the bathroom could solve the problem perfectly.

Some cats do not like the feeling of ‘being exposed’ when they use their litter tray – especially if you have lively children in the house.

Your cat may feel that they prefer the laundry basket because it feels more enclosed – and safer.

If you suspect that this could be the problem, you can buy enclosed cat litter trays – to be successful, make sure you buy one that is similar in size to your current litter tray.

I know how you’re feeling




It can be a difficult problem

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Your partner says it’s time to give up on poor kitty

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With luck, you will have discovered what has been troubling your feline friend and will have been able to put things right fairly easily.

And if you haven’t then at least give the Cat Spraying No More guide a try

You have 60 days to see if works because of the guarantee so you don’t have much to lose

Whatever you do, don’t punish your cat or shout at your cat

This will just make things worse and will make your cat afraid of you

That’s not something you’d want right?

You just need to show love and affection

And some patience too because with time your cat will stop

As you sit stroking your cat, you will be feeling happy and relieved – and your cat will be feeling exactly the same!




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