Can You Use Dirt For Cat Litter

In this article you’re going to learn if you can use dirt for cat litter

Is it possible?

What other alternatives are there for cat litter

You’ll also discover the best cat litter to buy if you’re thinking about purchasing one and trust me this cat litter is something unbelievable!


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Dirt As Cat Litter? Is It Possible?

The words ‘cat’ and ‘cleanliness’ go hand in hand. Cats are great company and fun, but as cat parents will tell you they are very fussy about the foods they like and- believe it or not – their cat litter trays!

If you choose the right position for the litter tray and the right cat litter, you and your cat will be happy.

Get any of the elements wrong and you could find your cat using your towels or favorite jumper in silent protest!

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Choosing the right cat litter and making sure your cat is happy with is very important because your cat uses the litter box everyday

How Often Do Cats Use Litter Box

Of course, how often your cat uses their litter tray varies from cat to cat – especially if the cat is able to spend some time outdoors.

Most cats pee 2-4 times every day, but this of course depends on their fluid intake, how warm your home is and also whether they have an ailment such as a urinary tract infection (UTI). 

Cats tend to poo once a day but this too can vary, depending on their diet, whether they are on any medication, whether they are an active cat and if they are in good health – a change in their routine can often indicate that your cat has diarrhea or constipation and needs to be seen by a Vet.

Kittens tend to use the cat litter tray more frequently than adult cats.

For owners it takes time to regularly empty the cat litter, clean the litter tray and to refill it with new cat litter to ensure that it is all clean and odorless.

Can You Use Soil As Cat Litter?

In the ideal world, you will never run out of cat litter so there will never be a problem.

There will be occasions when you are in a hurry and you have forgotten to buy resupplies, so what on earth do you do to swiftly improvise?

Garden soil (or if not, potting compost) is a good alternative to use instead of cat litter as cats will dig in soil when they want to pee or poo when they are outdoors.

The fresh soil will smell attractive to them but will not eliminate the odor that cats pee and poo makes, so only use garden soil for emergencies.

Another important point is that your cat will ‘track’ the soil very easily around the room, as the soil is light in weight.

It is best to surround the litter tray with newspaper to catch any of the soil.

Hopefully you don’t forget about buying cat litter

But we’re humans right?

And we can forget easily because we have a million things in our mind

I know some cat parents who have gone to the store to buy cat litter

They end up buying other things and forget about the cat litter!

It can happen

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Can I Use Rice As Cat Litter?

It is very unlikely that in your moment of need, that you will have enough rice in your larder to use in the cat litter tray.

If you do, then go ahead – expensive though it is- because rice does make a good alternative!

Rice is absorbent so it will absorb your cat’s pee really successfully.

The downside is that rice does not absorb the odor of the urine so the cat litter tray will certainly be smelling rather strongly by the time you get back.

The positive point is that the rice can do the job as a cat litter substitute!

If you would rather not use the rice that you had planned to cook for dinner, another popular alternative to cat litter is shredded newspaper.

This is the alternative that Vets recommend when cats are de-clawed and cannot use normal cat litter for a few days.

Some owners of long-haired cats also use shredded newspaper as they find that cat litter can stick to their cats’ fur.

Shredded newspaper (glossy magazines do not work well) certainly is a good alternative to use when your cat litter bag is empty, but again, it in no way absorbs the smell of your cat’s urine so on entering the room- hold your nose! 

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Any parent with a sand pit in their garden will tell you that cats love using sand for their toilet!

So in your hour of need for something to fill the litter tray, if you have some sand this could work well! 

The negatives are predictable: no odor absorption so you will need to clean the tray as soon as you get in and your cat will have tracked the sand around the room.

Sawdust is another popular alternative to use and  works best with a folded newspaper underneath to absorb any urine.

Such things as chicken pellets and lucerne are also good if you happen to keep chickens or horses too!

These both smell really nice to begin with, but the odors of cat pee and pooh will greet you when you return home!

If you have had to use an alternative to cat litter in the box, the problem you will have to tackle afterwards, is the odor that has been left behind.

The most successful way to do this is to use one of the bio- enzymatic cleaners as they really do quickly, effectively and permanently, eliminate all odors from the cat litter tray 

Is Home Made Cat Litter Better Than Buying Cat Litter?

Having had to use a home made alternative for cat litter in the case of emergency, you will have discovered that cat litter is a far better option because it absorbs both the moisture and all the odor.

All the home made alternatives need to be changed very frequently to keep them passably pleasant and even regular cat litter needs to be ‘de-pooed’ daily and changed every couple of days.

Of course, large bags of cat litter have to be carried home on a regular basis too.

It is hard work and if you don’t have a car, carrying it from the pet store to your house is pretty tough

To take pet care to the next level for your cat and to make their care easier for you, why not try Pretty Litter?

This is  the new generation cat litter that is available only by subscription so is delivered right to your front door every month for free so you won’t ever run out of cat litter again!

Pretty Litter is non-clumping so you need much less cat litter and this does not affect its ability to neutralize all odors- but does affect how much you spend on cat litter, saving you money.

As well as being an effective cat litter to use, Pretty Litter has been specially designed to change color should any irregularities be found in your cat’s urine, which means that you are alerted sooner and can get your cat checked out by your Vet.

Pretty Litter

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Because cats are very good at hiding away any pain because it’s just what cats do

You don’t want to realize too late your cat was ill all this time and you had no idea

Pretty Litter is the modern no-fuss solution to keeping the perfect cat litter tray that ensures you and your cat have more time for cuddles!

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Wrapping It Up

So, can you use dirt as cat litter?

You sure can but it’s best to stick with buying from stores

I know sometimes we can run out of cat litter so why not use dirt until you buy more

It’s best to try and stay on top of buying cat litter because it’s designed to be used for cats

If you’re a busy mom or have so much other things on your mind

Then why not get cat litter delivered to you by using Pretty Litter

That way you know you’ll never run out of cat litter again!





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  1. Hello – I have a major problem with one of my cats. He refuses to use the cat box and instead goes right next to or right behind the cat box (on pee pads I have laid down). It was only poop but now he is peeing outside the box as well. I think it’s a litter problem. I am currently using Wheat Scoop and have tried clay (scoopable and non), and pine pellets all to no avail. He pees outside in the garden so I don’t think it’s a physical urine problem. The cat box is huge (36″ long and 12″ wide) so he has plenty of room. It is in the basement so nice and quiet. There are three boxes for 2 cats. I clean them twice a day. Any idea what I should try next?


    • Michele,

      Sorry to hear about your problem

      Try not to worry too much as it’s just a phase that will soon pass (I know it’s easier said than done!)

      There could be many other reasons why your cat is not using the litter box

      Have you taken him to the vets to make sure its not something medical because a common illness is UTI

      If you haven’t then you should take him to the vets asap just to make sure everything is okay

      In the meantime I would recommend checking out my article

      Hope this helps

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