My Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club Comparison – Which Litter Is Better?

In this comparison article you’re going to discover which Litter is the best for your cat

Pretty Litter?


Kitty Poo Club

We all want the best for our furbaby and when it comes to litter this is very important

Cats use the litter box everyday and choosing the right litter is a very important factor

You don’t want to get something that is dangerous for your cat and for your family too

So there’s two very unique and popular cat litter among cat parents

Both cat litter are pretty awesome and have very unique distinctive features

To be honest they both have their advantages but only one can be the best right?

Before I tell you which one is the best you can actually check out my in depth on Pretty Litter Review

So the million dollar question is

Which one is better? Pretty Litter or Kitty Poo Club?

In short – Both litter are pretty awesome and it is hard to separate them but I get it, you want that litter which is best for your cat (and for you too because you want it to be safe and healthy) 

So if you’re in a rush and want to know which one is the best to buy then I would recommend Pretty Litter simply because it’s dust free which is healthy for your cat, great odor control and it can monitor your cats health (something I’ve never heard that a Cat litter can do!)

Keep reading because I’m going to talk about the differences between the two litter so you have a option to choose which one suits your cat(s)

Pretty Litter Overview

Pretty Litter is a new (sort of) revolutionary cat litter that has taken the market by storm

Which is why cat parents have been raving about this awesome cat litter

One of the main features is this litter can monitor your cats health

You know what that means and will do for your cat?

You can potentially save your cats life

We can all agree cats are very good hiding their pain

So you may not even know your cat is suffering from a health condition

And I know you don’t want to be that cat parent that finds out too late that your furbaby was suffering for a long period of time!

Imagine – you will be able to detect early signs of any health condition your cat may be suffering from just by them using their litter box

The most common is UTI and Pretty Litter will be able to detect that

It can detect other diseases as well such as

Kidney Disease

Blood in urine


Kidney issues

And many more

You may be wondering

How is this possible? How does Pretty Litter detect these health signs?

I’ll tell you

If your cat for example has UTI (I hope your cat doesn’t!) then the litter will actually change color! 

Pretty Litter

This will give you an indication that something is wrong

So you can act quick and take your cat to the vets to get checked up

Imagine the money you’ll save by getting these health issues resolved asap!

I know it’s not about money but with that money saved you can buy your cat, I don’t know, a cat tree or something really cool!

Other key features of Pretty Litter is

Dust Free 

It’s non clumping because it’s made of up unique crystal – which means no dust

And no dust means it’s safe for your cat and for you and your family

This is very important because cat litter that has dust in them can cause respiratory problems for your cat and your family too!

Great Odor Control 

One of the main downside of a litter box is – you’ve guessed it – the smell!

Yes our cats are cute and we love their cuddles but the odor coming from the litter box is something you can’t ignore

Especially when the smell makes the whole house stink!

But with Pretty Litter this won’t happen because it uses dry silica crystal which absorbs the liquid of your cats urine

It traps the odor and then eliminates the moisture which makes it odorless and scentless

No smelly litter box

Happy days!

Last Longer & 80% Lighter 

Did you know a single cat household goes through 20 pound of cat litter but with Pretty Litter you’ll only be using 4 pounds of litter that will last you the whole month

Use less litter – save more money

Delivered To Your Door Every Month – For FREE 

That’s right you don’t have to go to the stores to get yourself a heavy bag of cat litter and carry it to the car and then into your house

Sit back, relax and take the tension of buying cat litter because Pretty Litter will deliver it to you every month with no shipping charge

These are a few points I wanted to mention to you

I do go into much more detail in my review of Pretty Litter 

Just with any product there are pros and cons

I’ve mentioned the good thing about this litter but what about the negative side?


Some cat parents say the litter does not last the whole month but then again, each cat is different and they may be using the litter box more frequently

It can be expensive because it’s a month subscription so you pay every month and you get Pretty Litter delivered to you – the only silver lining to this is the free shipping you get and that you don’t have to worry about going to the stores to buy litter

They have a 20% OFF discount on your first purchase which is pretty cool

You enter the code AFFTOY20 at the checkout to get your 20% off

I got no idea how long this will last so make sure you take advantage!

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Kitty Poo Club Overview

A very easy to use litter box that comes with litter

100% natural with no chemicals, dyes, scent or even dust that lasts for 30 days!

Every month you get a new cardboard box with litter which is disposable

How do you use it?


Take off the lid – that’s it!

Because it’s so easy to use and is delivered to you, cat parents love this

After a month you can just throw the litter box along with the litter away ready for your new one to be used

The cardboard box is biodegradable

Pretty convenient right?

So if you’re a busy mom/dad then this litter box with litter is right for you

Great Odor Control 

As with any litter box – ask any cat parent – the odor is something every cat parent will ask

Does it contain the odor? Will it make my house smell?

With Kitty Poo Club – you won’t smell cat urine again!

No Need To Refill Litter 

All you have to do is stir the litter because the mineral litter allows the urine to easily evaporate

What about the poo?

You just have to scoop it out

But other than that this will last you a month

Then you throw away and use the new one that’s delivered to you

Cons Of Kitty Poo Club 

It can be slightly dusty so if you have asthma or allergic it can be a problem

You need to clean it regularly

Pretty Litter Vs Kitty Poo Club – Final Results

Both litter are very good for cat parents

They’re dust free and is a safe and healthy option for your cat, you and your family which is very important

They both hold the odor well too

Both litter lasts a month

So they do tick the boxes but I’m leaning more towards Pretty Litter


Because of their unique feature of monitoring your cats health 

I mean you can’t beat that right?

With Pretty Litter you have the potential to save your cats life

That for me makes Pretty Litter the winner 

Another thing to add is you can get 20% off your first purchase with Pretty Litter so you’re saving money there

Which is why if you want to have the best litter then I would recommend Pretty Litter

Don’t forget to claim your 20% OFF by entering the code AFFTOY20 at the checkout

I don’t know how long this promo is on for so you might want to act quick and get your hands on this awesome cat litter

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