Is Pretty Litter Safe?

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Is Pretty Litter Safe?

Pretty Litter is a new and easy to use type of cat litter that is efficient, odor-free and most important of all… safe for your cat and your family.

Good For Your Cat

Unlike many other types of cat litter, Pretty Litter is a natural product as it is made from silica gel crystals that are safe for both cats and kittens.

You simply pour the whole box of Pretty Litter into the litter tray and let your cat use it for up to one month – if you have more than one cat, you simply allow one box of Pretty Litter per cat per month.

Your cat can urinate and defecate in the Pretty Litter and can bury their faeces as normal.

All you have to do is remove any faeces and stir the Pretty Litter to disperse the urine.

Pretty Litter locks in the odor of your cat’s urine and allows the liquid to evaporate.

Pretty Litter is a non-clumping cat litter so importantly, if your cat or kitten accidentally swallows some of the crystals, it will not harm them, as the crystals do not expand.

Want To Learn More About Pretty Litter?

A Great Health Monitor 

Pretty Litter is a really great way to keep an eye on your cat’s health as often owners are unaware of any developing health problems.

Pretty Litter silica crystals are white in color and if you scoop up a handful, on closer examination you will see small orange flecks.

These flecks are special pH monitors which will alert you if your cat has a potential health problem.

The color of the Pretty Litter crystals changes when a difference in the pH levels in your cat’s urine or blood is detected.

This is what makes Pretty Litter unique to other cats

You won’t get this with any other color litter

Just a normal routine to the litter box will show you if your cat is healthy or not

How can you tell just by the litter if your cat has any health problems?

The litter changes color for different health problems

The best part?

It’s easy!

Easy Color Coding 

The Pretty Litter crystals can turn five different colors to alert you if there could be a health problem developing in your cat.

There is an accompanying information leaflet provided with every box:

Dark yellow – mid green Your cat’s urine is normal.

Orange                            The urine is too acidic and could indicate a problem in the urinary tract.

Blue-dark green              The urine is too alkaline and your cat could have a urine infection.

Red Blood present in the urine can indicate a variety of health problems and the Pretty Litter will turn red to warn you.

If the Pretty Litter does reveal a potential health problem, there is no cause for alarm, but it is wise to get your cat/ kitten checked by your Vet.

Early detection is always a bonus and can make treatment easier and cheaper.

Your cats health is the most important thing

So detecting it early is very important

You can save money too because you will be able to get your cat treated asap

Pretty Litter Is Safe For Your Cat And Family Too

This is what I love about Pretty Litter

It’s safe for your cat

But even for your family too

It’s odorless too!

Pretty Litter is ideal to use indoors as it does not create any dust which is particularly important if you have children or someone suffering from asthma in your family.

Another bonus is that Pretty Litter stays where it should – in the litter box – and you will not find it tracked around the room which is much more hygienic – especially if you have young children.

As well as being very safe for cats and kittens, Pretty Litter is easy to use in the family home.

Pretty Litter is trouble-free too as it is conveniently delivered to your front door so there is no need to add it to your shopping list!….

Wrapping It Up

Pretty Litter is safe to use for your cat and for the family

You don’t have to worry about it being dangerous which is nice to know

It’s a pretty awesome litter because there are a lot of cool features

It’s odorless, monitor your cats health, dust free and gets delivered to your door every month

You don’t have to go to the pet stores to purchase this

It’s purchased online

No more carrying heavy litter

Let it come to you

Never forget about your cats litter because let’s be honest, in our hustle bustle daily life we can forget these things

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If you want to know more about Pretty Litter – check out my in-depth Pretty Litter review



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