Is Cat Litter Toxic To Humans?

In this article you’re going to discover if cat litter is toxic to humans

Is it safe to clean or should you wear a mask

What type of cat litter is the best and that’s safe for you and your cat too

Sound good?

Let’s dive in!

Is Cat Litter Dangerous For Humans?

Cat litter is not toxic or dangerous to humans

If it was then I don’t think any cat parent would buy cat litter!

I guess it’s important to choose the right litter

And by that I mean cat litter that is not dusty

Because you can get litter which is really dusty and this is not good for you at all

Especially if you or any of your family member suffer from asthma

Dusty cat litter is also not good for your cat too

According to there is no clear answer as cat litter being dangerous

But it’s best to avoid litter that gives out a lot of dust

You can check out my top 6 best dust free cat litter for asthma 

So Which Cat Litter Is Best Safe To Use?

If you want the best safest cat litter that you could possibly get then I would recommend you check out Pretty Litter

It’s made up of crystal which is very safe and is completely dust free too so you don’t have to worry about using it if you have asthma

Safe to use for your cat and for humans too

The best part?

Pretty Litter can monitor your cats health

I know right – that’s awesome!

How you may ask?

If your cat has for example kidney disease or UTI

When they use the litter box the litter will change color which is to notify you that something is wrong

Pretty awesome right!

Here’s how it looks like when it changes color

Pretty Litter

I have written a in-depth review which you can check out if you want to learn more

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Pretty Litter Review 

Stop Cleaning The Litter Box

Hold on – stop cleaning the litter box?

A dirty litter box means your cat will avoid it right?

But what if you got a automatic self cleaning litter box

That will mean you don’t have to clean it

You can get Litter Robot which is meant to be really awesome

So you never have to clean the litter box again

That would be cool

I have a written a review of Litter Robot if you want to learn what it’s about

Litter Robot Review 

Is Cat Litter Toxic To Toddlers

It’s the same for us adults

As long as the cat litter is dust free it shouldn’t be a problem

It’s very important that you keep the litter box away from your toddler or baby

And keep the litter bag away too because you don’t want your toddler to put cat litter in their mouth and swallow

That would be dangerous

Try to keep the litter box in a place where your toddler won’t have access

So regardless whether the cat litter is not dusty it’s important to keep it away

I’m not trying to give medical advice – it’s just the right thing to do

Should You Wear a Mask When Changing Cat Litter

That’s entirely up to you

If you think the litter is dusty then sure why not

I personally wear a mask whenever we are vacuuming because of all the dust

I’m asthmatic and the moment I get into contact with dust – I’ve had it!

So I would wear a covering to stop me from breathing in the dust

So if you want to be on the safe side you could wear a mask

It’s all up to you!


So is cat litter toxic to humans?

As long as it’s not dusty then it should be okay

As far as the study by Dr weils there is evidence to back it up to say cat litter is toxic

But to be on the safe side

You should get dust free cat litter

That way you won’t be breathing in all that dust and same goes for your cat

Breathing in all that dust could cause respiratory problems for you and your cat




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