Best Cat Litter That Lasts a Month

In this article you’re going to learn which cat litter that lasts a month

So if you want to save money on your cat litter instead of spending money on cat litter every 2 – 3 weeks then you’re going to love my recommendation

Sound good?

Let’s get started

Cat Litter That Will Last You a Month

Spending money on cat litter can become expensive

And if you’re not careful enough you could be spending a fortune


By choosing the wrong cat litter

It’s important to purchase litter that will absorb the cat urine

So you don’t have to keep scooping it

But do remember to make sure the litter box is clean

Which cat litter would I recommend?

I would recommend you check out Pretty Litter

It’s a unique cat litter that will surprise you

How will it surprise me? 

You can actually monitor your cat’s health with this particular litter

How awesome is that?

You must be wondering how does it work?

Cats can get UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and it can be hard to notice this

Or they could get kidney disease

The problem is your cat is very good at hiding this

They will act like they’re all fine but in reality they’re suffering

It’s what cats do – hide their pain away

This is where Pretty Litter comes in

Once your cat uses the litter box

If something is wrong with your cat

The litter will change color 

Pretty Litter

Pretty cool right?

This is not the only thing

You want litter that will last you a month

This will last you a month

But wait it gets better…

It can be difficult and sometimes feel lazy going to the pet stores every month to purchase cat litter

Life can get busy and sometimes buying litter can slip your mind

So what can happen is, It’s late at night and you’ve only just realized you ain’t got litter!

With Pretty Litter – You don’t have to worry about any of this 

Pretty Litter delivers cat litter to you every month FREE SHIPPING! 

This for me makes Pretty Litter the best cat litter out there

The face that you can potentially save your cats life by noticing any sign of illness straight away is a game changer

You can get yours with a 20% OFF your first purchase using coupon code AFFTOY20 at the checkout 

You might want to act quick because I got no idea how long this will go on for

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If you want to learn more about Pretty Litter than you can check out my in-depth review of Pretty Litter 

Or check out this short video

What To Look Out For When Buying Cat Litter

Dust Free Cat Litter

You want to make sure the litter that you buy is not dusty

Especially if you’re asthmatic or have family members in your household who suffer from asthma

It can be dangerous and will cause problems too

I have asthma myself so I know what it’s like as soon as you inhale dust

You can check out my Top 6 best dust free cat litter for asthma 

Scented Or Unscented? 

Some cat litter are scented and some are unscented

So which type of litter do cats prefer

To be honest it’s a mixed research

According to Dr Neilson there isn’t much significance to which cat litter do cats prefer

You can learn more about this study here 

Nobody knows more about your cat than yourself so it’s pretty much your cats preference

Clumping Or Non-Clumping? 

Both are good

With clumping litter it’s easier to scoop because it’s solid so easy to scoop

Clumping cat litter is also good at odor control

Non clumping cat litter absorbs more of the waste than the odor

Non clumping also requires to changing the litter more often than clumping

So if you want cat litter to last a whole month it’s better to get clumping cat litter

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter 

If you love the environment and don’t want to do any harm to it with cat litter then there are cat litter that is made up of recycled and biodegradable materials

The best part?

They’re all highly absorbent, control urine odor just like clay and crystal and they’re dust free too

So it’s a 2 in 1 – does all that cat litter does and it’s safe and environmental friendly

Oko Cat litter is made up of Pine which is environmental friendly

I actually done a comparison article between Oko Cat and Worlds best cat litter

You should definitely check it out by clicking the link below

Worlds best cat litter vs Oko cat litter comparison 

Wrapping It Up

If you want to make sure you have litter that lasts you the whole month then I’d recommend Pretty Litter

Not only does it last a whole month but you never have to worry about going to the stores to buy cat litter

And carrying a heavy bag of litter to your cat then to your house

Pretty Litter delivers to you every month for FREE 

Overall it’s one of the best cat litter brand out there

I mean – it changes color to monitor your cats health – It can’t get any better than that!

Cat parents love it and I’m sure you will too

Stay at home and let Pretty Litter do the job of delivering to you every month – free shipping

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