Do Cats Pee Out Of Spite?

Do you ever wonder if your cat pees out of spite?

I mean they won’t use the litter box and pee on your favorite carpet or rug

Or are they trying to tell you something?

If you’re wondering what the answers are to this question then you’re going to love this article

Because you’re going to discover why your cat is not using the litter box 

And how you can get them to use it again and not pee elsewhere

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Is Your Cat Peeing Out Of Spite?

Walking through the front door and finding that your cat has peed somewhere rather than use their cat litter box can be quite upsetting – especially if your cat has used a rug, bath towel or your favorite jumper as their toilet.

It is not a good idea to tell your cat off, but it is certainly going to be beneficial if you can discover what has caused your cat to act in this way.

Cats are not daft but in fact they can be quite complex and easily stressed, so for your cat to pee outside their cat litter box, this usually indicates that there is a problem.

You know your cat well, so you should be able to deduce what has upset your cat and made it behave in this way.

By soiling outside the litter box, your cat was not being spiteful but catching your attention ‘to raise the flag’ and say ‘hey, all is not good in my life’.

It’s their way of communicating with you

They can’t literally tell you this is what’s happening

But here’s the problem

You have no idea what is causing your cat to pee outside the litter box

Yes, they’re communicating with you but what exactly are they saying

So let’s look at why your cat is peeing on your stuff and not in their litter box

Why Is My Cat Peeing On Stuff?

Cats are definitely creatures of habit and can react badly if there are sudden changes in their lifestyle.

One of the main ways that they can react is by soiling out of their cat litter box.

If you can pinpoint the change and alter things back to how they were, your cat’s stress will evaporate.

If it is a situation you cannot change, you will have to be patient as it will take a few weeks for your cat to settle down again.

You can check out my article on how to calm a stressed cat down 

The biggest changes are moving house, another animal moving into the house and the arrival of a new baby.

Smaller changes that can nevertheless have a negative impact and these include the rearrangement of furniture in the house so that your cat has lost one of their favorite sleeping areas and can no longer walk easily through the house without negotiating around furniture or humans.

Has a different cat moved into the area and ventured into your garden which your cat considers their territory?    

Whilst it could be any of these reasons, the problem could be as simple as your children being noisy near the litter tray and disturbing your cat – making the cat flee to another part of the house and finding an alternative place to do their business

So once you find out what the problem is

Let’s look at how you could stop your cat from peeing everywhere

How To Stop Your Cat Peeing Everywhere And Use The Litter Box

Luckily, the saying that suggests that once a cat starts messing it will never stop, is largely untrue.

The only time this can happen is when your cat is older and you may find that instead of returning all the way to their cat litter tray, they are tempted to use an alternative – like the mat in the bathroom. 

The easiest solution in this situation is to provide a second cat litter tray, in this case, the bathroom seems the perfect location for the second one.

The best way to stop your car peeing everywhere is to work your way through the points below to find out what is causing the problem.

By pinpointing what is making your cat anxious and if possible removing it, your cat should soon return to using the cat litter tray. 

Get Your Cat Seen by Your Vet

When cat has peed somewhere they shouldn’t, the first thing to do is to take them along to your Vet for a check u

p. There is the chance that they could have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

These infections can really hurt cats and they may associate the pain of peeing, wrongly with their cat litter tray and seek an alternative place to pee.

If the Vet diagnoses a UTI you will be given antibiotics for your cat and within a couple of days, your cat will be feeling fine again.

Even if your cat recovers well, ensure that you administer the full course of antibiotics otherwise the infection will return and you will soon be ‘back to square one’.

If the Vet finds no sign of infection in the cat’s urine sample, ask the Vet if there are any signs of stress and what could have triggered them.

I would recommend using Pretty Litter because with this litter you’d be able to see if your cat has UTI


When your cat uses the litter box and they have UTI then the litter will actually change color!

Pretty Litter

This will give you a indication that is something is wrong

I don’t want to go too much into detail about this but if you want to learn more then you can check out my review of Pretty Litter

Has Your Cat Recently Be De-Clawed?

On learning about the problem with your cat, your Vet might well suggest that whilst your cat has tender feet, they might not be keen on using sharp stony cat litter.

This can be quickly put right by changing their cat litter to fine soil, saw dust or shredded paper.

Check Your Cat’s Litter Tray

Cats can be really fussy and if you have made any changes to the location or contents of their litter tray, this could be their way of complaining!

Keep the litter tray where you cat knows where it is – this can be tricky when you have just moved house. 

Do you have enough litter trays? Ideally you will have one for each of your cats as they don’t like using soiled litter trays- especially when it is not their mess.

Another question to ask yourself is whether you had simply forgotten to change the cat litter as you were in a hurry. Have you changed the brand of cat litter you are using?

Your cat may well have taken a dislike to the fragrance of the new brand of cat litter.

Talking of fragrance, did you clean the litter tray out with a lemon-scented kitchen cleaner?

If you did, this could well be the problem as cats hate the smell of lemon! Even if it wasn’t a lemon-scented cleaner, was it highly perfumed?

By peeing elsewhere, your cat is telling you that they don’t like your choice of cleaner!

The best thing to do is to re-wash the litter tray with um-perfumed cleaner and return to the brand of cat litter that you know your cat liked! 

If your cat is messing just outside their litter tray, have they grown too large for it?

Have you moved the tray so that it is not easily accessible.

These are all reasons why your cat could be ‘missing the target’.If you have answered ‘no’ to all of these, pop the tray on some newspaper to absorb the mess, while you ponder further on the subject..

Have there been changes to your schedule?

Believe it or not, cats love having a daily routine and this isn’t just for meal times!

They can become stressed if your daily routine has changed or if another adult has moved into the house.

Cats can feel that their security is under threat and can respond by soiling out of their cat litter tray.

An easy way to help remedy this is to give your cat some play time with you every day (at approximately the same time) as this will help re-built their confidence and sense of security

Clear the decks!

It makes sense that whilst you are trying to encourage your cat to use their cat litter tray once again, that all clothes are properly put away and bath mats and rugs are rolled up so that your cat is not tempted to not use the litter tray again.

What to use to clean cat pee

The problem with cat pee is that it really stinks -particularly if your cat is a non-neutered male.

Unfortunately, even if you wash the soiled rug, towel or clothing really well, traces of the smell will remain and of course your cat with their excellent sense of smell.

May well use the item as their toilet again. 

The only way to deal with the soiled item is to use a really good enzyme cleaner as this totally removes the smell by neutralizing it.

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator eliminates the stains and odors from all types of surfaces including hard ones plus a variety of fabrics.

It is well worth keeping a bottle for emergencies.

Use Rocco & Roxie to wipe out the cat litter tray as this will ensure that your cat is not being put off by other smells.

I actually have a in-depth review of Rocco & Roxie which you check out by clicking the link below

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator Review 

With patience, affection and some good detective work, you will find what it is that has unsettled your cat and soon have them happy to use their litter box once again

Now I know what you’re probably thinking

It’s overwhelming right

A LOT of information to take in

You don’t know if it will work or if you can get to the root of the problem

Want to know what will make it easier?

If you had a step by step system to follow

A guide that you can follow

So instead of going from one website to another you have everything in one simple step by step easy to follow guide 

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Another guide you can check out is

Cat Spray Stop


I haven’t bought this guide but the reviews seem to look really good

It teaches you a very unique way of stopping your cat from spraying

It’s called the TTS method

After following this TTS method you will be able to stop your cat from spray in 7 days

It’s a pretty bold statement but worth a shot because you get a 60 day money back guarantee so you got nothing to lose really

You’re probably wondering what is this TTS method, what does it stand for and how does that help you to get your cat to stop spraying in 7 days?

You’ll get all the answers to this in my article

What Is The TTS Method?

These 2 guides I have recommended will make it easier and less overwhelming to get your cat to stop peeing outside the litter box

Because I know how it is,

When your cat starts to pee outside the litter box

You have no idea why this is happening and you’ve tried your best to stop this

The worst part?

When family members start to mention to get rid of your furbaby

And when relationships start to become strained due to this problem

It makes it even more important to stop this problem asap

Wrapping It Up

Do cats pee out of spite?

Of course not!

They wouldn’t do anything just to get you angry

When a cat starts to pee outside the litter box and on things they shouldn’t be, it’s a way of your cat communicating to tell you something is wrong

Or something has upset them

It’s up to you to figure it out and hopefully in this article you’ll be able to do just that

Whatever you do, don’t shout at your cat or punish them

This will just make things worse

They need love and affection and some patience from your side


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