Cat Peeing On Shoes & How You Can Stop This

In this article you’re going to learn how you can stop your cat from peeing in your shoes

You’ll discover why they are doing 

How you can stop it 

The best part? 

I’m going to reveal to you a awesome guide that teaches you via a step by step system that you can follow to get your cat to use the litter box 

So if you’re tired of your cat peeing outside the litter box and in your shoes then you’re going to love this article 

Sound good? 

Let’s get started! 

It really is quite an emotional moment when you find that your beloved cat has peed in your shoes!

It certainly takes your relationship to another level  – especially if the shoes were your best or favorite.

I love my Lacoste shoes – How about you? What shoes did your cat pee in? Let me know in the comments below 

Now, it could be said that you should not have left your shoes lying around, but nevertheless you must now have deep rooted concerns as to why your cat has done this – especially if you recall reading somewhere that cats do such things out of spite.

Rest assured, your cat did not use your shoes in preference to their cat litter tray because they were mad at you, but there are several possible reasons that they did what they did.

It is important that you understand the reason why, not only because you do not want the same thing happening again, but because you care about your cat and you realize that they might be trying to tell you something…

That way you can help your cat and stop this behavior too

It’s out duty as cat parents right

There are several reasons why your cat is not happy. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons

Could Your Cat Be Stressed?

Cats are most definitely creatures of habit and do not like changes in their lives.

If you haven’t made a huge change such as having a baby, introducing a new cat or dog to the family, or have just moved house, there are many other things that can cause your cat to feel stressed.

There is in fact a long tick list to check through to find the cause of the problem and these include moving your furniture around so that your cat has lost a favorite snoozing place or they doesn’t like the new layout as they can’t walk easily from room to room without having to walk around furniture.

Did you change the position of their cat litter tray or did you dare to change the brand of cat litter – cats have a very strong sense of smell so they can tell from 20 paces that you have!

Have you by any chance used a lemon-scented cleaner to wipe out the cat litter tray?

Cats dislike the scent of lemon and your cat may have been making a ‘silent protest’ at its use.

Clean out the litter tray using an unperfumed cleaner or an enzyme cleaner and fill it with the usual brand of cat litter and life should revert to normal.   

I would recommend checking out Pretty Litter which is a awesome cat litter brand

Not only is it made of crystals and is great at controlling the odor but you can also monitor your cats health when your cat uses the litter!

How you may ask?

Here’s an image of it in action so you could see for yourself

Pretty Litter

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To pinpoint the problem, just work through all aspects of your cat’s life and try and trace any changes that could have occurred that have caused your moggie anguish – even a new cat moving in up the road can cause problems – especially if the new cat has come into your cat’s territory.  

You can check out my article How to calm a stressed cat down 

Your Cat Is Missing Your Company

If you cat is wanting your company, your shoes smell very strongly of you and are thus attractive to your cat.

The next best thing to having your company is to make your shoes theirs – and this is done by marking them as their territory.  

Whilst their action might not endear your cat to you, they are limited in how they can communicate how they are feeling.

Try and give your cat some play or cuddle time at approximately the same time each day and you well well find that they are really enjoying the extra attention and are quite happily using their cat litter tray every time.

It’s important to spend as much time as you can with your furbaby

If you want some ideas on what fun things to do with your cat why not check out my article

Fun things to do with your cat at home 

Your Cat Is Marking Their Territory.

Cats of both sexes often mark their territory in one of two ways either by reversing against a vertical surface and spraying or by peeing on a flat surface, towels, clothes – or shoes.

There are several reasons for this and the first is that your cat could have a urinary tract infection (UTI).

When this happens, they associate using their cat litter with pain and will pee somewhere else. 

It is well worth getting your cat checked out by your Vet. If a UTI is found then some antibiotics should soon have your cat feeling really good again.

Unneutured cats do like to mark their territory and also if your cat is feeling insecure  they will do so too – but this can be rectified with cuddles.    

I would recommend checking out this guide called Cat Spraying No More

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Does Vinegar Remove Cat Urine Odor?

Unfortunately, cat pee has a very strong odor and it is very difficult to clean your shoes or other items of clothing thoroughly.

Using an enzyme cleaner is very effective as it eliminates all the smell totally but there are various home remedies.

White vinegar is a popular solution to the problem.

Dilute the vinegar in the ratio one part vinegar to two parts water and mix well. Apply with a clean dry cloth.

Leave for a few minutes and then wipe using clean water.

Leave the shoes to dry naturally.

If there is still a hint of odor, wipe the shoes out with some mouthwash on a piece of paper kitchen towel. 

I would recommend checking out Rocco & Roxie odor eliminator 

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How Do You Get Cat Pee Out Of Shoes?

If you want another home cure for getting the smell of cat pee out of your shoes, baking soda is well worth trying!

Baking soda is widely used for removing odors in the kitchen such as wiping out shelves in the fridge. 

Sprinkle baking soda in the shoes and leave the soda in place for a few hours.

The baking soda does not remove the visible stain but should deal with the odor.

Once the shoes are smelling better try mixing the baking soda to a paste with water and rub this into the stained area. Leave for 10-15 minutes until the mixture dries and then tip out of the shoes.

Whilst you sort out what is causing your cat’s change in behavior, it is well worth making your shoes as unattractive as possible.

Two sensible solutions are to stand a citronella candle in each shoe as these will not smell nice to your cat, or scrunch up pieces of tin foil to pop in each shoes as this is a much disliked texture to your moggy!

How To Get My Cat To Use The Litter Box Again

If you go through the different reasons in this article and then apply it this will get your cat to use the litter box and not your shoe

Now I know it can be overwhelming

Especially if you have pressure from family members to stop this behavior

I mean, how much can you do research and then try to apply everything

The worst part?

Nothing is working!

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The main objective is – Build a healthy relationship with your cat

And the only way of doing that is by you helping them stop certain behaviors

It’s about understanding your furbaby

And this guide will help you do just that

It’s difficult figuring out things on your own


Your cat is not peeing in your shoes out of spite or to get you angry

It’s their way of communicating with you to tell you something is wrong

The most important thing is not to shout at your cat or discipline them

This will make things worse

They need patience and understanding and of course love and affection

Hopefully, if you have traced the root of your cat’s behavior and dealt with the problem, you should find that your cat has already started using their cat litter tray successfully once again  – and it won’t only be your cat that is feeling happier

You’ll be too





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