My World’s Best Cat Litter Vs Oko Cat Litter Comparison

In this article you’re going to discover which cat litter is the best between

Worlds Best Cat Litter


Oko Cat Litter

They’re both are great

But which is is better?

Because I know you want the best litter for your cat

Something that your cat will find easy to use so they won’t ever NOT use the litter box

And of course – Cat litter that won’t stink up your whole house

Cause, let’s be honest

A Cat litter in the house means one thing

A house that smells like cat litter

Anyways which one should you consider getting?

Here’s the twist

I think the best cat litter out there is actually…

Pretty Litter 


That’s what I would recommend

But this article is about the comparison between worlds best and Oko 

I know, but me, personally, I would recommend Pretty Litter

You don’t have to get it

But it’s something I think you should consider

Here’s a review I have written about Pretty Litter where I go pretty in-depth

>>Pretty Litter Review<<

If your heart and mind is set on either Worlds best or Oko then no problem

I’ll still do a comparison!

So let’s get started!

Worlds Best Cat Litter Overview

I’m going to get straight into the pros and cons of Worlds best cat litter

I’m sure that’s what you want to know right away!

Let’s look at the pros first

Pet, people and planet friendly! 

If you care about the environment (we all should to be honest) then this cat litter is the right one for you

There’s no harmful chemicals or any artificial perfumes

This makes it safe for your cat, your family and for the planet

You don’t want to get cat litter that is harmful to your cat or to your family members

That’s just dangerous

One of the main negatives about cat litter is the dust

Which brings me to my next point

It’s Dust FREE! 

99% dust free

That’s pretty amazing

Especially for cat litter to be literally dust free

If you’re like me and asthmatic or have people in your family who suffer for asthma then you got no need to worry using Worlds best!

It’s good for your cat too because if the cat litter is dusty, this can cause some damage to your cats lungs and could cause breathing difficulty!

Awesome Odor Control! 

The last thing you want is your house smelling like cat litter

Or shall I say cat urine!

It’s embarrassing when you have guests come over and your house is pretty much stinking of cat litter

Which is why buying cat litter that has good odor control is very important

And guess what?

Worlds best cat litter has really great odor control so you won’t need to worry about your house smelling like cat urine!

Easy To Clean 

Cleaning the litter box is no easy task and I’m sure you would agree with me

Especially if the litter is stuck to the litter tray

It can become a real hard chore

It’s not something you want to spend hours on!

But lucky for you, worlds best is very easy to clean

(I would recommend checking out self cleaning litter box like Litter Robot – You can check out my Litter Robot Review)

These are pretty much the pros of Worlds best cat litter

And as you can see it does tick all the boxes to actually be named “Worlds best cat litter” so you can’t really blame them because they have lived up to their name


With all products there are always negatives too

I think it’s important to mention the negatives as much as the positive so you get a clear unbiased answer

So let’s look at the cons

Not Great At Odor Control 

Although it has been mentioned in the pros about it being great at odor control, unfortunately some cat parents have complained that the smell of cat pee goes straight to the bottom of the litter box and makes it stink


Cat parents have mentioned how after using worlds best they notice a lot of bugs near the litter box

These bugs have started to appear after using this particular litter

Although it’s important to mention that these bugs could appear because of where people live as some cat parents have never mentioned seeing any bugs after using worlds best litter

Grows Mold Quickly 

Mold has grown very quickly in the litter box after using Worlds best

In the reviews, one cat parent had mentioned that there is very little moisture absorbing capacity which pretty much makes it very easy for mold to grow

If you want to know more and the price then check it out over at Amazon by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

Oko Cat Litter Overview

What I find really interesting about this cat litter is it’s made from reclaimed wood which is pretty awesome

This leads me to my first advantage of using Oko Cat Litter

Dust Free 

As I just mentioned how this cat litter is made up of reclaimed wood this means it’s dust free!

This is very important because you don’t want cat litter that is dusty because this can cause problems especially if you or anyone in your family has asthma

Easy To Scoop! 

No cat parents love cleaning the litter box so imagine if it was not easy to scoop this would make it even hard!

I mean, you come back from a hard days work and then you have to make sure the litter box is clean otherwise your cat will use something else to do their business like your beautiful carpet!

It can be tough but with Oko cat litter you won’t need to worry about that because it’s easy to scoop and easy to clean

Non Toxic 

Safe to use with pets children and other family members because it has no artificial fragrance, no synthetic chemicals, no toxic dyes, and no GMOs

So it’s pretty much safe to use

Litter That Lasts Long! 

One of the great features of Oko cat is the litter lasts long which means you save more money so you can buy more treats and spoil your cat lol (well my Tigger loves his treats and trust me he knows how to get it when he wants!)

With regular scooping this litter can last up to 7 weeks which is pretty awesome

Let’s look at the cons now

Can Get Messy 

If you are a very clean person and hate litter tracking then this litter may not be for you because it does seem to track everywhere as mentioned in the reviews

Be prepared to vacuum daily!

Smells Awful 

One common complaint cat parents have mentioned in the reviews is the litter smells awful

It does not cover up the odor

Check Price On Amazon

World’s Best Cat Litter Vs Oko Cat Litter – Final Results

It’s a tough call right

I mean they’re both really good

It’s hard to decide which one is better

But if you ask me to choose between these two

I would say…

Worlds Best Cat Litter

The reason for this decision is because it has amazing ratings on Amazon

It’s affordable and pretty much ticks all the boxes

You can check out the price by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

Here’s The Twist

Well, If I’m recommending Worlds best cat litter

Why did I choose Pretty Litter as the one I would recommend?

It doesn’t make sense right?

Let me explain

Why Pretty Litter Over Worlds Best & Oko Cat Litter?

Don’t get me wrong

Both cat litter that I have done a comparison are awesome

They will get the job done

But what makes Pretty Litter stand out from these two is 2 things

  1. The litter is crystal which makes it completely dust free
  2. Monitor your cats health with the litter
  3. Delivered every month to you for FREE

The fact that it’s made up of crystal is pretty awesome because you know for a fact that they won’t be any dust at all

What makes Pretty Litter unique among all other cat litter is

You can actually monitor your cats health with this litter

So if your cat is suffering from UTI you’ll be able to tell straight away as soon as they use the litter


The litter changes color!

That’s right – it will change color if your cat is suffering from any illness

This is life changing for your cat because you can now act quick to take your cats to the vets

Cats are very good at hiding their pain so for you to tell if they are suffering may be difficult

But not anymore

They just have to use the litter and you’ll be able to find out and act quick

Potentially save your cats life

That’s what makes this stand apart

You can find out more by checking visiting their website by clicking the link below

Oh and they have a special discount which you should take advantage of

You get 20% OFF your first purchase

Just type in this code

AFFTOY20 at the checkout

I don’t know how long this promotion is going to last for so be quick and take advantage!

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If you want to know more about Pretty Litter then you can check out my in depth review

Pretty Litter Review 







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