Safest Cat Litter For Humans

Many Cat Litter Contains Significant Amount Of Silica Dust Which Has Been Linked To Upper Respirotary Issues In Cats And In Humans

How important has it now become to choose the right cat litter for your cat, for you and your family

I’ve saved you the research to look around everywhere because I’ve written a top 6 dust free cat litter article which you should definitely check out by clicking the link below

Top 6 Best Dust Free Cat Litter

In this article you’ll learn what’s the safest cat litter for humans

If it’s safe for humans, of course it will be safe for your cat

Cat litter has dust in them so it’s important to get the correct one

So, If you’re looking for the safest cat litter and also the best cat litter that does the following

  • Contains the odor
  • Dust free
  • Will last a long time
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money

Then you’re going to love this article

Let’s get started

How To Choose The Best Cat Litter

Looking along the shelves in your local pet shop or supermarket at all the different types of cat litter can be an almost overwhelming experience!

There is no way you can just grab a bag by the handle and know that you have bought the best!

How is ‘best’ defined?

Most cat owners would agree that the best cat litter is one that is absorbent, odor free and safe for both your cat and your family 

That’s what cat parents look for in a nutshell

One question that all cat parents should know the answer to is

Is Cat Litter Toxic To Humans

Cat litter is not toxic to humans otherwise the millions of people all around the world that have cats would be suffering!

The other point is the dust that is found in cat litter can be dangerous to cats and humans as well as the whole family


Because when your cat uses the litter box and they love cleaning themselves then they’ll lick their paw

So imagine, all that dusty litter they may swallow

That can’t be good for their digestive system right?

If they don’t lick their paw

Then what’s going to happen is, once they come out of the litter

They’ll leave a trail of dust all over the house!

During the summer you’ll have pollen everywhere and a house full of dust

Something no Asthmatic person would want!

The point is

Dust free cat litter is the best option

That’s why you need to check out my Top 6 Best Dust Free Cat Litter

What Is The Best Dust Free Cat Litter?

There are quite a few dust free cat litters out there

Such as world best

Arm and hammer

But the one I would recommend is

Pretty Litter!

If you haven’t heard of it then check out my in depth review

Pretty Litter Review 

I’ll go through what is is briefly but would recommend reading my review where I go into much more detail

So why do I recommend Pretty Litter?

Well, it’s made of these unique crystals so you know 100% there’s no dust and also it’s safe for humans and cats

But what else?

There’s more to it and you’re going to be blown away at what this cat litter does!

By the way they have a 20% OFF your first purchase so make sure you take advantage of this

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Use discount code AFFTOY20 at checkout 

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Introducing An Exciting New Type Of Cat Litter

Pretty Litter is a new and easy to use type of cat litter that is efficient, odor-free and most important of all… safe for your cat and your family.

You simply pour the whole box of Pretty Litter into the litter tray and let your cat use it for up to one month – if you have more than one cat, you simply allow one box of Pretty Litter per cat per month.

Your cat can urinate and defecate in the Pretty Litter and can bury their faeces as normal.

Pretty Litter is natural

Pretty Litter is a natural product as it is made from silica gel crystals that are safe for both cats and kittens.

Pretty Litter is odour Free

All you have to do is remove any faeces and stir the Pretty Litter to disperse the urine. The silica crystals speedily get to work on locking in the odour from the urine. The water in the urine simply evaporates.

And Pretty Litter is safe for your cat!

Pretty Litter is a non-clumping cat litter so importantly, if your cat or kitten accidentally swallows some of the silica crystals, it will not harm them, as the crystals will not expand inside the animal causing any problems, but will be passed through their body safely – giving you peace of mind.

Pretty Litter is safe for humans too

Pretty Litter is a completely new type of cat litter that is really effective and totally odourless.

Pretty Litter is ideal to use indoors as it does not create any dust which is important if you or your children suffer from asthma or other respiratory condition. Another bonus is that Pretty Litter stays where it should – in the litter box.

Cats do not track Pretty Litter around the room which is much more hygienic.

Pretty Litter is even safer because….

Pretty Litter is a revolutionary type of cat litter!

It was created in2015 in Los Angeles in by Daniel Rotman.

Daniel’s pet cat had died and Daniel was heartbroken as he realised that he had lost his pet because he had not been able to monitor the cat’s health easily.

Daniel felt that there must be an easy way to monitor a cat’s health and after much thought and experimentation, Pretty Litter was born!

Owners are often unaware that their cat is developing a health problem and it is important for it to be treated quickly and efficiently to minimize the animal’s discomfort and safeguard the health of the family.

There are several conditions that can be transferred from cats to humans and these include Giadiasis which is an infection that cats can get from eating raw meat.

Whilst you can try and ensure that your pet moggy doesn’t eat raw meat, you can not always be successful as wild mouse or shrew is often on their menu!

Campylobacterlosis is another form of bacteria that can develop in your cat from similar origins and Toxoplasmosis can be found in garden soil.

The list goes on….

Pretty Litter is a really clever way to keep a close eye on your cat’s health, so if there is a problem developing, you can act quickly.

If you look at a handful of Pretty Litter you will see that the silica crystals are white in color and, on closer examination, you will see there are also small orange flecks.

These flecks are special pH monitors and it is these that will alert you if your cat has a potential health problem.

The color of the Pretty Litter crystals changes when a difference in the pH levels is detected in your cat’s urine or there are traces of blood.

Pretty Litter

You are alerted quickly and obviously by a color change in the Pretty Litter.

If the Pretty Litter does reveal a potential health problem, it is wise to get your cat/ kitten checked by your Vet as soon as you can.

Early detection is always better for your cat and can make treatment easier and cheaper.

Pretty Litter Has Another Major Plus Factor!

Pretty Litter is also revolutionizing how we buy and use cat litter! Pretty Litter is a subscription-based cat litter company which means that you initiate a monthly order and this will be conveniently delivered to your front door – FOR FREE.

There is no need to add cat litter to your shopping list and certainly no need to try and carry heavy bags of home.

You won’t need to worry about there being a shortage of cat litter

Let Pretty Litter come to you

Sit back and relax!

It’s a win-win situation!

It is true that Pretty Litter is not the cheapest cat litter on the market, but then it is much more than a cat litter as it helps keep you and your cat safe and eliminates all odors.

Pretty Litter is comparable in price to the monthly cost of average cat litters because you have to change them so frequently.

The makers of Pretty Litter are confident that both you and your cat will love Pretty Litter and pledge that if you are not completely satisfied with their product, you can return the box within 30 days, for a full refund.

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Definitely a win-win situation!

Frequently Asked Questions

The job of cat litter

Cat litter is used to absorb your cat’s urine and to be the ‘parking place’ for your cat’s faeces in the cat litter box.

This ensures that if your cat lives indoors, that he/she does so as hygienically as possible, but of course this could depend on your choice of cat litter!

There are a variety of cat litters on the market, but to work well, they have to be used properly.

All ordinary cat litter needs to be checked daily and for the cat poop to be removed – this is easier with some brands than others.

The cat litter needs to be inspected each time as some are definitely more absorbent than others. Whilst most cat litters smell pleasing when they are first poured into the litter tray, most do need to be changed daily.

Such a range to choose from…

The traditional type of cat litter is made from clay that absorbs cat urine and has natural odour-free properties – which make it popular.

Some of the clay cat litters ‘clump’ so that these can be easily removed along with the cat poop.

The problem comes when this type of cat litter becomes saturated with urine.

Although technically the clay can hold its own weight in urine, it cannot absorb all the odour and the litter tray begins to smell.

Other types of cat litter include sand, wood shavings and shredded newspaper and some definitely work better than others!

There are biodegradable cat litters on the market too, made from recycled newspaper and reclaimed woods which are definitely good for the planet- but are they the safest for you and your cat?

Wrapping It Up

If you want to get the safest cat litter for humans then I would recommend Pretty Litter

Not only is it safe for humans but also safe for your cat and that is a bonus

The last thing you want is your cat to get upper respiratory problems due to the dust of litter

This then has a knock on effect because your cat will leave trails of dust all over the house

It’ll make the house messy and dusty

And if you have someone that has asthma then this can be very dangerous

Do you see how important it is to choose the right litter?

It’s not just grab any litter out there

There’s a lot to consider

That’s why I’ve made it easier for you to get the very best for your cat and for you too

Pretty Litter

Make sure to take advantage of their special offer which is

20% OFF discount code

Use AFFTOY20 at the checkout and enjoy your safe dust free Cat litter

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