Why Is My Cat Peeing On Towels? & How You Can Stop This

In this article you’re going to learn why your cat is peeing on your towels

You’ll discover

  • Possible causes for your cat to pee on your towels
  • Why your furbaby is not using the litter box
  • How you can stop this behavior and have fresh clean towels!

In short:

If you want your cat to use the litter box and not your towels then you’re going to love this article!

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Why Is My Cat Urinating On My Towels

It can certainly come as quite a shock when you return home and find that your cat has peed on towels, a rug, piece of linen or your favorite clothes.

It doesn’t make sense 

Your cat was using the litter box but now all of a sudden

He’s decided to use the towels and not the litter tray!

I know the frustration

You’ve probably had a long day at work, or maybe just hit the gym and now you just want to take a shower and you know be fresh again!

Only to pick up a soaking towel that stinks like cat pee!

Forget taking a shower now – You need to wash these towels

I get it!

You want to tear your hair out

But don’t!

Because there’s always a solution to a problem

And there’s a solution to this too

First we need to look at why your cat is behaving like this

Possible Causes Your Cat Is Peeing On Your Towels

There are several different reasons why a cat suddenly abandons using their cat litter tray- preferring something far softener and nicer that you treasure!

The solution is not to get cross with your cat, but instead to try and find out the reason why. (https://www.vetinfo.com/vets/answers/why-would-my-cat-keep-peeing-on-my-towels-in-my-bathroom )

Here’s why your cat is using your towels as their litter box

  1. Your cat is older and finds that it is easier and more convenient to pee wherever they are in the house, rather than go all the way to their litter tray.
  2. They have developed a UTI (Urinary tract infection). These can be really painful for your cat and they may be associating the pain of urinating with their litter tray and have chosen another site is preferral.
  3. Your cat has been stressed out by a recent major event such as staying in the cattery whilst you and your family have been away on holiday. Maybe you have just moved house and they are ‘under house arrest’ until they have spent a week in the new place.

The first thing to do.

The first thing to do is to take your cat along to the Vet to get him/her checked out.

The Vet will be able to test for a UTI quickly and to start treating it.

The Vet will probably be able to detect any other signs of stress that your cat is displaying. Interestingly, another painful condition is Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC).

The symptoms for FIC include straining to urinate, blood in the urine and the cat peeing in unusual places.

If the Vet cannot find a medical problem, ask their advice about pheromone or herbal treatments and whether they could prove beneficial.

Understanding Your Furbaby 

If your trip to the Vets did not reveal any medical problem, the next step is to try and understand why your cat has decided not to use their cat litter tray 

Your cat won’t be able to tell you what’s wrong

But they tell you through peeing on things other than the litter box

So you need to be in detective mode

Not to worry because I’m going to help you find out what could be causing your cat to pee on towels

Could any of these be the problem?

  1. Right back to basics! Have you changed the brand of cat litter that you are using for your cat? Cats really can have a preference – especially if it does not smell right to them. Cats can be just as fussy about their cat litter as they can be about cat food – and we have all been down that street!


  1. Have you changed the frequency that you are changing the cat litter? Cats are very fussy and many do not like to use soiled cat litter – especially if the soiling has been done by another cat in the house. Do you have a cat litter tray for each cat? Ideally each cat should have their own cat litter tray.


  1. Have you recently moved the cat litter tray to a new location? If you have just moved house, it could be possible that your cat does not like the new location of their tray. If you live in a small apartment and don’t know where to put the litter box then check out my article where to put litter box in a small apartment 


  1. Is there a pattern in where your cat is now soiling? This is particularly applicable for older cats. If the bathroom is proving to be the popular alternative place to pee, maybe it is because it is a distance from the cat litter tray. It could be worth installing a second litter tray in the bathroom. If you are just running an experiment, make a temporary second cat litter tray by filling a shallow box with cat litter and standing the box on plastic. Time will soon tell!


  1. Is the cat litter too hard? Even if your cat has been happily using cat litter, they can suddenly decide that it is uncomfortable on their paws – especially true if they have just been de-clawed. If this could be the case, it will be worth making a little experiment and switching to something softer like soil, shredded newspaper or fine sawdust.


  1. Have you been cleaning out the litter tray with a lemon flavored cleaner? Cats have an excellent sense of smell and generally do not like lemon or many other fragrances. Try cleaning the litter tray out using an un scented cleaner and see if that makes the difference.

As you can see Litter can play a key part in your cats life so make sure you get the right one!

Have a look at my top 6 best dust free cat litter for people that have asthma 

How To Deter Your Cat from Peeing Anywhere But In The Litter Box

* The first thing to do is to remove the opportunity to pee anywhere else! Don’t leave towels on the floor, remove any rugs and put clothes away in the wardrobe.

* As cats do not like the fragrance of lemon, use this to your advantage and wash your towels (or other favoured peeing spots) with a lemon scented washing liquid and fabric conditioner as this could prove the ideal deterrent.

* If your cat has urinated on a particular towel, rug or item of clothing, you really will have to launder it extremely well to ensure there is no trace of the odor left behind.

This will definitely make you feel better, but importantly your cat’s finely tuned sense of smell will spot it instantly and they will find it irresistible not to pee on it again.

The only way to guarantee success is to use an enzyme cleaner.

The good ones, do not come cheaply, but with pets in the house, it is a useful item to have in your under sink cupboard.

I would recommend checking out Rocco & Roxie Odor Eliminator

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Is Your Cat Stressed & How You Can Help Them If They Are

If you have recently moved, it will take time for your cat to settle.

If you haven’t moved, have you introduced a new cat or a dog into the household?

Has another person moved in or a baby just been born?

Even if there have been no major changes, try to make a nice relaxing environment for your cat – remember, they are creatures of habit and routine

Ensure that their favorite sleeping place has not disappeared. If you have moved the furniture around or put a new ornament on their favorite window sill, perhaps it is worth moving things back to how they were.

Cats like to wander through the house easily, without having to negotiate pieces of furniture or other animals or people, can your cat do this easily?

Does your cat have to fight for their food?

Often if there is more than one cat, it is necessary to stay in the room whilst they feed to ensure that one is not nabbing the other cat’s meal. Make sure that you feed the cats at regularly times too.

If you have more than one cat, have you noticed if the balance in their relationship has changed?

Sometimes if one cat is continually pouncing on the other, it can be caused by boredom.

This can soon be put right – play with your cat! Enjoying a play session with your cat about the same time each day can make a huge difference. 

A good investment could be one of the cat toys on a string that contain catnip – after a few minutes you could well have a sleepy purring and very happy cat!

Running out of ideas to play with your cat?

Check out my article Fun things to do with your cat at home

Overwhelming & Don’t Know Where To Start?

I get it

All this information to just get your cat to use the litter box and not your towels can become a bit overwhelming

And what can happen is the stress this is causing you can cause your cat to be even more stressed which will lead to more litter box avoidance

What you need is a step by step system to follow because that will make things easier

A guide to help you

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This is something I got myself too

Cat Spraying No More

You just got to follow the steps shown in this guide and hopefully make things easier for you

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Wrapping It Up

Follow these tips and advice and work through it and hopefully your cat will stop peeing on your towels 

Will it take time? Maybe

Does it require patience? of course

Whatever you do, try to not shout at your cat and get angry

I know it’s easier said than done but if you shout at your cat this will just make things worse

Understanding why your cat is behaving in this manner and then tackling the problem from the root will help stop this peeing outside the litter box

Remember, it’s just a phase your cat is going through and it will stop



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