Top 6 Best Dust Free Cat Litter For Asthma (2020)

If you’re a asthma sufferer and you have a cat then choosing a cat litter that is dust free can be very difficult

I have asthma myself and the minute I get into contact with dust – That’s it!

So with cat litter

It’s near impossible for it to be dust free

There’s going to be dust and you have to deal with it

Asthma + dust does not go together

But you have no choice cause you need to change the litter

Unless you cover your face and change it

Even then, it’s not 100%!

Whenever we clean the house and it’s dusty

I tend to cover my face but that doesn’t help 100%

It does to an extent but I still sneeze and get weezy

So is there any cat litter that is dust free?

If there is – What is the best dust free cat litter for asthma?

Good question

Lucky for you, there are a few out there that are the best cat litter for asthmatic people

There are some awesome recommendations

So without further ado

Let’s look at the best cat litter

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter, Multi-Cat

100% Dust Free

What I Love about Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter is that not only is it dust free

But you’re getting a cat litter that is odorless too

2 in 1

The worst thing is with cat litter is when your house starts to smell

Guests coming over can be embarrassing

But with Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter you know it’s going to be smell free

And it’s not going to give you asthma because it’s dust free too

They make a very bold statement

Give this cat litter 7 days and you’re guaranteed an odor-free home

Pretty awesome right?

It’s one of the best dust-free cat litter out there that will also control the odor so your house does not smell

Oh and it’s a multi-cat litter too

You can find out more by clicking the link below

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My next recommendation is

Pretty Litter

I don’t know if you have heard of this brand

But this is some awesome Litter

The litter is of silica crystal that comes in fine lightweight granules

This litter was developed by veterinarians and scientists specifically for cats

So you know it’s 100% safe

Because this is a crystal based litter it is dust free

There are no huge clay clumps that you need to scrape out so cleaning it is easy!

It’s lighter than clay based litter so you don’t have to worry about your back being hurt!

Another awesome unique feature Pretty Litter has is it monitors your cats health

How does this work?

Just by your cat using the litter box, if the litter changes color then it is sign of some sort of medical issue

You can basically detect any early signs of any health issue

It’s a life saver for your cat

You will be able to act quick because you’ll know something is wrong

Cats are good at hiding their pain but with Pretty Litter they won’t be able to do that

A dust free cat litter that can monitor your cats health

That’s some awesome cat litter

I actually have written a in-depth review on this litter which you can check out by clicking the link below

Pretty Litter Review

They also have a special offer

You get 15% OFF your first purchase

Use the code AFFTOY20 at the checkout

>Click here to use the discount code at the checkout<

Check the video out below to learn more about Pretty Litter (1.48 long)

World’s Best Cat Litter, Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats

Calling your brand Worlds Best Cat Litter is a pretty bold statement

But to be honest they’re not far off

They care one of the best

And Asthma lovers will love this brand

99% dust free!

The clumps in this litter are nice and small which makes it easier to clean up

A litter box that’s easy to clean up is a bonus

It’s a money saver too because the clumps are small so you won’t end up wasting half the box every time you clean it

It does last a long time

So that’s

Dust free

Easy to clean up


Money saver

Can it get any better than that?

It sure can

It’s biodegradable

That means it can be flushed down the toilet

Can it get any easier than that!

Just as any cat litter

There are always pros and cons

Here are a few things to mention

The clumping clay doesn’t protect the odor as well as the Arm & Hammer Cat Litter

Another thing is it can be a bit hard to remove from the bottom

That’s just because of the clumping abilities

The best way to deal with this is

Fill up the litter box 3 or 4 inches of litter

It will help stop the urine making it’s way all the way to the bottom of the litter box

Overall it’s a pretty cool litter that has plenty of positives

If you’re okay with the less odor then it’s a great litter to have for asthmatic people

Check Price On Amazon

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

A long time favorite among cat parents simply because of the value it offers

Made up of all natural materials which makes it less likely to cause an allergic reaction

Cats would love this that are sensitive to fragrance and certain chemicals that are often used in clumping clay litter

Cats can be fussy so if your cat loves cleaning their paws after using the litter box – this is a great choice because it will least likely be harmful if ingested

Promising a 99.9% dust free cat litter it can kick up a tiny bit of dust

It’s not the best at containing the odor but it does do the job

If you clean the litter box regularly then you don’t got much to worry about

The main thing is it’s dust free so it’s good for people who has respiratory issues

Check Price On Amazon

Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 28 lb

This cat litter is veterinarian recommended which means one thing

It’s awesome!

This litter is one of the best dust free cat litter out there

it has a new and improved formula which gives it a incredible low dust level

It’s scent free and odorless

Despite it being scent free it does a pretty good job of making sure the litter box does not smell

It’s brilliant

Ticks all the boxes

It’s great value for money

So if you’re on a budget and want a litter that will last you long

This is the one for you

It weighs 16 pounds

Cat parents have reviewed this saying

It has lasted them the whole month with two cats

Also, cat parents are raving about how it’s dust free

Your cat is safe and you’re safe too

Oh and it’s easy to clean

The ratings on Amazon are pretty cool too

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter – 40 lb. Box (00070230107121)

One of the most popular brands out there and this litter rqeflects that

It’s 99.99% dust free

This litter provides 10 day odor control when you use it as directed

No more smelly home

It has a very strong clumping action

Which means it’s very easy to clean

You don’t have to worry about spending hours cleaning your litter box with Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter

It’s really small like sand granules

This litter is scented but it’s not strong

It has really good ratings on Amazon

And the price is really affordable too

You can’t go wrong with this litter

Dust free – great for people with asthma

Great odor control – Don’t need to worry about your house smelling like a litter box

Awesome clumping action – Easier to clean

What’s not to like about this cat litter

You can get yours by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

There you have it

My top 6 cat litter that is low dust or shall I say dust free!

If you have asthma

These cat litter are the best choices for you

So out of these which one would I recommend?

Which Cat Litter Would I Recommend?

I would recommend ALL of them

It’s hard to choose one

But if I HAD to

It would be

Pretty Litter


It’s simple

Dust free

But also it monitors your cats health

Now I find that pretty awesome

You can detect any early sign of health issues in your cat

It’s a cat life saver when you think about it

Another great thing is

This gets delivered to you EVERY month FREE of charge

No need to worry at the last minute of running out of cat litter

Overall Pretty Litter is a very unique cat litter

Don’t get me wrong

All the recommendations in this guide are fantastic

But if I had to choose one then yes Pretty Litter

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose The Right Clumping Cat Litter For Asthma

Choosing the best litter that is dust free is not easy

There are a lot of things to consider

With that in mind – We chose the cat litter with all of the following in mind

Dust Free

This is one the most important factor we considered

You want to get the best dust free cat litter because this is the best option not just for people with asthma

But also for your cat, your home and family too

Did you know that even cats can suffer from asthma

So choosing a dust free cat litter is kind to your cats lungs too

Cat litter that is dust free is more cleaner for your home

Obviously a dusty cat litter will leave dust floating about in the environment of your home

But another point to mention is

When your cat uses the litter box

They can pick up dust on their paws

So imagine after your cat uses the litter box

They sometimes lick their paws – all that dust going inside them is dangerous

If they don’t clean their paws

Then they will leave a trail of dust all over the house

The whole house can become pretty dusty and that is not good for people with asthma

Imagine summer time with all pollen flying about

You’re not safe indoors or outdoors

That is why a dust free cat litter was a important factor in our recommendation


This is important to all cat parents

You don’t want to get cat litter that is not very cost effective

We’ve made the choice of choosing that cat litter that is best value for money

Yes, some may be slightly expensive but on the other hand if it’s good for your health and your cats health then you can’t really put a price to that

Odor Control

This is something all cat parents look at for sure

You don’t just want a dust free cat litter

But a great odor control litter too

Last thing you want is a house that smells like your cat’s litter box

It can be embarrassing when you have visitors over

You want to get a cat litter that locks in the smell of cat urine

And a lot of brands are creating these type of cat litter

Just like the ones mentioned above

Clumping cat litter is the best for odor control

Clumping Litter

There are many benefits to clumping litter

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits

It traps the odor of cat urine so no smelly litter box

Easier to clean

Highly absorbent so easier to scoop out

Saves you money because you don’t need to clean as much

Is Litter Dust Bad For Cats?

Litter dust is not just bad for cats

It’s bad for people

It’s bad for your home too

Dust can cause allergy

And if you’re asthmatic then this is even worse

It can cause some serious issues

Cats can get asthma too

So it’s best to avoid any of these things happening

A dust free cat litter is the way forward which is why I created this article

To helpĀ you choose the best dust free cat litterĀ 

Wrapping It Up

Choosing cat litter is difficult

But when you have asthma or you’re looking for cat litter that is dust free this can be even more difficult

There are a lot of things to consider

Which is why all the above cat litter that is recommended have taken everything into consideration

You just got to pick which one you like!

There are dust free cat litter

And I’m guessing more will be developed aiming to be as less dust free

It just makes things easier

It’s safe for you and for your cat

It’s safe for the family and the house

Pretty much more healthier


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