Safest Cat Litter For Cats – (Because Your Cat Deserves The Best)

If you’re looking for the safest cat litter for cats then you’re in the right place


Because you’re going to discover what’s the best cat litter for your fur baby

Choosing the right cat litter is very important because it can be dangerous

Especially those litter that creates a lot of dust!

So if you care about your cats health then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

What Is The Safest Cat Litter For My Cat?

We all love our cats and their health is the most important thing

So when it comes to health – nothing else matters

Now the thing with Litter is that it can cause dust

And this dust is not good for your cat or you and your family

It can cause respiratory problems

The safest cat litter?

That’s easy

I would recommend Pretty Litter


Remember when I said the most important thing is your cats health?

This litter can monitor your cat’s health!

That’s right you can detect any early warning sign of a health issue in your cat

How awesome is that?

How important would that be to your cat and for you too? 

Because you can potentially save your cats life and also save a fortune on vet bills because you acted quickly

Of course money is not important when it comes to health but if you can save money then you can spend that and spoil your cat right?

You must be wondering how a litter can monitor your cats health

The litter changes color if anything is wrong with your cat such as UTI or Kidney disease

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is made up of these unique crystals

So you know what that means?

No dust!

100% safe to use  

This litter is a must have for cat parents 

It really is a no brainer

Yes, they are plenty of other dust free cat litter out there

Just like the ones I have mentioned in my article Top 6 Best dust free cat litter for asthma 

But out of these the best I would recommend is Pretty Litter

I won’t go into too much detail because you can read everything in my in-depth review

>>Pretty Litter Review<<

You’ll learn everything about this awesome brand in my review

Now you know what the safest litter is for your cat

Let’s look at some FAQ

Why Choosing Cat Litter Is Important

When us cat parents buy litter

We don’t think of it as much

Just buy it online and that’s it

But there’s more to that

Cat litter can be dangerous to cats

And it can be toxic to humans

How you may ask?

The dust that comes with cat litter

Now if your’re asthmatic then this can be a even more dangerous issue

Dust can aggravate your asthma

Just ask me – I’m asthmatic and the minute I get into contact with dust I’ve had it!

It’s not a good experience because I start to weeze and breathing becomes more difficult

So if you have litter that is dusty

Imagine all the dust flying about in your house

Or if you have a cat that loves being extra clean and cleans their paw after using their litter

How dangerous would it be if your cat digested dusty litter

If your cat doesn’t do that then the trail your cats paw will leave all over the house will be very dusty

That is not good at all!

Litter That Your Cat Loves

Your cat will be using the litter box everyday

Unless you’re going to use it too? That’ll be weird! (Okay lame joke)

But yes, if your furbaby is going to use it everyday then the choice of litter is very important

You want to make sure you get litter that your cat loves

Maybe you already got litter but want to change to Pretty Litter (The one I recommended)

So how would you go on about doing this?

Your cat is used to the litter you’re using and now it’s going to change

Here’s how

Don’t just change the litter straight away!

That would disrupt things

Gradually introduce the new litter slowly

By doing this, your cat will slowly get used to the new litter and gradually stop using the old one

The Amount Of Litter You Use Is Important

If you use too much then your cats paws will get buried into it

Or worse

There’ll be litter all over the floor!

That means more cleaning for you

And if you use too less than the pee and poo may stain the litter box which will make it harder to clean

You don’t want the whole house smelling like a dirty litter box

So how much should you use?

A general guideline would be to use three or four inch layer of litter as advised by catbehaviorassociates 

This gives enough room for your cat to dig in and do his business and then bury again

Value For Money

When choosing litter you want to get one that will last you long

If you finish the litter within a week then yes, something is wrong unless you got multiple cats

You want something that will at least last a month!

This will give you value for money

Wrapping It Up

Choosing the right litter is very important because you don’t want to get litter that is potentially harmful to your cat

Litter that has silica dust in them can cause respiratory problems within your cat

Because silica dust is small you won’t have no idea

The best litter is one that does not create dust of course

That’s where Pretty Litter comes which I recommended earlier in the article

Last thing you want is your cat getting breathing problems or becoming asthmatic

Getting the right litter is not just beneficial for your cat but also for you and your family too


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