Do Cats Get Sad When You Leave

In this article you’re going to learn do cats get sad when you leave

You’ll learn how you can keep your cat happy when you’re not there

Or if you want to learn how to keep your cat entertained so they’re not bored then you’ll love this article

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Do Cats Know When You Leave Them?

When I talk about leaving them I mean when you go out to work

Or you’ve gone out to do shopping

I’m not talking about leaving them for good! Who would do that?!

Cats most likely won’t know when you leave them

Yes, they’ll know you’ve gone out but if it’s not for too long then it should be okay

Your cat would probably just take a nap in the time you’re gone

This is if you’re not gone for too long

But if you’re gone out for work which can be more than 8 hours then yes cats do know

Did you know cats can get lonely?

Do Cats Get Lonely When Left Alone?

Cats do get lonely

There’s always that saying about cats and how they are independent and they don’t need us

This is not true

Of course our little furbabies need us

They love the attention and the love we show them

When we are gone out of the house for a long period of time then yes, they can feel lonely

How do you make sure your cat doesn’t feel lonely?

It’s easy!

Make sure they have things to do in the time you’re gone

Does your house have cat furniture?

For example,

A cat tree,

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Scratching post


These are all things that can keep your cat busy and entertained in the time you’re gone

But don’t cats need us to play with toys?

Good question

If it’s those string toys then yes they do need us

What if you could get a toy that they can play with by themselves?

A self interactive toy

Do you know what a self interactive toy is?

Basically your cat could play with it on his own

The toy moves around itself

Pretty cool right?

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Here’s a video of it in action

Your cat will have endless fun playing with this toy for sure!

It’s a great way of keeping your cat entertained

So if you’re leaving a cat alone while at work then make sure you have this toy!

The price is not bad too!

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You don’t want your cat to feel separation anxiety

Which leads me to my next point

Do Cats Have Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety in cats is something that is true and can happen

Dogs are known to feel anxious when their owners go out for a bit

Even us humans have this too

But cats also can have separation anxiety

Let me narrate a incident to you that I read on a forum about a cat parent and leaving his cat alone at home whilst he was at work

So this person was curious to see what his cat was up to when he was at work

He decided to set up cameras in his house and record how his cat would behave in the time he’s gone out

I’ll keep it brief

2 – 3 hours the cat was sleeping (Cats love to sleep!) as soon as he left the house

Later on his cat would go to the last place he saw the person and then start to meow

The cat would then go to the kitchen, meows at the garage door and the takes a nap again for a couple of hours

then around 3.30 – 4.30 his cat would go to the front door and sits their waiting or would look out of the window and meow some more

This is usually the time this person would come home from work

When he goes home his cat is waiting by the door ready to greet him

This just shows how cats miss their owners when they’re not there

So it’s important to keep them entertained and busy so they do feel separation anxiety

Another important point is to have food available for your cat

If your cat gets hungry and you’re not there – It’s going to be tough

Keep wet food out for them when you’re gone

You must be wondering – Won’t the wet food go bad or dry? 

That’s true it can

But there’s a way of feeding your cat automatically when you’re not there!


Check out my article how to feed your cat wet food when you’re not there

It’s the best we could do for them

What To Do If Your Cat Suffers From Separation Anxiety?

Enriching your cats environment will help

Just how I mentioned earlier

Make sure you have cat furniture

Shelves are a good idea too because it gives them height and cats love heights

If you have a cat tree then you could put it near a window so they have a good view of the outside world

Scratching posts will help deal with cat anxiety because when a cat gets anxious they tend to tear things up

I’m sure you don’t want to come home to see your wall scratched up or your leather couch!

Another thing you could do is use Feliway Plug-In Diffuser Refill, 48 mL, 3-Pack

It’s a great way to calm a stressed Cat

This is a good way of calming a cat down who has separation anxiety


Cats do get upset when you leave

They do have a heart and they love you too!

But sometimes you have to leave them alone at home whilst you’re at work

Unless you hire a pet sitter (This can cost a lot of money)

If you think your cat needs company then why not get another cat?

They could become best friends and play with each other when you’re not there

If you’re not in the position to hire a cat sitter or add another feline friend to the family

Then the next best thing is to make sure your house is catified

Get a cat tree if you don’t have one already

If you can get scratching post then that would be great too!

Add some cat shelves

Get a self interactive cat toy

The one I recommended k-berho Cat Toys Interactive, Cat Toys for Indoor with Feather,Ball,Mouse is the best one out there!

Your cat will be busy with that for hours!

This way you’re keeping your furbaby entertained when you’re not there

So he won’t feel anxious or be upset that you’re not there

When you do come back then make sure you spend some good quality time with your furbaby

They still missed you so make it up to them!

Here’s a article I wrote on fun things to do with your cat

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