Best Cat Litter For Cats With UTI

Want to know what the best cat litter for cats with UTI?

Then you’re going to love this article


Because not only are you going to learn what the best litter is

But I’m going to reveal the cat litter that will actually show you that your cat is suffering from UTI so you can act quick and get your cat to the vets

Sound good?

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Best Cat Litter For Cats With UTI

The best cat litter is Pretty Litter

This is without a doubt

Why do I recommend Pretty Litter?

Because it changes color if your cat has UTI

What do I mean?

If your cat is suffering from UTI and as soon as she uses the litter box

The litter will change color

And this means something is obvious wrong with your furbaby

Have a look at the image

Pretty Litter

This is pretty life changing because it’s a great way of acting fast if your cat is ill

You see, cats are very good at hiding away any pain they are feeling

So your cat could be suffering and you wouldn’t have any idea

That is pretty dangerous because by the time you know something wrong it could be too late

This is where Pretty Litter comes in

As soon as your cat uses the litter box

If something is wrong then the litter will change color

You’ll be able to act straight away and potentially save your cats life

If you think this litter is for you but want to learn more about it then you can check out my review by clicking the link below

Pretty Litter Review

What Is UTI?

UTI is Urinary Tract Infection 

This is a infection inside the bladder which is cause by bacteria

It can be painful for your cat and can cause problems peeing

If it is left untreated then it can develop into something serious

So if you notice unusual peeing behavior from your cat you should go to the vets asap to make sure everything is okay

That’s why I recommend Pretty Litter because you’ll be able to tell straight away if your cat is suffering from UTI

You’ll be able to act straight away and get your cat treated and save your cat from any serious illness

Can Litter Cause UTI In Cats?

Litter does not usually cause UTI because most urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria in the bladder

But if the litter box is not clean and feces or litter gets into your cats vulva area then this can cause infection

Making sure the litter box is clean is very important

You should try to clean it twice a day and if that’s not possible then once a day

I know it can be difficult sometimes to clean the litter box every single day

Especially if you’re tired after coming home from a long days work

But it’s for a good cause and will only help your cat

You could also get a self cleaning litter box that will clean itself

That means no more scooping and cleaning the litter box!

I would recommend the Litter Robot

A bit pricey but definitely worth it!

You can check out my Litter Robot Review 


There are many great cat litter out there but for me Pretty Litter stands out

Simply because it can detect any signs of illness in your cat

That is pretty awesome and life changing

You will actually save money too (Although money shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to health)

But with that saved money maybe you could buy your cat some tasty treats!

My Tigger loves his treats and knows how he can get me to give him one!

Sorry I’m getting a bit off track

Cat litter that can detect UTI will surely help your cat

They actually have a 20% OFF your first purchase

I don’t know how long it will last for so you might want to act quick!

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